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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Choi Si Won - fan meeting account (Focus to Siwon) May 23,2010

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2010.5.23 ELF Fanmeeting account

I just came back from an enjoyable and meaningful fanmeeting with our super beautiful guy Siwon.
The venue was a lot smaller than I thought so it was so good .Siwon, wearing the same leather pants and jacket he wore during the Inkigayo recording, appeared! Ah TTTTT Our super beautiful guy Siwon TTT So handsome to the extent where words cannot be used to describe TT I could not take my eyes off him for even a moment Even though I say this every time, to really feel how Siwon is properly, you have to really see for yourself!! smile.gif hehe

After Bonamana finished, the members introduced themselves, followed by a note of thanks to the staff of the fanclub who always work so hard. Next up, it was time for the members to show an item they treasured – everyone brought a thing that they thought was the most special to them since debut.
First of all, Sung min brought the helmet which came with his scooter, which was the first birthday present he received from fans after he debuted. Eunhyuk’s first present after debut was a cross stitch cushion with his photo on it. Here, everyone got high keke ~ Donghae said that the cushion was his kekeke~ But Eunhyul also said that the cushion was his keke~ Donghae showed a dynamic side here ^-^ Shindong brought the cube (Rubik’s cube) which he played together with the other members during his trainee days in order to become closer with them. His best record was 1 minute 30 seconds, really very fast +_+ Yesung’s item was a video disc which he received from a Japanese fan. Kyuhyun’s item was his clarinet. He had learnt it for 3 months during his junior high days and he tried to play what he played in the concert last year for a bit but it ended with squeak kekekeke (Note: Kyunhyun was sick but he sang live all the way through. So great of him to do so ^^) Donghae’s item was a photo he took with fans during Super Show I; Leader’s was the #1 fanclub membership card from the 1st lot of memberships. Ryeowook’s item was SES’s 4th and 5th album fan club cards kekeke Heenim brought the metal rod which was planted in his leg when he had an accident in the past~ He said that because he practiced dancing so much the centre of the rod is bent~

And lastly, Siwon’s hot pink (?? is it pink? i'm not sure :p ) coloured diary kekekeke~ the pink colour that Heenim likes kekekek It’s a diary which he started writing in from 2005 when he debuted and inside it, are Siwon’s thoughts and how he had felt back then. There were some lines which he underlined in red and it was much neater than I thought it would be ^^ Leader suggested that they read some of it out but Siwon showed his aegyo (like being cute) and kept telling him that he can’t keke Although I’m not sure exactly what it said but from what I remember “Afraid whether I will succeed or not. I believe that I need to live with patience. If I keep pushing forward and sticking to it, I believe I can do it” – words such as these were from the diary. It was a hot pink diary which was filled with words which were very Siwon-like. ^-^

While they were talking, Siwon even made the sound of a horse. Hiiiiiing~ like this ~kekekekke~ ahhh it was really too funny kekekek~ Siwon ah keke what do I do with you kekek After showing their items, there was the performance of Coagulation and In my dream which was followed by Heenim’s Sonata of temptation!! Sungmin also played the electric guitar and he looked really cool +_+ After that, there were the best 7 ELF videos picked by the members. There was the Golden Disc daesang video, concert videos, 1st fanclub membership fanmeeting video, first time they received No.1 with U… Leader said that they keep showing him crying only ~keke It was the video when they first got No.1 and over 900 fans came and they had a fanmeeting afterwards.

Heenim and Leader looked at the fresh young Siwon’s fringe from those days and said, what to do with that hair? Kekeke And Heenim said, in order to return to how he was before, he swears he will not build muscle and Siwon presses on his muscles and says, What’s this then? Keke Heenim asked were we beautiful then TTT (Yes, that’s right Heenim, the slender Siwon from back then was beautiful TTT) Then 5 fans were picked to play a speed game. Leader assigned the teams.. Siwon was grouped with a Japanese fan. So they formed a team together with Sungmin who became the translator and they played a game where they had to guess the other members’ nicknames When Sungmin and Siwon had to use their bodies to explain the word to the fan and the word “Anchovy” came out, Siwon pointed to Eunhyuk and wriggled his whole body keke After that the word was “Fish” and he pointed to Donghae and wriggled his body again keke

This is the first time Siwon has shown such a side to himself +_+ Even though he was not reserved and used his whole body to explain, they still came last keke~ so they had to be punished with getting hit with a inflated hammer

Before he hit Siwon with the hammer, Eunhyuk said “Don’t pretend to be cool” and Siwon replied without hesitation “I AM a cool guy so what can I do about it?” He was asked if he had anything to say before getting hit and he said “Today is the Lord’s day” (since it was a Sunday) kekeke~ a very Siwon-like remark~ hehe Heenim and Kyuhyun who were first in the speed game took a photo with the fan After the game, Yesung performed “It has to be you” After that was the Marry U performance TTTTTTT In the middle of the song, Youngwoon appeared. I really did not think that such a situation would occur and I was really shocked…Just looking at his face made me teary TT Is there any one of the ten fingers which you can bite but not feel pain? (what she means is that the fingers of both hands are like the members, if any one is hurt, then it will still hurt no matter who it is) Even though I keep saying that I hate him (not in a bad way, you know when you have a fight with someone you care about and say I hate you, but you don’t really mean it), he’s part of the family.

He’s Siwon’s good hyung (brother) and colleague. Siwon who was trying to hold back his tears and not cry, ended up covering his face with both hands, he cried alot, his face washed by tears. I remembered an interview from the past when he said he tried to control himself and not cry. How much heartache must he be going through for a strong person like him to show his tears – at this thought, I also cried a lot. With his red eyes, our Siwonie hugged and patted his hyung. Siwon seemed so dependable and admirable. My heart felt like it had been stung and for awhile, the whole place was an ocean of tears. It ok to cry, Siwon ah. After that there was a dance performance, following by performance of Chu. Heenim still had a crying face and at the end he couldn’t hold it in anymore. Later, Heenim said that he didn’t realize that Chu could be such a sad song. During the performance of Good person, members were busy as they walked through the audience here and there.

From where I was, Shindong who was sitting on the stage responded to me waving my glowstick~ kekekeke~ And to Siwon who passed by, I waved my hand Lastly, to greet the fans, the members either leaned or sat on the table which was on the stage. Sung min, Shin Dong, Siwon, Donghae, Heechul, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook lined up side by side and started a touch show hehe Because they had to do this with everyone in the audience, everyone could only go by quickly. From the first moment though, my eyes were only focused on Siwon keke When I was in front of Siwon, I just grabbed his hands and greeted him ^-^ That look in his eyes when he smiled and looked at me.. ackkkk kekeke~ My heart beat so fast I nearly fainted ~kekeke Even as I touched hands with the other members, I only had eyes for Siwon and before I knew it I can come to Ryeowookie and I told him that it had been fun The 4 hours which seemed like 30 minutes was very enjoyable and the teary fanmeeting finally ended ^^ The 2nd fanmeeting which followed was not going to have the touch show because of time restraints but they cut some songs and reduced the time for the events and split the members into 2 sides at the end to have the touch show. Siwon apparently said to fans “Please believe in Jesus”….^^ And in August there will be Super Show 3!! Everyone watch out for it hehe

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Translation by Cecilia @

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