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Friday, June 11, 2010

Choi Si Won - interviewed with Ceici Magazine

Choi Si Won & Hangeng - interviewed with Ceici Magazine

What does Hankyung think of Siwon’s personality? Is it a little to “well-behaved” and a little boring?
Hankyung He is very careful on stage, there is always no mistake in his actions or words, therefore he may give others this kind of impression. However, after getting close to him, he is actually a fun, sometimes even nonsensical type of person. The most interesting thing is that he doesn’t realize he is doing something funny, yet always makes us laugh. Once, the company gave us some “homework”, to “revise what we have learned today”. Instead, he asked seriously, “What? Go back and see Bae Yong Joon?” (These 2 sentences sound similar in Korean). He is just such a simple but serious person, thus everyone enjoys being with him.

What does Siwon think of Hankyung ?
Siwon How should I put it? I feel that he is not like a typical youngster these days, because he has a trait that is hard to find among youngsters these days. For example, humility and self-discipline. In China, his popularity is very high, but he is not the least bit proud of that fact, or, like others, only bothering to spend effort on appearance. Under his influence, nowadays when I exercise I don’t dare to slack, constantly reminding myself to improve my connotation.

If you have someone you like, what movie would you like to watch with her?
Siwon 《现在就去见你》*and 《Solaris》, these 2 movies make people understand how precious fate and true feelings are.
Hankyung 《红色的小提琴》**, this is my favourite movie, I would like to share it with the person I love.

Do you have any songs to recommend to listen to when on holiday?
Siwon Whatever It Takes and Breathing by Life House, Photograph by Nickelback and Ocean Avenue by Yellow Card, as these songs suit the wonderful weather now, they can change your mood.
Hankyung All of Olivia’s songs, especially Only With You.

With regards to teenagers who want to become stars like Super Junior, do you have any advice for them?
Siwon People only see the moments when a star receives all the limelight, but they don’t actually understand the real life a singer leads. Being a star may be a person’s goal in life, but it should not be everything in life. Family, friends, school life etc, every aspect should not be neglected. Whether or not they become singers, I hope they can find a life that gives them true happiness.
Hankyung Nowadays, the number of agencies and systems in culturing newbie singers are increasing rapidly, becoming better and better, this is very good to hear. However, the real life of a singer and what people see on television and on stage is very different. To succeed, a large amount of effort and high expectations of oneself are necessary. If you think you can endure all these, then don’t hesitate. Work towards your goal.

*Title of a movie, directly translated into “to see you now”
**Title of a movie, directly translated into “a red violin”

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