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Friday, June 25, 2010

Choi Si Won - is filming Athena in Italy ?

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After getting all of its leading staff, Athena: The Goddess Of War, released the first images from the drama spin off Iris -> Athena: The Goddess Of War.

The images above : sexy agents characters -> Su Ae and Lee Ji Ah, and four people leading man: Jung Woo Sung, Cha Seung Won, Kim Min Jong, and Choi Siwon.
It will be a confrontations between characters Jung Woo Sung as protagonist with Cha Seung Won as an evil character.

Su Ae will be a leading lady who works as a 'profiler' like Kim Tae Hee in IRIS, and Lee Ji Ah as NTS agent, Kim Min Jong North Korean agents, and the fresh faces on the junior secret agent, a computer freak, a data analyst Choi Siwon who is close with his sunbae Jung Woo Sung.

source: newsen + asiae

Athena into production starting in June in Italy&Switzerland & continue on into six other countries including Singapore and New Zealand.

Today, is the last Bonamana performance from Super Junior on Music Bank's stage. But Siwon wasnt there. I heard that he's in Italy filming for Athena.

i read the shooting of ‘Athena’ which is taken in 6 different overseas countries, has been begun on June 19. And it also mentioned that all casts are filming athena in italy now.
I think because they take scenes for this :
Lee Bo yeong whose role as president's daughter,she will be the high maintenance career woman and femme fatale in athena. The name is Jo Soo-yeong and had studied in Italy. The girl is a free spirit who is not hindered by other's views of her as the president's daughter and keeps her character alive.
No one knows that she is the president's daughter where she is and lives as a student in Italy. This drama shows Soo-yeong become kidnapped by terrorists.

i gather this article from these sources :

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