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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Choi Si Won - Oh My Lady pictures and videos part 6

Dont forget, this drama will be aired on March 22,2010 (SBS)

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updated March 15,2010

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FanAccount : Choi Siwon at ‘Oh!My Lady’ Filming March 12, 2010

filming on the 12th March – Greetings to fans in China

On the night of 12th March, after filming a scene in the drinks’ store endorsed by Sung Min Woo, Siwon went to a swimming pool in a 5 stars hotel to film a scene of him swimming.
This scene is going to appear in the 5th episode of .

According to the shooting crew, for this scene, Siwon had been abstaining from foods. He asked the crew to finish this scene as soon as possible so that he could eat something. (XDDD, He’s so cute).
The crew members also praised that Siwon’s acting skills are really good. ^^

Siwon stayed in the pool for 2 hours. These 2 hours includes filming different angles of him swimming underwater. It is believed that the audiences in front of the TV that day would either drool or have a nose bleed.
(Someone* almost had a nose bleed. HAHA!)

After everything ended around midnight, Siwon greeted every single crew member politely and said, “You’ve worked hard.” Suddenly, he used Chinese and said, “Say hello to my fans in China.”
That person* he spoke to, froze on the spot immediately.

Photos at the drinks’ store will be uploaded later, look forward to them ^^

* I think the someone/that person is the author of the actual article.

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See more pic - young Choi Siwon click here
Leeteuk Cyworld Update March 13,2010

..My dongsaeng Siwonie..^^..

..With this special childhood picture of Siwonie..ㅋㅋㅋ

..everyone can envy with his childhood handsome appearance…

..and he has a global face..I mean he has the superior gene…

..however he got that recent body because he has exercised for 5 years…heuk..

..he’s such a hard-working boy..^^

..even being like that (hard-working) he still doesnt loose his energy/spirit…his personality is good..

..since he’s just started with drama again after such a long time..I hope everything will go well..

..Oh My lady!!! Everybody please give it a lot of love..

..My dongsaeng Siwon-ah!!!! Let’s just fighting!!!!^^ I love you…♥

Source : 박정수 미니홈피
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Super Star Special -Siwon at High Cut Interview

At 23 years old, still being able to gather the novel feeling of an idol and the perfect sincerity of an actor in a body is not an easy task.
Attractive chin line, fresh and cool smile, he’s one charismatic cool man.
With a strong desire to succeed and burning passion, he’s one charismatic handsome and hot man.

Following on would be the ‘So Cool’ interview of Choi Siwon, main actor of TV drama , a show which is about to air in the spring season.
Choi Siwon, well liked because of his coolness, well loved because of his passion.
Cool man, Choi Siwon, does everything earnestly, but wouldn’t pester for result.

is the latest work, 3 years after 2007 . In , a TV drama airing on every Monday and Tuesday on SBS, Choi Siwon is acting as a ‘prickly top idol’, Sung Min Woo, and Chae Rim acting as a ‘middle-aged manager’, in the end, hitting off perfectly. All these years, Siwon is active in the music industry as a member of Super Junior, but is unable to hold back his passion for acting. Through more understanding, Choi Siwon is already an actor before joining Super Junior.
Previously, works like <18>, and wasn’t eye-catching enough thus not catching the attention of the audiences. So he just said that he did not have any prior acting experiences.

“Not many know about my works from before, but this is something good as I will be able to present to everyone a better image.”

In truth, Siwon is a very rare, humble artiste. Those who understand him would together praise him for his gentleman poise.

Reporter: Being known as a man of honour, you are acting as a ‘critical and arrogant’ top idol who is in love with the ‘middle-aged manager’. And, at the same time, you are the main actor, so are you feeling the pressure?

“This character is rather different from myself, so it makes me want to challenge. Upright characters are good, but I hate doing the same thing again and again. To say the truth, I don’t feel the burden. If I didn’t do a good job, the most I get is scolding. People tend to forget after a while anyway.”
[Superman Wang: What a unique thinking ==?!]

Reporter: So you are pretty confident!
Choi Siwon waves his hand and denied immediately.

“If I am to be entangled with the determination to do well, it would become really tough for me due to the pressure. Because of this, I just want to do everything earnestly and not to pester for results.”

Choi Siwon tries his best to do away his strong desire to succeed, but prepare himself more than anyone.
At the end of January, only 3 weeks after the confirmation of his character, he already buffed up his body for the script. In the first page of the script, he panicked upon the description, ‘chocolate abdominal muscles’. Still 78kg at the start of the year, his weight drops to 70kg only after a week. The clear and artistic 6 abdominal muscles now is the result of Siwon’s strict demands.

