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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Choi Si Won - tweeted on June 2,2010 (agan ^_^)

Pls tweet more dear @siwon407 ^^

출발드림팀! HAHAHA! translate : Dream Start !
12.30 am KST

donghae tweeted
지금은 건대 뚝섬 ^^ 드림팀 빨리 오세용^^ 구경 오세요 슈주 드림팀 특특특집!!! 건대로 컴온컴온 translate : Come now, Konkuk University, ... View full ^ ^ ^ ^ dream come watch suju ... dream! Come on come on to Konkuk University

Siwon tweeted on June 2th, 12.55 am KST
We live in God !!! Yay !! Fill us up :D!!

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