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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Choi Si Won - Super Show II in Manila part 3 (special fan account n notes from Press Conference)

Before i give u a fan account, i share u this report, which was found by my 'chingu' ^^

It's all about Super Junior Press conference! Only 30 min.
Organizer gave very tight rules to reporters and some fans. They didnt allow any small messy voice. No screaming. Control your self. Have to speell members' name in right pronounciation.
Ssstt.. until this time, i still can't spell 'Ryeowook' in right way. Pls somebody help me. Do not come approach to Super Junior members. No autograph. Because their names and their signatures have copyrights. woww !!

If the reporters or fans fail to do the rules, they would not be allowed in the room anymore.

This Press Conference is very strict. Even Super Junior's distributor in Phillipina, The Records Universal, was only allowed to give 2 representatives.

A reporter told that how strict the press conference is. Securities started did their job at the first time reporter enter in the lobby. Every single question must be filtered before. finally there were 20 questions which SJ agreed to be asked to them.

SJ even have representative to teach reporters how to spell their name correctly. Because if it is not correct, they probably got hard warning from the manager -who have successfully cancelled fans' plan to do mobbed at the airport when SJ arrived-

this reporter got surprised enough because SJ is so famous in manila, though until that day he only know Sorry Sorry.

Ok it's all abt SS2 in Phillipina.. Though i didnt go, :((.... but still i can feel the enthusiasm of Phillipians ELF from my chingu's friend. She went there!! Here are her story !! Prepare yourself ! hehe

According to her, -she is an ELF, she came with her husband ! :D and stayed in Shangrilla Hotel,it's same hotel with Super Junior !!! whoaaa.. -- She arrived on 6 pm, u know, at the first time, she prayed that may God made her in same plane with Super Junior, but anyway God didnt agree with her :p... so she only met with Super Junior's securities called bodyguards :D...

She said, Edsa Shangrilla Hotel was not different with a McDonald restaurant :p...though it's not holidays, but OMG-oh my goat :p - u cannot imagine how crowded it is :p...Many Phillipines ELF stayed there and together with their father, mother, auntie, nephew, niece, hehe... and so on and so on...(i think she described it too much huh :p .. dont u think they seem in the retret or in family picnic , but anyway, maybe she just wanna be honest abt this :D ) When it's time to have breakfast in the morning, Omg--oh my goat hehe-- very crowded!! Imagine! They were immadiatelly took over a table which has various food on it. :p... --they are 'strong' ELF, hehe even they can beat police :p..hehe

And one more thing, know,.. Korean waves really definately has reached Phillipine . She said that when she was in hotel, watched Korean drama. Because Manila has a special TV station that broadcasts Korean dramas which hv been subbed to tagalog..

But Phillipinos ELFs also great!! Phillipines ELF have strong faith for Super Junior ,... :D... yeah you know, anyway they have been waiting for 5 years for Super Junior come to Phillipine... although the concert started on 7 pm.. they hv been waiting from 10 am... crowded fans came to Araneta.. made queue (ROCKPITT) and also practiced for FAN CHANT!!!!
So, if we calculate the hours they've spent there, (making queue until end of concert) .. wuoooww it's 12 hours!! Hope they will ok next day :p no need to visit hospital :D..

She said .. Malaysian fans were more have self-control. (no offend, ok :D.. she just told us her opinion because she also came to SuShow II in Malaysia).... This time, is kinda.. wuaouwwoauaouauwwoohoooo... u describe it yourself, k :)
She said there were soooo many fan boys run and tried to reach Super Junior's cars..^__^ :D... This was for very 1st time she saw something like that!!!
This also very 1st time for her came to beautiful manila... and she quickly thought ... many gays here ^____^ !!! is it true ???!!!
The fanboys also hold hands each other like a couple!! ^___^ and with half jokingly she said... "omg--oh my goat hahahaha-- many gays here, maybe because they saw Leeteuk!! ^___^ But you know,
the gays are good looking !!! hahahahha they were white skin men actually!! like Bautista!! " ^___^ (a famous singer in Phillipine)
That time I hope Siwon, Heechul, Kyuhyun, Leeteuk can take care their self from those aggressive fanboys!! hahahaa

I hope she wrong abt 'many gays' hahahahha ^___^ (no offend ok,she just told her stories and her opinion. If u dont agree, u can make it clear through commenting this posting below ^__^ )

Her seat was in section '321', and she also gave her comment, "Why Phillipine ELF didnt sing together while SuJu sang"
i dont know, maybe this happened in her section :p and also maybe it's because the language!

