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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Choi Si Won - was being asked about his rich family

In my latest posting abt Siwon revealed his father's job.
Siwon said that his father work in Japan. And he was looked fidget. I dont know exactly, the reason. But then i found this another article regarding this topic ^^


KBS 2TV's program 'Win Win' which was aired on the 22nd dealt with the topic of 'Idol actors' and therefore invited Choi Si Won from Super Junior, Taec from 2PM and Yong Hwa from C.N. Blue as guests.

Before the talk show began, Choi Si Won was asked that if you type in his' name on the search engines, the related searches include 'Rich', "Helicopter at home." Choi Si Won then replied by saying " What Helicopter", "that's not true."

The MC then said that he knew that Si Won's father had a business over in Japan and said "so you're rich but you just don't have a helicopter?" and added "but you can surely afford one right?" as a joke and Si Won asked help from Taec and Yong Hwa.

Si Won was able to show his drum skills due to his' hobby being drumming.


i will search the videos. and post it soon here once i got it.

i notice this, everytime people talk abt his family, siwon becomes nervous, fidget, uncomfortable expression..
do u remember guys, in show that Siwon, Donghae n Kibum got in dating with a model, years ago, Donghae blurted half jokingly while they walked together in 'lost-island' 'Siwon, call your father to send us helicopter now. He must be send one quickly' ^^ then Siwon just pretend didnt hear it

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