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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Choi Si Won - tweeted on June 23rd 2010 & his deleted tweets on June 19th

Siwon tweeted these today, June 23rd 2010, on around 5 am KST

and here are the pic he tweeted

Watching soccer !! Yay korea fighting! ...

we got the win!!...

--ahh dear, you seemed hard to keep awake ...with this expression.. sleepy siwon ^^

Here are from siwon's friend twitter
Yoana81 @ Twitter

Jaeson Ma, tweeted this on today early morning 3.38 am KST
365 Days of Love: Staying up late, no sleep, with my Korean buddies to cheer on Sth Korea in da world cup! Being w/ friends = LOVE

These below, hmm how must i describe it.. since its deleted by Siwon from his twitter, then i can say, it's cute incident.. wrong tweets ^^
It's on June 19th, when Siwon tweeted these, and then deleted after minutes.

3rd tweet : 오시는길! 문미엔 미니스트리 TEL.02)548-2298! 사랑가득한 하루보내시길!

rough translation :
Location! Ministries munmien TEL.02) 548-2298! A day filled with love, your worship!

2nd tweet : 좋은파티 (6.23 8pm) 23일은 예수님을 모르시는 분들을 초청하여 좋은파티로 드리게됩니다. 귀한집회에 사랑하는 여러분들을 초대합니다!

rough translation :
A good party (6.23 8pm) 23 days for Jesus to invite those .... as a good party. Dear, dear friends invited to the rally!

1st tweet : Arise and Shine (6.21~22 8pm) 21,22이일은 복음집회를 드립니다! 참된 복음의 능력과 하늘의 비전이 풀어지는 귀한집회에 사랑하는 여러분을 초대합니다!

Arise and Shine (6.21 ~ 22 8pm) 21,22 21 rallies ... the gospel! The true power of the Gospel and the vision of heaven ... precious love to invite you to meetings!

and here are the pic tweets

Siwon invited all his followers at the beginning, but then he deleted his tweets, because actually, the event was set for entertainer only.
So Siwon tweeted again and said sorry. (i Posting this tweet before.because it's not deleted)

cr : Siwon's twitter

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  1. Why do everyone want to get in his business? What his father does or have has nothing to do with him, he is an adult who can make his own money. You people really love to get into other people's business! So what, if he has a helicopter or a heliport at his parents home? So what! jealous!! Why are you people so nosey, stay out of other people business are you that unhappy?

  2. we just care everything abt him. nothing more. and hope the best happened in his life.
    no offend.
    but , u think too much to say something like that in negative thought..