She also told " Fiuhhhh it's so pity .. the sound system didnt work properly for two times...and there were little error on big screen while "Shining Star"moment ... "

And this maybe make u laugh loudly, when Fans threw in reckless way, a red lingerie and white boxer toward Eunhyuk!!! It of course totally made Sungmin and Leeteuk laugh loudly.. ^__^ v
On the lingerie,.. it's written on it 'eunhyuk saranghae' .. hahahaha funny!!! @.@
Eunhyuk smiled with strange feeling showed on his face :D.. Sungmin whispered him..
i think it's like 'just forget it, they are joking with us now'
There were also fans showed their edited image , they combined Kyuhyun's face and Eunhyuk's face with Siwon's body. ^___^ hahahha just thinking of it, can make me laugh..
and there were not much gifts were been threw onto the stage.

This time at the "Marry U" moment , Shindong successfully forced Kyuhyun to kiss fan girl's hand.. ^___^ Beside that, From 15 shows of Super Show II, finally at this last stop, Zhou Mi hv a solo performance. !! (Zhou Mi is siwon's band mate. He is chinese not korean).
Congrat to Zhou Mi ^^

There were members got sick that night. While playing watergun, Eunhyuk that has been noticed,got sick since arrival at Manila airport, asked fans not to shoot him anymore with water, because his cough. And Siwon.. our dear Siwon...
She told that Siwon's face was pale. Siwon was gone for a while after Sorry Sorry, and showed up again at the end of encore and clinging to Leeteuk's shoulder.
She said at that time she guess Siwon's face look like ,he just has vomitted. In 'Blue Tomorrow', Siwon's voice was sound little bit husky.
I think maybe because high differences in temperature between Seoul and Manila.

Her husband, that accompanied -also because his curiousity-, admitted that Super Junior is great entertainer! :)

If you guys went to this last Super Show II, watch carefully on video (youtube maybe).. if Super Junior showed new dance steps in the middle of the show. Because at the Super Show I, in the last stop concert, Heechul and Hangeng did a little bit Sorry Sorry steps before they released 3rd album.
Finally, special thanks to Eda of Starjunior :) makasih yoo boo!! hehe bener2 tuh om n tante gaul dah, kalah gw da :p !

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  1. Hello there,

    I can't help myself but laugh with those things you posted about the SS2 last stop concert in Manila. hehhehhe It's really an OMG! I can't still get over it!!!

    By the way, I heard Suju only this year, somewhat January thru friends... honestly at first I don't like even there songs but after I heard for many times as I even heard it on radio stations... woaaahhh! I feel clinched to their song "sorry, sorry" and when I became attached to the song...that was the time I started to made research about them. Funny, the first one I find cute was Yesung.... hahaha....but I switched to "Siwon" I don't know.... I just like him so much. Love him.

    And then, when I heard that the Suju are going to have a concert here in Manila...(OH! I'm sorry! I didn't metion that I am from the philippines)...anyway, go back to Suju concert... I told to myself..."I can't forgive myself...if I will not be able to watch their concert!" Hahahha Sounds funny isn't? :D

    April 9 - I was watching TV (news) and only to get myself surprised that the Suju got MOBBED at the airport! Goodness gracious! I and my bestfriend was really surprised how the fans here in the Philippines welcomed the Suju. And take note, some of them even check-in the same hotel where Suju will be staying. My bestfriend quoted like this >>>"Is that the typical fans?" And then I laughed and said "I don't know..."

    April 10 - I and my brother (who agreed to come with me at the concert) arrived in araneta around 5pm, shockingly, tickets are already sold out!!! SOLD OUT!!! Dont' have any choice but to buy the much higher price tickets... and it was for two (mine and to my bro), I cried... it was my expense!!! Well, no regrets! I enjoyed the concert and for me it was worth it. Surprisingly, there were so many fans already at the araneta when we arrived there. I asked myself: "Suju really popular here in Manila, right?" Well, I see it myself!