“Secret? Not eating and keep running.”

3 hours of aerobic exercises, even water is not allowed. This cruel way of dieting allowed his body to buff up and satisfied the expectation.

“Because this is work, so it is better to be cruel. To be honest, I don’t like to exercise. But being an artiste, it means being a public image, so I have no choice either. There are so many people anticipating after all.”

To Siwon, who is currently challenging himself, the support from family-like Super Junior members is the biggest power. Kim Heechul, whom recently acted in said, “Haven’t act in a long time, the feeling is disappearing, find the feeling back immediately!” He improvised and said that in a variety show with feelings. Members of ‘Teuk Academy’ (A group formed by Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong, segment on Strong Heart) have been helping Siwon to promote the show automatically.
Siwon is touched by the friendship between the members, but at the same time, he said something.

“Haven’t I been the same towards them, we have always been united.”
And, he started laughing

Reporter: Being the main actor for the first time and acting alongside with Chae Rim, I am curious about how both of you get along together.

“Everyone knows that sister Chae Rim is a senior whom everyone can trust. She took care of me with utmost care at the set. When I am worried whether she would be too tired, she already walked forward and enquires about my well-being. Before filming, we do not know each other; I can only be counted as one of her fans.”

Probably because Siwon is an idol who is very courteous, all the seniors took care of him. A few years back, Siwon with An Sheng Ji, Andy Lau and other seniors acted in a movie . Acting alongside with An Sheng Ji, reputed to be a national performer, to Siwon, is enlightenment to his life.

“Senior An is the real idol here. Before starting to film for the TV drama, I told senior An that I will be acting, he immediately encouraged me, ‘Good Good, do it well, try your best and there would be good result.”

Hot and handsome man, Choi Siwon: I am willing to pay with my life for love.
“Good boy” Choi Siwon shone brightly in a variety show last year. He challenged the original record and had 60 clothes pegs put on his face. He had shown the strong desire to win and perseverance of a valiant man.

“Anyone can be like that, but I really hate the moment of failure. Guests challenging the record should not be better than the previous record. But even because of this, I would not slacken. We should try our best in everything we do, only like that; we won’t regret it in the future.”

For someone who gives his best in everything he does, what is his point of view on love?

“I am someone who would give everything for love. When I was discussing with the manager of my agency, I even asked if there would be any problem if I get married. My manager was shocked but said, “No… no but you really want to get married, isn’t it?” In the end, I answered, “yes but not now.” (Smiles)

The kind of love Siwon looking for is love that he can give everything for.

“Be it going to heaven or hell, we can only live our life once. So I really want to live my life blissfully. I really want to give everything just like how God give his all. Isn’t it in the bible that said that love can take away many sins?”

Another target of Siwon is to use his love and be a good son, a good son-in-law, a good husband, a good parent, a good father. As for marriage, it will wait till everything is ready. Just like a scene in the drama, when asked about his dream girl, he gave a meaningful smile.

“What kind of girls does Sung Min Woo like? How about answering this question like that. Being pretty would be good, but as time passes day by day, I would like the girl more if she can empathize and communicate with me. In reality, I would also give the same answer. I still like someone who can communicate with me. Communication isn’t just restricted to the use of language but also psychologically. My career decided that my life would be irregular and definitely have the need to stay up late, something to take note of. At the same time, the risk of getting *attacked. So, to be the other half of my life, she must be very understanding. A girl with great tolerance, gentle on the outside but strong on the inside, it would be even better.”
*I think he meant getting attacks from the netizens or the paparazzi or the media.

In reality, would you fall in love with someone like Chae Rim’s character in , a middle-aged manager with children? Would the man who can give his life for love be the same in reality?

“I don’t know if you would believe me. I am just like a kid in the movie,

This flawless answer is just like bell ringing by your ears, causes an inexplicable agitation.
At the end of the interview, I asked the manager sitting by Siwon’s side, the actual character of Siwon and the character of Siwon’s role in , are they alike? The manager had a really long pause as if the question was really difficult. He is hesitating. If he answered that they are of the same character, it means Siwon would just acting as himself [Superman Wang: It means there isn’t much acting involved]; if he answered that they are of a totally different character, it would mean that Siwon’s acting is wonderful.
[Superman Wang: It means that the manager isn’t very sincere about the answer]

The manager hesitated for a long time, but under the continuous pressure of other people. He finally said a sentence. “Seeing Sung Min Woo in the drama, I have a feeling to give him a good bashing”
[Superman Wang: Deserved to be a good manager, he cleverly answered the question indirectly]

With the flowers blooming in March, meeting with the future superstar, Choi Siwon is definitely a good experience and memory.

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updated March 14,2010

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