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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Choi Si Won - will not coming to SIngapore on June 6,2010

Kpop fans please keep an eye and listen! Super Junior will be coming to Singapore on the 6th next month.

There was news earlier saying that Super Junior (SJ) will have their new show this coming half year. What makes it unbelievable is that, though the show hasn’t even planned and fans are thinking that they won’t see their idols for a long time, yesterday, SingTel announced on the net that SJ will be having a show later.

In order to concert with the new phone model of Korean brand Samsung, two big companies invited the popular group SJ, to find two free days in their tightly packed 4 Jib promotion schedule, and hold a closed concert in Singapore.

The man in charge of RITS, which is a company under Fly Entertainment, has said that they are acting as a middleman, and are now discussing the plan with SM Entertaiment about SJ’s coming concert.

The official web has posted ‘Watch Super Junior’s show in Singapore’, arousing a lot of fan’s attention. Although the website hasn’t yet announced the details of SJ’s coming concert, according to reliable sources, after attending the MBC Music Core on the 5 June, SJ will immediately go to Singapore, holding the first concert there on the 6. This as well shows that Super Junior have an advantage, as they will be arriving to Singapore before U-Kiss, who will be going to Singapore on 20 June.

Super Junior who debuted in 2005 held two Asia world tours, and has been to many different places like Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and even Kuala Lumpa, but had never been to Singapore. And now this time they will be going there, however, according to news, only 1600 people are lucky enough to watch their show this time.

The web also mentioned that this exclusive concert only allows the first 800 buyers of the new phone, who had the concerts tickets to watch the show. That means, after the long waiting, there will still be a lot of fans be disappointed, and unable to watch SJ’s performance.

Only 9 people going, Siwon will not be attending
This will be the first time Super Junior visits Singapore, but there will be only 9 members going, so the fans would not be able to meet Siwon who has just done an operation. Siwon was sent to the hospital due to inflammation of salivary gland, though he had quickly resume his schedule and continued the promotion of the new album, he won’t be going to Singapore.

SJ had been appearing with 13 members, but because of the difficulties encountered last year, Hangeng having a lawsuit with the company, Kibum devoting his time on acting, and Kangin deciding to join the army after the fight in a bar and drunk driving case, only 10 members attending the recording of the new album.

New song winning first place on chart
SJ appeared on Korea’s music shows; their new song Bonamana won the first place in Music Bank on the 21.

Winning the first prize of their 4 Jib, SJ member Donghae uploaded a photo of him, Shindong and Leeteuk kissing the prize. He even commented to share the happiness with the other 3 departed members “SJ won the first place! Hangeng, Kangin, Kibum, we love you! ^^ Let’s work hard together^^”

After SJ won the first in the chart, 2PM member, who won last week with their song Without You, leader of Beast Doo Joon and FT Island’s Jonghun left comments to celebrate SJ’s victory.

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