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Saturday, June 26, 2010

From fans to Siwon - fanfic from Kristelle "My all is in you"

My All is in you

by Kristelle Mateo . chapter 1-3

“Now this is the perfect spot. Gosh! He’s so handsome, right? I nearly fainted” Julia said.

“I do not find him attractive, though. Come on, Julia! We look like stalkers here. Get on your nerves and let’s go. I should’ve been studying instead. What a waste of time!” I said with an irritated voice.

I stood up and took a glance at the window. There he is, the perfect prince I’ve been dreaming of for years, Choi Siwon. I love it when the soft wind brushes his hair. Then he looked at the direction where Julia and I were. I feel breathless. My world suddenly… stopped.

“Oh! Geez! He’s looking back Ily!” Julia said with excitement.

“Ah! Look back your face” I said dragging Julia to our classroom.

I sat at my chair located near the window. The flashback of Siwon’s glance kept on sweeping off my feet. But the fact that I cannot even have the courage to talk to him kept on killing me inside.

“Ily… He’s so perfect, right? I wish I could have a boyfriend like him” there she goes again. She’s my best friend, Julia. And even if we’re best friends, I cannot tell him that I like Siwon. You cannot blame me, though. I cannot trust that big mouth of hers.

“He’s just like the other guys for me” I said disinterested.

“Fool yourself! You should’ve seen your face… your eyes twinkling when he glanced. Well, Ily, I understand you… Nobody could resist Siwon Choi. It’s hard not to fall in love with him. He’s a real prince!”

“I would be happy if he went back to his kingdom of nowhere.” I faked a smile.

Hazel joined us. Then Donghae and Eunhyuk entered the classroom.

“Julia, where’s Kish?” Eunhyuk asked.

“I’m not sure. Maybe in the library, with Kyuhyun” Julia answered.


“Oh! The monkey is jealous. You know girls, he likes Kyuhyun” Donghae said.

“YAH! You wanna die?” Eunhyuk said, “I wonder why Kish didn’t answer my phone calls last night.”

Donghae get his guitar and sat down near us. He started to play.

“I can’t live without you… my all is in you”

“Stop it! My eardrums want to surrender!” Julia exclaimed.

“It’s a nice song, I like it, Donghae. Are you the one who composed it?” Hazel asked.

“Yeah… it’s dedicated to the girl I like” Donghae said smiling.

“Wow! She’s lucky.” Hazel said.

“Really? Julia… did you hear that? Hazel said you’re lucky” Donghae said.


“Never mind. It’s nothing” Donghae continues to play his guitar.

Time goes by and as the classes continue, I’m not on my mind. My mind is filled with Siwon thoughts. Ily wasn’t really at the classroom. I’m on the dreamland, living a happily ever after with Siwon, my imaginary prince. Finally, class is dismissed.

“By the way, Ily, let’s go to the court. Siwon is the team captain of our school’s basketball team and I heard they’re practicing for this month’s competition.” Julia stated.

“Oh really?” I exclaimed, “Ah… I mean… My mom told me to…”

“Don’t play hard to get! I’m your best friend and I can read your mind. You like him since we’re freshmen.”

“What? A big NO!”

“Ok. Ok. But… just a sec, Ily, please… The court won’t eat you.”

We went to the court without my formal approval. And there he is, just looking at him could melt me. There’s no wonder why a lot of girls like him. I am just one of the girls hooked by Siwon Choi. His moves are awesome. His face is godly. His body is perfect. His height is ideal. Is there something about him that isn’t perfect? If ever there is, I have no time to find that out. I’m too busy loving him for this moment.

“Wow! Nice shot Siwon Choi!” Julia shouted at the top of her voice, “Go Siwon! Go Siwon!”

And then Siwon looked at our place and… waved! The butterflies on my stomach started to tickle me. God! My heart is palpitating.

“Did you see that Ily? He waved at us! I’m so happy. I guess I’m ready to die.”

“Your voice is like an airplane crashing down… there’s no way that he couldn’t hear that. If I weren’t your best friend, I’ll transfer to another seat” I answered.

“But I’m your best friend so you can do nothing” Julia said.

“I pity myself”

“That’s why I love you… you’re so mean” Julia said laughing.