    >>>> Regarding to the gays... well, its kindah...sort of true...there were really lots of gays here...but still most of them are still discreet. You know, people here... have this mentally that - philippines is a democratic country and everyone have their right to express themselves. I am not against to them but why most of the gays nowadays happened to be georgeously good looking? Sometimes, me and my friends used to joke that "most good looking guys, are now gays and out of ten only four of them are straight! No straight good looking men will be left for us!!!" Hahaha

    And holding hands thing... hahaha I, myself, used to get surprised seeing those in public, like mall, restaurants and etc... but how can we stop them anyway? Its there life.

    I noticed as well that Siwon is already low energy on the last part of the concert and only showed again at the ending part... he need to rest and take care of himself well... vitamins, vitamins, vitamins! ;D

    OH DEAR!! I didn't noticed, my comment is like story telling!! :D

  2. wow haruka!.. now, u deserve this award from me : "most detail comment in the world" heheheheheh Detail instead of long writing ^__^
    Thank uuuu ...... your story also make my day :D
    Pls b patient , i will post 'ultimate' fanaccount!!! -Siwon focus only hehehehe .. am i tooo mucchh :D --still exciting abt this SS II

  3. I'm soooo excited already for your next update! Thanks a lot!!! (n.n)

  4. haruka! :D do u have any blog? ^___^
    i 'm thinking to put your whole story in a posting here :D do u want ? if u want , pls email me ^___^ u can express your very exciting moment in your story hehe, just tell us whole story.include your opinion and comment.:D i think it sounds interesting :).
    let's share here ^__^

  5. huh???? christian bautista is a gay? im from the Phil. but I dont know that issue. haha!!! but its true that there are many discreet gays here in the Phil & mostly have a great body. hahaha ^o^

  6. hello Moonlight,, no that's not what she mean. she said, the gays were good looking as Bautista. She not said, Bautista is a gay.

  7. oww okay hehe my bad. but what does "Edsa Shangrilla Hotel was not different with a McDonald restaurant"??

  8. haha :D it's just to express how crowded the hotel was... even it's 5 star hotel huh. :) it didnt look like high rate hotel, coz crowded people. thats why it looked like McD resto -

  9. ahhhh. yah its true edsa shang is a 5 star hotel here in the phil. hehehe thanks~~ keep up the good work ^^ GOD BLESS~~~~ ^o^

  10. There were fans who slept at the coliseum the day before the concert.
    On the concert itself fans started to line up as early as 5 am.

    There were videos being shown on the screen before the concert started. Fans got wild even by the sights of the edorsments. I saw a clip where eunhyk was backstage and pointing to the crowd outside because the shouting is shaking the coliseum :)) <- he was laughing and said something( i didn't understand though)
    donghae and heechul heldd hands while jumping around the backstgae (soo cute ^^)
    At the beginning siwon showed some energy and was really charismatic though he didn't smile a lot. Many of them got sick during their stay in the Phil. There was a time when heechul coughed while singing sonata temptation. Sungmin sneezed at the encore. They weren't that energetic like before esp hyukie and heenim.
    AND SIWON!!. he was gone for a while.. he didn't even joing suju sing marry u. I was trying to find him coz i was going to give him my gift. He only appeared at the last part when they are suppose to say goodbye to the fans. He also gave a speech to the ELF'S in eng.I was waving my gift at that time, he looked at it but didn't get it bec it's almost time for them to leave. I also waved my bane which says Happy bday siwon. The ELF here in the Phil. have prepared for this event. They made diff banners for each members and distributed it among the fans,they also gave away some white handkerchiefs for us to wave during marry u, they also divided pieces of paper where the chants and projs. are written.

    and we did sing along with SUJU.
    - siwon was the first one to leave and said his goodbye. Siwon wasn't feeling very well. One factor is the temperature.
    - others played along before leaving yesung kept on singing and donghae just pulled him off the stage hahaha.
    Kyu bowed for a really long~ when i say long i mean really long time :))
    - i cried when the show was over. I didn't want it to end!!!!

  11. @sherlyn... thanks for your comment ^^, it's definately complete this fan account ^^