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Friday, July 16, 2010

Choi Si Won - in 3rd wave Album "The Sweetest Name"

Dont miss it all, pls anticipate Siwon in 3rd wave Album "I Will Be There"
Siwon will sing "The Sweetest Name"

3rd Wave is the leader in worship music in Asia. Music is one of our greatest means to accomplish the goal of loving Jesus.
Seoul, South Korea

Event :
IGNITE:1040 Conference

August 27th-29th: Bethany Hall, Youngnak Church, Seoul South Korea
IGNITE conference focuses on the Great Commission. Using music as a platform our passion is to strike a chord in the hearts of people to love and live for God and His Kingdom.
The purpose is to ignite people's lives with a heart of mercy and rally people to fulfill the Great Commission, “go and make disciples of all nations.”

Ticket here :

Free Download here

These are the words for everyone to see.

Looking for the day
Every breath I take, Every move I make
You’re the reason that I live
From the morning dawn, To the setting sun
My life is made to be...

A pleasing offering that praises the king
A living sacrifice that gives you glory
Looking for the day to give you ceaseless praise ...Forever
To join all the saints Inside of Heaven’s Gate’s
To be in your embrace, To see Your Holy face
Looking for the day to give you ceaseless praise ... Forever

Free Download here
website :

Pls pray for Siwon. he will re-recording his part on Monday , July 19th 2010 2pm KST
info from Ps.John Lee to @siwonlover

i feel blessed because i'm with 3rdwavemusic now. (we are following back each other) my icon (@siwonlover siwon in blue t-shirt) is in first row of his following.

To God to be the glory..

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