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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Choi Si Won - tweeted on June 20th 2010

Today Siwon tweeted around 9 pm KST

sadly, i cant translate it :( even when i try with google, it's still rough one.. it come like this :

Arise and Shine, you are so sorry that this congregation haneunbundeul engaged in entertainment and invitations for the meeting were invited through a personal bundeulman to attend the rally in LA, well, thank you a lot of attention given to Come, worship at a later time, as I look! Blessing!

i'll look for the correct one.. and will let u know, guys.. or pls , if any of u, understand hangul, u can share with me here.

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  2. It says ' Arise and Shine; I learned that the meeting is only for the invited people who work in the entertainment industry I appreciate your interest. Please come worship with us at a later der date. Blessings!