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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Choi Si Won - was interviewed by Inkigayo Magazine June ed

Q: From a boy’s body [ normal body] you have changed into a beasty guy who with chocolate abs and a 6pack. Isnt it hard to resist having a midnight snack while practising ?

Siwon: controlling your diet is always a hard thing to do, but if you want to make a good body, you must have the patience and resist it.

Donghae: I was never the type who enjoyed eating midnight snacks so im good.

Q: Although Super Junior is a group who has already debuted for 6 years, there are still “misunderstandings and prejudice / bias”. What are the few things ..

Siwon: Our group is not only good in gag but we’re also good in singing.

Donghae: We really are good in singing ! If you listen to our first album till the last, you’ll know.

Q: Out of all the members, who do you think is the most hard working and should be the one which other members will follow after.

Siwon: Well.. according to our manager .. he said me ! haha

Donghae: Me… Lee Dong Hae !

Q: What is the thing you want to learn the most right now ?

Siwon: The thing i want to learn the most right now is … love. I want to learn about love the most.

Donghae : I dont care about which category it is. I want to learn everything.

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