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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gathering for Super Junior's fans- from Indonesian ELF

Yes,wecare4jibday is a project for our beloved oppas, SUPER JUNIOR.
This Project is dedicated to:

1) Support Super Junior 4jib with ELFs activities around the world. We try to have a fund raising activities each country and visit orphanage around (May-July).

We'll have special T shirt for these project as fund raising materials (to gain donation)* and wear thar on the gathering to prove that "WE CARE".
(details will be post later)

In Orphanage, ELF could do some activities, but I recommend this:
"We play soccer with kids" as June-July 2010 were known for World Cup 2010.
SJ already known to participate on this event and they love soccer don't they?

We'll record all activities in the orphanage and have a photobook (with kids).
All of it will be sent to SJ to show them how ELF care about our next generation (kids) and SJ.

(If we can make this happen in lots countries, I bet SJ and ELF's fame will raise. We can also promoting 4jib while doing this ^w^) *hugs*

2) We celebrate the members' birthday (around June-July = Ryeowook's, Leeteuk's, and Heechul's) together with kids. These way is lots "meaningful" than bought expensive things to members (that they can get it by themselves). This also count as we "help" others and doing "good deeds" with SJ name.

3) We can make our song for SJ (official) and I hope it'll unite ELFs as one.

That's the brief introduction of yeswecare4jibday! project. Let's discuss and find what we can for them~ FIGHTING!

Any question? comment here or email for details.
thank you ^^
organizer : Starjunior,

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