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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Choi Si Won - in funny moments (old videos)

All are old videos ^^

This above actually already embeded here, but it's blocked. So, i embed this again, but now , in Thai sub. This is related article i'm talking abt.



This below was when the cute little girl choose Siwon as the most handsome amongs the celebrities ^^
And Kang Ho Dong asked her, 'why do u choose Siwon, oppa? " the girl answered 'because i like him "
and the yellow little girl, surprisingly, choose a senior instead of idols ^^
and Kang Ho Dong half-jokingly, offered the yellow girl to thinking over, who will be she choose among the senior and Siwon ^^
Before the yellow girl choose Siwon, the pinky girl hold Siwon ^^ she didnt want let go her Siwon ^^
i love the way, how Siwon treats children ^^
See more abt Siwon and children here.


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