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Monday, April 19, 2010

Choi Si Won - Oh My Lady episode 9

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ep 9 c-sub

20100413 Seoul National University Park (?); from Cyworld

Recap :

KH and MW argue.... MW doesnt see why he was wrong for offering to help in paying the production fees but KH explains that the way he said it sounded like he was showing off how much money he had.. MW however keeps thinking that KH is biased towards SJ because she admires him... MW leaves KH on the street and drives off... MW arrives home and carries ye eun as he walks in the carpark... he is caught by the reporter who only sees his back.... he runs away from the reporter but the reporter strongly suspects it's MW.. although the reporter gets dragged up by security, he writes an articles title "Flower boy star Mr S, who's the mysterious child?" Because of this article, MW loses yet another big contract and his manager is furious

while talking to SJ's wife, KH finds out that she was pregnant before but had a miscarriage because of an important project... she wished that SJ would just say to her "It's OK" but he never did

YR asks MW to try on the tux that she designed.... YR tries on the wedding dress...MW compliments she's pretty

SJ's sunbae shows up at the show company and offers to introduce an investor to him

YR talks to MW"s manager about upcoming schedules for MW (related to her company) then mentions that she's noticed a weird woman called Yoon gae hwa hanging around MW lately and tells him that she thought he should know

MW's manager tells MW that there's no way the musical with The show would work out... even if they get investor, it will be buried by other bigger musicals... then suggests to MW that they should send ye eun to the orphanage...he says that they're not abandoning her but just temporarily putting her there...then later on he can adopt her from the this way, he can openly take care of her and it will also be good for his image, and it gets rid of the scandals..he says that good orphanages now are well equipped and can even be better for the child.... he asks MW how much longer is he going to live the way he is now with ye eun and KH.. doesnt he want to get married? and like yesterday when he nearly got caught red handed by the reporter, he has to live feeling insecure all the time.. so it's a much better idea to do what he suggests... he says to pay KH money and send her away... MW says she's not someone who can be sent away with money.. but his manager says that if they give her a big enough amount they can fix it...but most importantly, his manager says... if during this time where he's not really doing anything, a big scandal breaks out, his life will be finished in one go.. and even if he wants to bring up ye eun, he wont be able to

MW is greatly troubled by what his manager said and after much thought decides to follow his manager's suggestion

when he gets home, KH suggests that since the next day is sunday that they go out and take ye eun to the zoo..because she feels sorry for ye eun who has to stay home all day... KH is surprised how MW agrees easily...

after the trip to the zoo, MW wants to talk to KH but KH goes to the company for a bit to work on a presentation since they're getting a new investor

when KH returns home she overhears MW on the phone finding out about orphanages... MW tells her finally taht he plans on putting YE into an orphanage temporarily... KH is upset and didnt know MW would be this kind of person... MW argues that he cant continue to live in this way and tells KH to get ready to move out

by : cecilia@soompi

This below are special article i found for u. About OML ep. 9
More pic like this. click here

If you’re following SBS’s Oh! My Lady, you’ll probably find that one of the highlights is the interaction between the drama’s star, Sung Min-woo (Choi Siwon), and his young daughter Ye-eun, played by 5-year-old Kim Yu-bin. Here are a few images from Monday’s upcoming episode; if you’re spoilerphobic, don’t click for more photos!

Choi Siwon has also released a few behind-the-scenes shots of him with Yu-bin, and it looks like they’re quite close. He posted the pics via his twitter on the 18th, writing, “My daughter Ye-eun, who always comes running up calling me Dad. ^^ I’m already a fool for my daughter! Oh my lady Ye-eun! Sorry, Chae Rim noona! Keke.”

The stills from Episode 9 involve a day out at the zoo for Daddy Min-woo, Ye-eun, and of course Kae-hwa (Chae Rim). Looks like the softening of Min-woo’s character in Episode 8 continues this week, seeing as how they look like they’re having a grand ol’ time.

Via OSEN, BNT News,

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  1. Aww, they're so cute together. Both are adorable sweethearts.