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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Choi Si Won - fanmeeting at Seoul , SJ were interviewed in Thailand

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Entertainment News reported by Thailand News Agency
April 3, 2010 - right now Korean artists always went to Thailand until it's just like the joke but Nine Entertainment would take fanclub to go to meet with Super Junior closely at Seoul!

Specially! Only Nine entertain (Thailand Channel 9) had got inviting from SM Entertainment for took many fanclub to go to Seoul, South Korea and met with Super Junior very closely in warm atmosphere and friendly which this activity hadn't been organized before in Thailand.

So all of 10 from Super Junior had cleared all of their schedule and used their free time and came to talk with fanclub very friendly and they told good news before everyone knew that they would organize the concert again in Thailand before they would have funny game with their fanclub and got a lot of laughing at all time.

Also the signing signature time, Super Junior still had a little surprising to every fanclub that met them with writing the Thailand name of every fanclub, Super Junior also had a little whispered that even Thai Language would be hard writing but they would like to learn it for better communicating with Thai fanclub.

Lastly with taking together the photos between Super Junior and fanclub before they would make big surprise to fanclub with warm tightly hugging until it made feel very jealous, and that surprising made every fanclub were very happy and got big smile on their face.

Source: Mcot
English Translated by sonethloveshizz at

All: Hello! We’re Super Junior!

? Well, You guys come to Thailand for much time, could I know how do you guys feeling about it?

Shindong: When I see you, I feel very excite.

All: Laughing

? Haha. Well, when you come to Thailand, Is there any place that you want to go?

Leeteuk: We went to much place in Thailand but if talk to the place which in my memory so much is Pattaya. Because Thailand was first place which we organized the concert and Pattaya was first town which we organized the concert too. So, at that time we were still not popular but also had many Thai fanclub went to there and gave us the encouragement very much then Thailand is the country where we keep it on our memories very much.

? I’ve heard that being Korean artist wherever that you need to go, is there any camouflage for you?

Heechul: When we stayed in Korea. There are many fanclub that’s why I must camouflaged every time. Sometimes I dressed myself like a doll or make strange dressing when I went to outside.

? There are many Thai girls fanclub, who do they like the most and who is the most popular in your group?

Heechul: I’m the most handsome in the group, sir.

Eunhyuk: It’s me (Refer to Heechul’s sentence).

Leeteuk: In fact, all of us are popular because if all of we’re not popular, we can’t be Super Junior. When we go out, even if there’re many fanclub but if we said well such as Could I had a food now? Fanclub wouldn’t follow me

? Well, is there any word that use to say with fanclub when they’re screaming to you guys?

Leeteuk: Must be “Siwon’s six pack” because many girls like it very much or many sweetie words that make they melt such as when fanclub asked where have you been? and when we answered “I’ve been and run in your heart” Many fanclub would be scream very loud.

? You guys are so handsome and your face are very clean, how do you guys take care of it?

Heechul: Nothing, if you always have smile. It makes your skin is good

Leeteuk: The reason may be we got a lot of love from fanclub and we always take care of myself. Your skin (refer to interviewer) is good too, may be you’ve got a lot of love too, right?.

? Haha, Thank you. I’ve heard that 4th April is Eunhyuk’s birthday, right? What the gift that you want?

Eunhyuk: Will you buy some for me?

? Hahaha, what do you want?

Eunhyuk: I just want love from fanclub, sir.

Siwon: And he (refer to Eunhyuk) wants Grace*’s heart too.

? If you will make a wish, what do you want?

Eunhyuk: Have the concert in Thailand again.

All: Oh~, Wah~

? Do you have anything to tell to fanclub?

Leeteuk: Thanks fanclub very much for have been following us for a long time and we’ll come back with new album. Thank for all screaming to us

Heechul: ??????????* (Hello)

? Could you guys say ‘Kan Pak***, ****’ and acting as ‘itch your mouth’

All: Kan Pakkkkk (and acting as ‘itch their mouth’)

* Grace is nickname of interviewer.
**?????????? or Hello can mean both Hello and Good bye.
*** Kan Pak or ?????? is Thai phrase which mean “Need to say“
**** Kan Pak also mean name of This schedule.

video credits:MsMike407@yt
Thai to English translated by sonethloveshizz at

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