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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Choi Si Won - is an actor ^_^

Choi Siwon’s Challenge Was A Success
Recently, many Korean singers from bands have been seen in either dramas or musicals. However, these stars are originally singers, and to see them appear on the small screen, what kind of results will it have? Do their acting abilities deserve to be praised? And just like that, lately, a new group of singers attracted the attention of many of us, the audience.

Within those stars, one that is the most popular is probably Super Junior’s member Choi Siwon. With him in the SBS drama “Oh! My Lady”, he had proved his acting skills in it and also won the audience’s approval. However, when they first made decisions on the drama’s male lead, many had expressed their doubts and worries about his acting skills. But, when the drama was first broadcasted, Choi Siwon through Sung Minwoo made people gradually forget his identity as a singer. Choi Siwon in “Oh! My Lady” is interpreting a top star, and together with Chae Rim, they will develop a romantic relationship, whereas in between there will be the appearance of his daughter. And with that kind of character’s background and plot, it makes it even more difficult to find the perfectly play the male lead’s character. However, Choi succeeded in interpreting Sung Minwoo, this top star’s charm and expressed his own feelings to his daughter, like a real father would do. In the drama through the character of Sung Minwoo, we can also see that Choi Siwon had totally released himself from his identity as a singer during the shooting, now, people are more likely to see Choi Siwon as an actor.

Even if the resulting ratings aren’t that high for the drama “Oh! My Lady”, this can also be counted as Choi Siwon’s first product as an actor. Some people who followed the drama said : “We say Choi Siwon as an actor, we think that he has the qualities to be an actor. Him and Sung Minwoo in the drama are very alike, we can’t barely difference both. We are also looking forward for Choi Siwon’s next production.” Even though there’s many other singers who acted dramas as well, Choi Siwon’s rather more successful. Choi Siwon took off his singer identity, and now, he’s starting from scratch with his identity of an actor facing the public. Regarding his next production, the fans are anticipating it with much excitement.

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1 comment:

  1. I liked him so much in Oh! My Lady! and I'll like him every more.
    Actor and Singer, for me it's the same he act in both of them!
    For you Siwon, you're one of the BEST!