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Thursday, July 29, 2010

In partnership, fanbases @kissme_1820 @siwonlover @brianjoo110

Pls join & RT! In partnership, fanbases @kissme_1820 @siwonlover @brianjoo110 have joined forces to pray for our artists! We are called USB3G (U-Kiss/Siwon/Brian/3rd Wave Group)! =D As far as we know, this is unprecedented in terms of fandom and we want to spearhead this endeavor to support our artists in prayer. ^^V


For me (Lisa), I started a monthly prayer session with fellow Brian fans back in May called Monthly Prayer Minute For Brian (MPM4B) shortly after launching my Facebook fanpage and Twitter. A little while ago, I saw Jo, Joan, Jill and Kristal starting @kissme_1820 and also got to know Eunice @siwonlover a bit. With U-Kiss's @alexander_0729, @siwon407, and @Brianjoomuzik all involved in @3rdWaveMusic, we felt compelled to pray for the artists that we love. So, what could be more wonderful than uniting and praying together? That's why we have decided to pray as a group on the 1st of every month. Please find below the list of prayer items. We'd like to invite you to join us and we thank you for your support in our vision and being part of this movement.

God bless each and every one of you~


GROUP PRAYER 2010-08-01


1. U-Kiss's faith and values - Please pray that the boys will not be shaken in their faith and values in an industry that continuously tests one with temptations. Please give the boys the will and strength to overcome challenges that they face with people or situations. Though they may feel tired from work, please ask God to keep the fire in them aglow.

2. U-Kiss's relationship with others - As U-Kiss is still a fairly new group in the industry, please pray that God will help them build relationships with others. These include ties with fellow artists as well as various staff, producers, sunbaenims, etc. Give the members a humble heart and a heart that cares for others around them so they may reflect the love of the Lord. Please pray for them to have a positive spirit and to have a good working environment. Also, please ask God to provide them with mentors in the industry, who can offer them sound advice and guidance.

3. U-Kiss's upcoming drama - Five of the seven members will be part of the cast for the upcoming SBS drama entitled "I Am Legend", due to air on Aug. 2. As this is the first time that the boys have participated in a drama project, please ask God to keep them safe and to help them learn about acting. Pray that they will enjoy this experience and not be discouraged if things seem to be challenging, especially at the beginning. Also, pray that the drama will be a success.



1. Siwon's boldness in sharing his faith - Even though Siwon is an artist, that is only one aspect of his life. Please pray that God will fuel him with passion to boldly share his faith, and that he will be a representation of Jesus Christ wherever he goes. Ask God that He will manifest the love of Christ through Siwon and pray that Siwon will remain in His presence so that He may mold his character to be more and more Christ-like. Please also ask God to watch over Siwon's health and keep him safe.

2. Siwon's reliance on God - With Siwon's upcoming hectic schedule because of the filming of the drama "Athena" as well as the Super Junior Super Show 3 concerts in Seoul, Korea and Qingdao, China, please pray that he will always rely on God and keep his eyes on Him. Other activities include the Incheon Korean Festival, the SM Town 2010 concerts, his role as a UNICEF ambassador, and his participation in the 3rd Wave album. Please ask God to guide him in all his activities and may he be a blessing to others through what he does.

3. Siwon's heart for this generation - Pray for this generation--that we would establish our own identity not by how people perceive us, the things that we own, our outer appearance, or our abilities; instead, we would look to God: how He views us, His love for us, and the plans He has in store for us. In Him, there is REAL life and eternal hope. When we trust God, rely on Him, and work hard, we can do good deeds and bless cities and nations.



1. Brian's health - Please pray that the Lord will place His hands upon Brian so he can get proper rest as he experiences insomnia, which often results in him feeling fatigued. Coupled with a rigorous schedule, we are concerned about his health. Please ask God to give him peace of mind and a healthy body so he can sleep well and recharge.

2. Brian's new album - Brian is in the process of recording his next album. Please pray that God will guide him so that the recording sessions will go smoothly. Please grant him inspiration to create music that is expressive of who he is and give him encouragement to experiment with things that are unprecedented. Please keep his vocals in a healthy state.

3. Brian's involvement in 3rd Wave - Brian is the lead vocalist for 3rd Wave in their soon-to-be-released album that features worship music veterans from the U.S. along with other K-pop artists. Please ask God to use Brian as His salt and light as he testifies through music what a wonderful God we have and just how real He is in our lives.


3rd Wave:

1. Africa trip - Pastor Johnny is heading to Africa on Aug. 2 with Cecilia as well as actors Yang Dong Geun and Jung Joon. Please pray that their filming of video footage will go smoothly as it will be used for their next CD. Please ask God to help them sense His love and presence. Though they have been very busy, pray that God will give them rest in Him as they do His work. Also, please ask God that they will remain healthy throughout their stay there. May the Lord work through them as they share their vision of serving the world.

2. 3rd Wave album - Many notable people, namely K-pop artists, have participated on this album. Please pray for God to watch over this project and bless it, using it to touch the lives of many, believers and non-believers alike. Please guide the project so that production will go smoothly and it can be released on the set date, which is 2010-10-10.

3. IGNITE:1040 conference - This is taking place in Seoul Aug. 27-29. Please pray for God to move people to sign up for the conference and come with prepared hearts to be transformed. May the Lord keep the entire team protected from spiritual attacks and keep them focused on what He has in mind to achieve throughout these three days. Pray that those who are serving will remain humble and close to God as they prepare for the conference. Also, pray that those who are attending will come with an open heart and mind.

Lisa at @brianjoo110
Eunice at @siwonlover
Jo, Joan, Jill and Kristal at @kissme_1820

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