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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Choi Si Won - account for Super Junior in Singapore

Super Junior conquers Singapore !!

left to right : Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Yesung, Siwon Choi, Heechul, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong

Around 11 am.Many Sg-elfs know that suju will be coming out from the VIP secret passage way but still, many came to try their luck.At least 15- 20 vans waiting for SuJu . There were also 50 over fans waiting there. Finally, when SJ came out, there was a massive 'traffic jam' there because of the vans. curtains of SuJu's vans was closed.Once Siwon pulled the curtain & he was wearing a cap and fedora?? shirt. Awesome! Someone saw a guy tying his hair which fans guess was Minnie or shindong.

In half-a-day,SuJu attended a press conference to promote SingTel's launch of the Samsung GALAXY S mobile phone, and shimmied to a hall of 2,000 enraptured fans at Marina Bay Sands, right before catching a homebound flight to Korea.
Venue : private music showcase at the Marina Bay Sands convention centre, which is a newly built building where the casino, hotel and shopping centre are,Singapore on Sunday, June 6th 2010.

Elfs actually start queuing the night before.Despite statement from organizers that queuing is not allowed because Casino was just opposite of the showcase venue..But the security allowed it, and soon the news spread that elfs should be there before 7.30am to confirm their queue position.
Lines were snaking in the early morning hours as fans – predominantly female - came armed with giant posters and banners, while others donned SuJu-themed T-shirts in show of support.

You can sense the excitement in the hall! They were playing Bonamana, neorago n Sorry sorry videos on repeat, with their product advertisement in between.
There were big blocks of letters ' SUPER JUNIOR'
(About 7.40pm MC announced that SuJu were there.)
The Bonamana intro vid begin,
*Siwon's handsome face flashed across the screen followed by Heechul ...... * More screams
but SuJu were not on stage yet..
After the vid, everything went dark again.
And in the dark the boys taking their position..
Elfs went scream crazily

It was more than a full minute wait before Bonamana started

Sporting a mod look in their all-black outfits, the nine SuJu members opened the show with the titular track of their latest album “Bonamana”, a punchy dance number infused with bouncy African rhythms and club house beats.

With all that high-power dancing and shuffling around the triangular stage, you would not have guessed that these guys had just touched down at Changi Airport barely six hours prior to the showcase.
After the performance ended, the boys were walking towards the back of the stage
Everyone was like screaming wondering where they were going.

They came back, Siwon grabbed a bottle of water and drank it centre stage before passing it to Eunhyuk
They gave their usual greetings and some fans responded but not sure if it was loud enough for them hear
They introduced themselves and when the crowd started chanting for HC, Siwon broke into that sweet smile again
and was gesturing the people to go on.
After that Siwon was asked to give their greetings in English.
Can't elaborate what he said cos frankly the sound where we were standing was really bad
I can hardly hear a word they were saying above all the screams
Even the songs were not so clear..

The screams from the crowd went up by a few decibels when the boys took a breather and promptly introduced themselves to exhilarated fans. After they thanked ardent fans for their "love and support", Ye Sung took center stage with his melancholic solo performance of 'It Has To Be You', a track from the recent Korean drama series, Cinderella's Sister.

Right after that leeteuk, heechul, eunhyuk, sungmin and shindong came on stage for Rokkugo. As sub-group Super Junior-T roused the crowd again with the trot-inspired “Rokkugo”.(a traditional style of music infused with modern beats.)

If Heechul was troubled that day, he sure hid it well during that song!
Suju really worked the crowd!!! They were like moving from one side of the stage to the other..
HeeChul gave partially stripe to show his back and shoulders.He is skinny.

Love and euphoria filled the air when leader Lee Teuk cried out, "Thank you for the very warm welcome. This is my first time in Singapore!" and Si Won thrilled the fangirls with his love declaration in perfectly-punctuated English, "It's very sweet. I love you! I'm very impressed!"

