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Monday, June 28, 2010

Choi Si Won - is a young master

I just found this article
it's nice article, since it talks abt Siwon who said doesnt have a helicopter.
And said its true that his father is a president of japan trade company ^^

This article also comments that Siwon was raised so well, it's seen within his gorgeous face, from he was a cute baby, a handsome teen, ... 'but we dont have a helicopter!' he said ^^ .... a young master from rich family indeed.... he is so precious ^^ ....
and finally this article said .. ' ahh how come you did all these things without fall' ^^
--thats my rough translation ... correct me if i'm wrong~~ ^^
see source here :
헬기는 없다는 최시원, 귀티나는 외모 이유있었어

it's no matter at all, if you rich or not, Siwon.. i love you, because you are Siwon Choi ^^

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