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Monday, May 17, 2010

Choi Siwon - in Easy Magazine ,May,6 2010 (text)

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Choi Siwon, Crash Course Manual to Becoming a Boy with Excellent Qualities
First time as the on screen lead

In recent days the Korean drama starring Choi Siwon & Chaerim has been in great demand, leading Choi Siwon to pique people’s interest. In his first leading role he plays a superstar who’s outwardly arrogant, but actually a kind person on the inside. And when he works hard to totally transform his actual gentle, gentlemanly self, to become the total opposite on screen, in the process we see all the qualities that a fine man should possess.

Point 1: Wise beyond his years
Attentive. Considerate. Guys who take into account his surroundings always lead people to have a good impression. Although Siwon is only in his early 20s, but his actions have already led people to feel his diligence. This time, Chaerim, who acts oppsite Siwon, has already teasingly named Siwon as the “little old boy”, praising Siwon as being very considerate, with thoughts that ordinary guys of his age do not possess. Chaerim feels very blessed to be able to act opposite him.

Point 2: Occasional mischievousness
Being polite & courteous is definitely good, but an occasional prank can not only change the atmosphere, it can also make someone seem livelier & more human. Siwon has confessed that a few times during filming, he played pranks on Chaerim. Once, Siwon said to Chaerim, “Noona, actually I was born in 1980 (said in informal language).” Chaerim was very surprised, & if she believed his words, that he really was born in 1980, that would make him younger than Chaerim by only one year, so using informal language wouldn’t be a problem. But in truth, Siwon was hiding their seven year age gap from Chaerim.

Point 3: To have a heart to progress is essential
One’s effort, other than the end results that are produced, the process through which the results are obtained can also be seen by others. Even
though this was the first time working with Chaerimsunbae, (he) has already earned her praise & acknowledgement. Chaerim stated, the passion that Siwon has for acting is strong, & he also has a certain ability to act. Watching how Siwon continuously works, she can’t help but come to this conclusion. Ah, precisely because of this, that’s why not everyone can become a star. She said, the way Siwon works hard to become better is really dashing.

Point 4: Mutal help between good friends
Not one person can say that his success is solely accounted to himself only. In , Siwon plays Sung Minwoo, once again returning to being an actor, he took on the challenge of a musical. In order to better interpret & display this, he received the help of Super Junior members who have had experience in acting in musicals. Yesung & Sungmin are both participating in a musical, & they imparted whatever experience they had regarding the feeling on stage as well as important things to note to Siwon, helping Siwon to be able to give an even better performance.

Point 5: Possessing a heart that knows how to be grateful
This time is Siwon’s first on-screen leading role in a TV drama, and his fellow Super Junior members seem to be more anxious than him, & whenever there’s an opportunity, they’ll advertise for his TV drama, leaving Siwon feeling very grateful. “The members have done a lot of promoting for me, giving me a lot of help. During various variety shows & TV shows, individual websites etc. Though we’re not related by blood, but thy’re really truly brothers & family, I’m really thankful for their existence.”

Point 6: Good self-control
For people in the entertainment industry, appearance is especially important. There was once during a certain program, Siwon said that after debut he gained 20kg. With this, you would think he’s someone who doesn’t have self-control & has no endurance. Then you would be wrong. This time, for the TV drama, in order to perfectly portray the superstar that would make fans faint, Siwon painstakingly lost weight. In terms of diet, everyday (he) would only eat 1kg of meat & a plate of eggs. Strictly following this rule, (he) definitely wouldn’t do as he pleased. After seeing the setting of “Minwoo’s chocolate abs”, Siwon also made a dash to build up his body, persevering in working out & running for 2-3 hours a day.

Point 7: Knowing how to speak candidly with others
From Siwon’s point of view, actually frankness is very important. He feels that be it in his life or in his work, if one uses a sincere attitude & actions to treat the things & people around, only then can one achieve the results that are desired, only then can one gain the understanding & sympathy of others. This time, after the airing of the TV drama, the evaluation of Siwon from the audience was that (he was) natural & real. Even though he’s a singer, but it didn’t seem over the top, (he) didn’t overact. Instead, it was very natural, assimilating with his character to put up a performance.

Point 8: Knows how to grasp onto the main point of a question
Siwon is a really smart person. He knows that for a certain matter, as long as he grasps the important points, he doesn’t need to bother about the rest, this way he’s able to grasp the question, & yet not waste too much effort. Let’s take for example, his wardrobe. He stated that usually he leaves his dressing to the coordis, the coordis decide, but he knows what color he’s suited to, what his measurements are. With these two points decided, all the various other things like style, no matter how much the style changes, there won’t be any big issues.

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