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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Choi Si Won - Oh My Lady pictures and videos part 4

update March 9,2010
Prepare yourself, this drama is so near..

Credit: SBS's Official Website | shared by superlover♫
Video Credit:6minniemink @ youtube

Oh My Lady is a drama I've been anticipating ever since I read about its story-line and heard who will be playing the lead characters. I have very high hopes in this production as a romantic comedy somewhat reminiscent of My Lovely Samsoon, in that it follows the older woman with a younger man trend.
In the leading roles are actress Chae Rim and Super Junior's Siwon. According to Dramabeans,

"Chae Rim plays an ordinary housewife who becomes the manager of a top star in this romantic comedy series. Her character is a spunky 35-year-old ajumma who takes the job to earn money so she can take back her young child, who is in the care of her husband. Choi’s character is a prickly actor who finds himself in an absurd living situation with Chae Rim, but then falls for her."

Based on the preview, I'm sure there will be a lot of hilarious antics from Siwon's character who seems like an over-the-top celebrity that will be "brought down to earth" by a woman with more common sense. It definitely looks like a fun drama with a light mood and hopefully Chae Rim and Siwon have good chemistry.

The first episode airs on SBS, taking over the 9pm Monday-Tuesday time slot previously held by Wish Upon a Star.
Source: Dramabeans

update March 8, 2010

Choi Siwon is visiting Japan for the shooting of the drama

Siwon lost 17 lbs for this drama.Yet, he still looks gorgeous as usual. ^^

Super Junior’s Siwon lost 17 lbs for his drama

The idol turned actor Super Junior’s Choi Siwon reportedly lost around 17 pounds for his new drama Oh! My Lady on SBS.

He plays the main guy character, Sung Min Woo. The character is a cold and cocky top star, which doesn’t really fit Siwon’s gentleman personality.

Sung Min Woo is also a hottie with a body in the drama so Siwon had to work out an excessive amount to fit in the character’s shoes. The ridiculous thing is that Siwon is known for already having an amazing body with a six pack. In just three weeks, he lost 17 pounds. He not only became slimmer but also gained more of a toned body.

This is the first time Siwon gets to play the main role so I’m sure he’s putting a lot of effort into it. It’s been three years since he’s acted in a project but he is returning with an anticipated role. The pressure is on but just from this, we can tell that he will do well.


credit : tomozuki @youtube

Chae Rim and Choi Si Won on SBS Good Morning, March 2, were found shooting their drama posters.

They are 'noona-dongsaeng' partner, their are 8-years different at original age, but Chae Rim said she did not know that her age difference with Siwon is 8 years. Chae Rim with his witty comments, said : 'Age of Choi Si Won is 35-years old, actually as Siwon's mental age', and made Choi Si Won just laughed.

During the filming , it's like they are already familiar with each other, often-whispered each other, and looks like a great couple.

source: newsen

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