The practice game goes on. Every shots and rebounds made by Siwon makes me love him even more. He’s the coolest person I ever met. And when he smiles, dimpling his cheeks, my heart skips a beat. Siwon lift his shirt to wipe his sweat. Oh My God! His six-pack abs is a piece of art, perfectly carved! We’re meters apart but I could feel his hotness. Truly, God is awesome… for making this human who’s beyond the extent of any word could ever describe. This is the first time that I have to agree with Julia… I guess I’m ready to die.

“Ily, you’re drooling!” Julia said with a very sarcastic voice.

“What? I hate you! Let’s go! You said it’s only for few moments… it’s already 6pm!” I said.

“But you like it” Julia asked, smiling.

“No, I’m sick of it!”

“Look who’s talking. We’ve been here for one hour and I haven’t heard any complaints from you, dear” Julia said.

I reached home at 6:30 pm. I don’t know if I should be exhausted, happy or what. That night, I wrote an entry on my diary. Sometimes, when the world seems against me, this is the only thing that could make me feel better.

I watched the practice game of our school’s basketball team today. Choi Siwon is the team captain. He’s really good. No. He’s the best. My heart sinks whenever he does those shots. That’s why I do not assume that he would fall for a girl like me.

I lie on my bed. I couldn’t erase Siwon out of my head. It’s driving me crazy. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep. Is there any way that I could escape this? I went downstairs, investigated the refrigerator and end up with a glass of water. So it’s already 1:30 am. I went back to my bedroom. Still, I’m widely awake. I stared up at the moon and stars… They are as lovely as Siwon’s face. They are as shiny as Siwon is. They are so far, difficult to reach… just like Siwon.

“Ah! What’s that noise?” my phone rings… I took my phone under my pillow… it was Julia.

“Hey! Princess of nowhere, get up now! We will attend the mass with Kish and Hazel”

“I got it. Bye”

I lazily get up. My head aches. But I forced myself to get on my mind. I took a bath and dressed up. I go downstairs and I saw my mom preparing breakfast.

“Mom, I’ll be heading now. My friends and I will go to church.”

“Oh! Won’t you eat breakfast?” my mom asked.

“No. I’m not hungry. Bye!”

“Ok, bye!”

We’re sitting at the second row. Then I noticed that there’s a tall man. Oh My God! It’s him. He walks perfectly. Is it true? He’s approaching to where we are. Siwon please, I don’t want to die early.

“Ily, is this seat vacant?” he asked.

“Oh! My God! Ily!” Julia exclaimed with a very soft whisper just enough for me to hear. Then Hazel and Kish just smiled at me.

“Ah… oh no… I mean… Yes, of course, you may sit here” my heart fell on my feet.

This is it! Ok! Relax, Ily. Relax. I still can’t believe that the handsomest guy on Earth is sitting here beside me. I glance at him. His face is very calm. Can’t he tell that the person beside him is dying? I can’t hold myself from smiling. The mass goes on. And there goes the Our Father part. I look at him. He smiled and approached to hold my hand. I just hope he didn’t feel the cold sensation of my hand. His hand is soft and warm. I can feel the butterflies on my stomach again. I wish this moment won’t come to an end. I could hold my prince! He isn’t just an imagination anymore…

“Oh my God! Ily, I’m so happy for you,” Hazel said.

“I guess Ily won’t wash her hand for this entire month,” Kish said laughing.

“Yuck! Are you thinking I’m desperate?” I frowned.

“Did you feel the spark?” Julia asked laughing.

“Spark? Want me to show you what’s spark? And guys, would you please stop teasing me… I don’t like him, really,” I said.

“We just attended the mass and you’re already lying to us,” Kish said.

“But I haven’t lied even once for my whole entire life.”

“And now you’re lying,” Julia said.

“You really won’t stop bugging me. But please, do not tell ANYONE!”

“So you like him?” Hazel asked.

“Well… I guess… probably.”

“Finally, Ily, you confirmed… but I knew it since then,” Julia said, Kish and Hazel nodded.

“Really?” I asked, “Am I that obvious?”

“Come on, Ily, it’s written on your face,” Kish added.

.. to be continued....

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