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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Choi Si Won - at KBS field recording for Win Win show June 17th 2010 (dozen pictures)

see last posting abt this Win Win show here

all below pictures are credit to


最后分发冰激淋的时候 玉代理有事先走了,始源一直很敬业的一个一个做着冰激淋~噗哈哈
之后最后工作人员看不下去说 我们来做你们负责发会快一点= =
当时已经凌晨3点半了- -...

视频改日编辑好了再放出来- -

rough translation by google translation
Nearly 6 hours of in-field recording, more than one hour of outdoor recording
While it is not filming, trouble, or note the physical ......

When the final distribution of ice cream jade agent something first, the origin has been doing a very dedicated one at a pop ice cream ~ haha
Finally, after the staff could not stand that we do you will be responsible for the faster = =
At that time, 3:30 a - -...
Estimated staff also want to go home ~ ~ ~

Well, came alive again in another day editing video out - -

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