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Sunday, June 27, 2010

CHoi Si Won - complete interview in SIngle Magazine

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When Heechul finished his photo shoot, Choi Siwon that was wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt reached the venue of the photo shoot.
Recently on a variety show, SJ members revealed that “Every morning, Siwon uses the basketball tactics to throw the clothes that needs to be washed into the washing basket, then exercises, then listens to jazz music, then reads the Bible. Siwon is just like a company.”
They raised their shoulders, and used a middle-low pitch to imitate Siwon became the hot topic of the variety show.
In actual fact, the impression of SIwon on the editor is also like that. A few years back in a corner of the chaotic photo shooting place, the editor saw how Choi Siwon sat gracefully at the corner reading a magazine, and that scene left a deep impression on the editor, and from that day onwards when the editor saw the variety show, he kept on smacking his big thigh, saying, “Correct, correct, it’s exactly like that.”
Although the image of a gentleman is still within Siwon, but now his view of Siwon is clearer, and has a more decisive answer. “Now I feel like exploding, what is that called… ‘Just feel like flattening you’ I’m actually a temperamental B-type person.” Listen to his answers, although I don’t feel as good now, but you closely associate with it, this shows such a true self.
Together in one room, drinking iced green tea, talking with Heechul and Siwon, it reveals their inner thoughts that we hardly see.

Editor (E): Have you ever gotten a biased perception from a handsome man? In reality, what is your ideal type? When you fall in love, do you go for the cool types or the pure, innocent dandelions*?

Siwon (SW): As I have not had such a love history, I’ve not misunderstood any handsome men. Not only do I go for the looks, I’m actually a person that cares more about the feelings (of a person). If I fall in love with a person, I would definitely pay more attention to her. Of course I have to look at looks, but the most important is still that person’s inner self. People that have bright eyes have more decisive answers, not too bad. As for my ideal marriage partner, she must understand that my working schedule is not fixed, even though I’m not at home, a “helpful wife” that would take good care of (our) house would be good.

E: Now in the eyes of your fans, you are no longer a flower boy but a man. As a man, what do you feel is your best charm?
SW: Wouldn’t it be better for someone else to answer this question? Haha. Perhaps it’s the hidden character behind the looks? Perhaps it’s the B-type guy’s charm? And working hard, and to do things with manners.
E: When did your body started to shape up? What’s the secret behind Choi Siwon’s great bod? If there’s such an exercise (that helped you to work your body up), what is it?
SW: I was skinny last time. When I heard that the clothes that I liked didn’t have a suitable size for me, then I decided to shape up my body, and started exercising. Recently gained weight, I’m anxious. In last year’s June I was already 87kg. Even the company requested for me to lose weight. Recently because of the music schedule I could not take good care of my own body weight.

E: Being an idol, are there instances whereby you had to change your lifestyle or daily habits?
SW: Saying to the end, I’m still a member of SJ. The other members love joking around, and I unconsciously become a happy extroverted person. Maybe it’s because I already personally have the signs of joking around, just that I myself don’t know about it. Previously when I see others joking around, I just stand at the side, but now I join in the fun as well. It’s not that I worked hard to create this change, it just came naturally. It’s not that I’m an idol, it’s that I myself am part of SJ.

E: Recently on a variety show interview, the members exposed your daily habits. Do you feel wronged?
SW: Actually it isn’t as exaggerated, so at times I feel wronged. Usually, my actions are very natural. But I’ve never thought of it to be to be so interesting to my hyungs. Now looking at how the small things in life can also let me be a happy member, they are a bunch of mischievous kids. To be frank, I do not use three fingers to say hi. Hahaha.

E: Via ,your acting skills have been recognized. Although the show’s ratings aren’t very high, but S confirmed that Choi Siwon has a “possibility” in the acting sector. After filming the TV drama, how do you feel?
SW: The last three weeks, I basically only slept for 1-2 hours. For continuously 48 hours, I did not rest for a single day, and I had to keep on filming the show. I know that regardless, there would still be regret, but this show has resulted in people feeling empty. This is my first time acting, and this is Korea’s once in three years’ production, I have a lot of burden. But the fans and associated partners understood and help this inexperienced me, therefore here I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude.

E: Through the show’s cool and suave image (of you) attracted the female audience. The male lead was overflowing with charisma, after looking at it, how do you feel?
SW: After people watched the drama, they commented, “This isn’t you.” But on the surface it seems like I’m acting the role out, but you may as well say allow the role to suit me. That’s why I acted naturally. Looking back, it has created a mutual connection, and there’re a few similar parts (between the male lead character and I).
E: Were there any external stress or do you feel (like that you had to shoulder) any responsibility as part of the nation’s most popular actors?
SW: This time I put in a lot of hard work into the OST
, and the response was not bad, so lucky. But occasionally I would think of giving up. When one receive a lot, one would need to forgo the basic freedom that one has. At times, I would gasp at how someone else notices the change in me more than I do.

Possessing two very different characters – the “prisoner” and “gentleman” Kim Heechul and Choi Siwon met. After meeting, they would happily use “HI, BRADO” to greet each other. After the photo-shoot begins, they quickly showed a facial expression that shows they didn’t do anything just now, and show a cool expression, during the photo-shoot you would hear their comments on themselves that their coordination isn’t good enough, and immediately cries.

SJ released their 4th official album . Recordings of title song inclusive of the 11 songs in their CD and MUSIC MAKING FILM has been tied together to sell in stores. This type of selling tactic for the company wouldn’t result in the company making a loss, but to the buyers it’s too expensive thus received cold reactions. But to SJ, this type of albums represent the band, it serves as an important factor in helping them to become Asia’s Album King. When the group was formed, they were based on singing, performance skills, talent and other factors to be chosen to become an all-rounded band therefore being successful and the reason is based on everyone’s hard work, and they even received negative criticisms. Last year when they released 3rd album the album sale exceeded 250, 000 albums, not only did they create a “SORRY SORRY” heat wave in Korea they also did so around Asia. Although the journey was difficult, this resulted in SJ lasting for 5 years. After the debut 5 years ago, they became Korea’s most popular band, through the activities worldwide; they also gained the “most promotable” reputation.

*Dandelions: Used as a figurative word here. It is used to represent girls.

**OST: Original SoundTrack. It’s the background music that you hear when you watch a drama.

I think the person that uploaded on Baidu removed Heechul’s interview parts, that explains that missing Heechul parts.

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