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Friday, July 23, 2010

Choi Si Won - updated his twitter July 23rd 2010

Im excited to sing 'Looking for the Day' at the SJ concert. It will be my blessing song to everyone.
@siwon407 July 23rd 2010, 10:46 KST

That's why i told my followers @siwonlover , to download Looking For the day
last day(July 22nd) i told u, u wont regret download it hehe, i just make it secret for a while, since i know Siwon would tweet this today ^^
So guys, dont forget to download Looking for the day here
It is composed by John Lee, a founder of 3rdwave ministry. You can follow him @3rdwavemusic as well. The download version (alternate version is sung by John Lee)

dont forget all as John Lee told thru twitter: @3rdWaveMusic Everyone follow @siwonlover bc you can get all the cool info on @Siwon407 and @3rdwavemusic

I'll set a time to pray for Siwon together with you guys.
remember, Last prayer for Siwon on July 19th 2010, Siwon know abt this,i told Siwon thru PJ. thus he prayed back for us. As Ps.John Lee told us. Keep support Siwon & Ps. John Lee for this album project thru our prayer.

PLEASE Show your love to our SIWON CHOI. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM for he will involved IN 3RDWAVE ALBUM.will sing "THE SWEETEST NAME" Pray for this go here. All about Siwon in The Sweetest Name

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