Before they concluded the night with their mega hit song 'Sorry Sorry', June 21 baby Ryeowook also celebrated his birthday in advance with fans, who showered him with a cake topped with a piano figurine, and both English and Korean birthday song as the boys let loose onstage and playfully streaked each other's faces with icing. Touched by the gesture, the soft-spoken 22-year-old wished for a concert in Singapore for the fans in return.

Yesung came over got some cream and smeared some on Siwon's arms just as he was walking away
Siwon turned back looked at his arm and laugh it off with Yesung
Then he went to the side of the stage got some tissue paper
Passed it to RW who was walking to the side, most likely also to get some tissue to clean up
And Siwon even came up to the front although the mc was already introducing their next song
And passed them the tissue as well. I thought that was really really thoughtful of him!! Such a gentlement *awwwwwwe*

After the birthday interlude, the mirthful mood amongst members persisted as they teased the frenzied crowd with a playful number “Pajama Party”.
Siwon tried to get a light stick from the crowd
But the light stick didn't light up
Siwon shrug his shoulders n he threw it back to the person/crowd
The always gallant Siwon grasped a camcorder onstage from the VIP area – in the midst of the song - to help a crew capture his mates and himself in action.
He started playing cameraman and Yesung and DongHae played along with him
After that he hoisted it up high shooting the crowd/audience
And everyone was cheering and screaming away when we saw that..
Right after, he turn the camera towards himself like a selca lol
But DongHae came along and held it for him while he sang into the camera

But no SuJu repertoire can be complete without “Sorry Sorry” – the song that almost single-handedly propelled them to super-stardom and cemented the group’s iconic status across Asia. Driving the crowd crazy with the infectious melody and finely honed dance moves, SuJu members closed the showcase on a climatic note.

It seems fans weren’t the only ones charmed by the group. Host Belinda Lee proclaimed herself a SuJu fan at the gig, after confessing flushingly that she too has fallen under the spell of charismatic leader Lee Teuk.

After that song, the rest of the members came out and there was a short interview with the MCs.
Belinda,the female host told the crowd that she is standing next to her favourite member of Suju ie. Leeteuk!!
And ask the crowd if it is ok to get a hug and the crowd was screaming away..
She was like standing there for a few seconds listening to the responses
What she will do next..
Just then, our gallant-knight-in-shining-armour Siwon, just stepped up and gave her a hug *awe*
He was so sweet!!!! Got her out of getting into the ire of the fangirls.. And Belinda was like saying thank you very much..
HeeChul was really a moodmaker.. at that point he signaled DongHae to walk over (maybe to hug Belinda)
So while DongHae was walking over, HeeChul intercepted and hug him instead! ^_^

During the press conference, Siwon showed his ' gentleman' attitude by handing his mike to one of the reporters when the mike had some problems. Shindong was also seen playing with the phone, trying out the effects and this made the host and the reporters laugh.

Aside from singing, members including Heechul, Siwon and Shindong have also established firm footholds in the acting and hosting arenas. And they are game to do more.

"We are not afraid or scared to do anything on variety shows. We’ve done too much actually… including outrageous things such as cross-dressing," said Lee Teuk during a press conference earlier.

As expected, Super Junior is called a ' professional spokesperson' by the reporters as they can answer any questions that the reporters throw out and Leeteuk will always be able to link back to the main topic- the phone.

The good-humoured group mused out loud that they are toying with the idea of splashing their mates with water while they are asleep and film their reactions for variety show.

All in all, SuJu put out a fantastic showcase - albeit a short one - with outstanding showmanship. And they sound as good as they look. Even for fans who had paid highly inflated prices for the tickets on eBay, it was worth it.

- CNA ,Liaw Lee Sun
Catch the video of the boys at the press conference & showcase here!
- Ting18? @ DKP
video Credit: SuperTing13 @ YT
- ting18 @
-pic taken as tagged
-introducing & birthday interlude pic Kiro_yun @ ATFamily, minoko2440 @

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