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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Choi Si Won - Athena news ,July 5th with another poster

First off, that is one cheesy-looking poster. But more importantly:

IRIS spinoff Athena: Goddess of War has gotten a concrete spot on the broadcast schedule, and will be premiering in November. For some reason I had assumed that it would be on KBS, as was the original IRIS, but nope: this sucker’s on SBS, and will be a Monday-Tuesday drama.

To be honest, the promo photos and general aesthetic of Athena are hardly blowing me away here. They’re practically out-cheesing A Man Called God, and that’s a tall order.

The posters have got that exaggerated spy thing going on, like an interpretation of a James Bond flick that doesn’t quite know if it’s homage or parody. I’m really hoping for the latter, because as a straight-up action thriller I am not sold on Athena, not at all; IRIS may have had that blockbuster swagger but I’m not getting that slickness from this drama. (A kidnapped president’s daughter, who’s swept away to the mountains of Italy, spies swooping in to save her, etc.) But as a vehicle for camp? Oh, I’m hoping.

The drama has begun filming, and will start with first location shoots in Italy this month.

Via My Daily

siwonlover thanks to theeasyskill @ soompi, for the link.

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