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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Choi Si Won - new drama !!!

[200510] Ariel Lin with Donghae & Siwon – NEWS X2


(1) Title: Ariel Lin will be selling “Coffee” With SJ

Ariel lin has stopped work for about 2 years without filming any shows, and this year, she has accepted two drama offers. The “Beautiful Challenge”(華麗的挑戰) that has been stopped for about a year plus will resume filming. The original male lead Jerry Yan has rejected the offer, and now the new lead will be Korean’s most popular boy group Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae. The director will still be 鈕承澤. The other drama she will be filming will be a remake of Korean’s “Coffee Prince”. She will play the female lead but the crew is still looking for the male lead.

……………………. Omitted …………………….

*Basically saying how the crew of Beautiful Challenge had went to Japan last year for the press conference but because of the sudden stop (and no reasons given), Jerry Yan was pissed and rejected the lead role. The lead role then changed to Wu Chun who also rejected the lead. Finally after waiting for so long, the drama is officially resuming filming with new leads*

Ariel lin hasn’t been filming for long and fans even wrote to her company to protest. The agitated fans even wrote to her managers and scold the manager in the company’s official website, saying that why did the company let Ariel Lin sing instead because acting is her main career and she is great at it. Recently, she is busy preparing her second album and her travel-book. The filming will start earliest this year August. As for the Taiwanese version of “Coffee Prince”, she said that she loved the Korean version and is very excited to take the role.

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(2) Title: Ariel Lin with Donghae and Siwon again!

Ariel Lin has been waiting to film “Beautiful Challenge” for about 1 year plus, the male lead has changed from Jerry Yan, to Wu Chun and now it is rumoured that the new male lead will be Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon. Also, Ariel Lin will be filming the Taiwanese Version of “Coffee Prince” and will be pairing up with Jerry Yan again.

“Beautiful Challenge”’s male lead has been changing from the initial Jerry Yan, to Wu Chun. After Wu Chun decided to work on movies instead of drama, the male lead has changed back to Jerry Yan. But the second lead is unpleased with his little acting role and decided to quit. Hence, our female lead Ariel Lin has been waiting for her male lead for a year plus already. Now it is finally revealed that Ariel Lin will work with Donghae and Siwon from Super Junior. Earlier on, Ariel Lin has filmed a MV with the both of them and has know them quite well, plus Arial Lin graduated from a Korean Language degree and hence there shouldn’t be any communication problems.

—– Omitted part on “Coffee Prince” —–

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  1. ouw..can't wait to see the drama.
    finally donghae wishes come true..hoho

  2. aow,,,
    is that true??
    oh, i cant wait to see siwon oppa's next role...
    siwon oppa hwaiting!!!!