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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Indonesian Elfs gathering on June 6th 2010

update news : May 31, 2010
In order to make SS3 will be in indonesia, Indonesian Elfs are making elfs gathering event.
ELFs .... Let's make petitions , questions and answers. .. So, for you who are curious and want to support in order to make Sushow 3 in Jakarta, pls come to this event. .. show elfs' power!!
-no talk show anyway-

for t-shirt details and ticket,, pls go here

on twitter : #ELFSgath6juni

if you have a blog/site, and want to help us to promote this event, pls dont hesitate to take out the pics above including the full information.
Thank you

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  1. Here's what Wproduction opinion bout this event

    From: @wmaverick
    Sent: May 31, 2010 15:22

    Dear all ELFs, ada gossip mengenai kita akan mengadakan talkshow mengenai SS3 di project gathering tgl 6 Juni itu TIDAK BENAR.

    sent via web
    On Twitter:

    What do you think guys?

  2. hello dear, i also see that on twitter.. thanks anyway for the responses. one thing that i know abt the PIC, she always does her best to make SS3 happened in indonesia. abt this, i appreciate her. hope you all guys do the same, at least, she made contact with w production even i didnt make contact with w production, and i know, u too didnt right. The Pic really work hard to make w production want to come to this event.
    at the beginning they will make a talk show part. but, i dunno if there any changes abt that.
    and if there is any new update, i will inform u
    thanks for your kind response. i hope u never get her wrong abt this.