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Friday, July 30, 2010

Choi Si Won - 's activities today in studio July 30th 2010

As you know that Siwon will sing The Sweetest name in coming 3rdwave's album. And siwon will sing Looking for the day live in Super Junior concerts as well.
Looking for the day was the song that was created by Ps John Lee, which will be sung by Brian Joo in 3rdwave's album version 'I will be there'.

And today July 30th 2010, Siwon and Ps.John recorded Looking for the day on 2 pm KST . Ps.John Lee felt happy for positive response from SM Ent. He also mentioned this on his tweets days ago.
Here are caps for his tweets today .

John Lee helped Siwon in Siwon's vocal parts in English.
It's tentative but Siwon looks like he wants to play guitar for Looking for the Day at the live concert.
Ps.John supposed to teach Siwon how to play this song.
So next up is : guitar practice ^^

Due to this recording, @siwonlover prays together with the fans . pray for all of this recording process will be carried out smoothly and produce a satisfactory recording.
All for the glory of God.

So fans, Let's support together in prayer.
You can join with us by praying for the list contained in the upper right side bar. entitled 'August 2010 prayers for Siwon Choi '
[ In partnership, fanbases @kissme_1820 @siwonlover @brianjoo110 have joined forces to pray for our artists! We are called USB3G (U-Kiss/Siwon/Brian/3rd Wave Group)! =D As far as we know, this is unprecedented in terms of fandom and we want to spearhead this endeavor to support our artists in prayer. ]

The following are pictures that are posted by Ps John lee on his blog and on his facebook page. Siwon is very funny here. ^ ^ He's full of expression !. Very excited!

Having FUN in the STUDIO
visit source here

We worked hard artists and engineers.
Sometimes we need to let loose and have some fun.
If you take yourself too seriously you end up not having fun at what you like.
visit source here

If you want to hear Johnny's voice of 3RD WAVE you can find it on the alter. version of Looking for the Day:

If you want to get a taste of the song that Siwon is singing:

text :
pic source : as mentioned below the pics

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  1. 哈哈,siwon oppa~
    这才是最真实的你吧。。。Sexy, cute, naughty~