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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Choi Si Won - (update info here)sings The Sweetest Name in 3rd wave album

For Siwonest who do not know about Siwon religious songs which will soon be released. You can follow news updates by following on twitter. @3rdwavemusic .
Siwon involved in the latest wave 3rd album "I Will be there." In this album, Siwon will sing "The Sweetest name" which composed by Pastor John Lee. If you follow Siwon's twitter, then you will remember when Siwon wrote in his tweet on July 6th. that John Lee also did the mixing on Siwon's recording.

Info from Ps John Lee to :
The Sweetest Name is a song Christian Contemporary Music (CCM). created by John Lee. But the music is very progressive.

Siwon really loves this song. The song is in english.
Vannes Wu, a Taiwan star, one of the taiwanese F4 members, give compliments, Siwon 's voice sounds very amazing here.

Info from Ps.John Lee to
Monday, July 19th on 2 pm KST, Siwon would re-record some parts of The Sweetest name.
Let us pray for this process ( re-recording ) and for this project overall.

Here's an info from the Ps John Lee for siwonlover on July 15, 2010 (follow me @siwonlover)
We really need siwon's fans to listen to this music. So that we can promote the album when it comes out. Our project is a benchmark. In 15 years no kpop stars have sung ccm music Brian and Siwon are doing it. Another benchmark is that no Asians have made an all English xtian project. One more benchmark. When is the last time a kpop stars and a real ccm star like Lenny Leblanc were on the same album - never. I want to influence this generation that God is GREAT. Korea has not heard high quality xtian music in a long time. Now is the time

Ps John Lee also wrote on my sister page that he and Siwon are singing together on a this song .Ps John Lee wrote the song few years ago and he never imagined that Siwon of all people would fall in love with the song. His producer Bobby got a good idea from the Backstreet boys music director Fred, a friend of John Lee. And they listenend to some of the newest songs out there on the market. they infuse really great sounds like B.O.B. Thus their song came together.

For Ps.John Lee, Siwon is his little bro and he loves him to death. To Siwon followers Siwon's faith is very important for him. So Siwon is a special guest member of 3RD Wave. And together they want to tell the world about our greatest passion.

Join on @3rdwavemusic on twitter. If ya dont you'll miss out because we are gonna give special prizes , news, and info. You'll be the first to know on tiwtter.
Download free mp3 : http ://
You'll get a taste what are music is about.

While waiting for The Sweetest name, do not forget to download the song Looking for the day here
From Ps.John Lee
I really love both verse and chorus of it. Amazing music.
I hope you get inspiration from the Lord while hearing the song tracks from the 3rd wave.

Here are info abt Looking for the day
From Ps. John Lee
On July 15th, we're giving the free MP3 of Looking for the Day!

I made this song thinking about heaven.

A song like this, I really wanna give it away free so that people can get a sense of what we're doing. We're building a movement because we're so moved and compelled by the knowledge of God's great love for us and the privilege that he would entrust the Great Commission to us.

In a day and age when we're so distracted, I want to share this song with everyone to let you know that there is something better than the distractions - there is heaven.

This is an alternate version. We'll have another version on the new CD with Brian and me singing it. But this songs on us. I've saved it to share it at the right time. Take it, listen to is, and enjoy.

Let's connect soon!

A quick thank you from Ps John Lee
We have had over 7.000 people visit our page in the last week.

In a short time we've seen so many people enjoy our song and support what we're doing. We want you to know. We can not do it without you.

Trailblazing is hard ... really hard.

We are the first to benchmark A Few Things:

1. To be the first to put an all Home Christin Album.
2. We're the first to put a true U.S. veterans of the CCM with a true Asian pop star on the Same album
3. We're the first to put out an album like this by Kpop stars in over 15 years.
4. We'll be one of the first to put out the CCM project by Asians to hit the World Market.
5. We're probably the only CCM group's first phone with App ready for our FANS ... kinda cool.

You guys are awesome ... and you make us possible.
Keep Supporting:

You'll get all the cool news first
3rd WAVE

i will keep inform u guys, while i hv new info abt the Sweetest Name.
--we (brianjoo110, siwonlover, welovechoisiwon ) are supporting @3rdwavemusic --

read whole abt this more here
Choi Si Won - in 3rd wave Album "The Sweetest Name"
Pray for 3rdwavemusic's project (for Ps.John Lee,Siwon,Bryan,Alex,Lenny L&team)

I also have set time to pray together with you guys for this project and for Siwon's re-recording progress on July 19th 2010 2pm KST. Let's pray start from 1pm KST on July 19th and on July 18th 2010 on 10 pm KST. Let's show your love to God.

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  1. Hi, I'm one of Siwon's fan from Indonesia.
    I wanna ask something...where can I find this song? (The Sweetest Name)
    I'm dying to hear this song. I already have "Looking For The Day"...
    I always love when Siwon sings gospel songs (esp "Who Am I". I'm so blessed with that song. I think he sang it very well...)

    Thanks a lot and God bless