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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Choi Si Won - Oh My Lady episode 4

Dear visitors, really sorry me, i'm late to post this episode here.

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Episode 4 Rating:
TNS Nationwide: 8.6%;률
AGB Nationwide: 9.1%

Recap by o-cha from soompi
The episode starts with Gae Hwa spitting her drink over Min Woo's face. The innocent Gae Hwa misunderstands and tells Min Woo that how can she do that since their relationship isn't like that. Min Woo explains that of course isn't like that and that he wants to have a contract with Gae Hwa. Upon the mention of contract Gae Hwa looks confused. Then it dawns on Min Woo that Gae Hwa was thinking of his proposal as having a romantic meaning.
He gasps and Gaw Hwa is flustered. Then the doorbell rings. Min Woo looks at the monitor and sees Yoo Ra. Min Woo quickly tells Gae Hwa to hide. Gae Hwa hides in Min Woo's room.

Min Woo opens the door and he and Yoo Ra hug. Yoo Ra and Min Woo start talking. Yoo Ra explains that her aunt works for a certain fashion brand and that they want Min Woo to model for them. Min Woo quickly agrees. It is clear from the conversation that Min Woo has a soft spot for Yoo Ra and he hasn't gotten over his crush for her. Meanwhile Gae Hwa feels the need to go to the bathroom outside. Min Woo tries to tell her to go back to the room but Gae Hwa can't hold it any longer and she makes a dash for the bathroom. Min Woo successfully distracts Yoo Ra so that Gae Hwa can go to the bathroom. But Gae Hwa forgets and she flushes the toilet! Yoo Ra asks if there's someone in the house but Min Woo says that it's the sound from the unit upstairs. Yoo Ra continues her flirting with Min Woo by saying how Min Woo's always been so nice and innocent and she even said that had she not gone to USA maybe their relationship now would have been different. Min Woo smiles but then Ye Eun starts crying! Min Woo quickly hustles Yoo Ra to get out of the house. He practically pulls her out of his house to the elevator. But Yoo Ra forgets her cellphone and she comes back to the apartment to see Gae Hwa standing there.
Gae Hwa explains that she is from the office. Yoo Ra and Min Woo walks to the elevator. Yoo Ra tells Min Woo to be careful in the future to avoid any scandals. Min Woo says that's nonsense. Yoo Ra says that if people know he's in his house alone with a woman people might misunderstand. Min Woo starts to object by saying he's not alone with Gae Hwa when he suddenly stops (no doubt thinking about Ye Eun) and just says that he'll be careful.

Min Woo and Gae Hwa continue their contract conversation. Gae Hwa starts negotiating the price. They agree on a price $1000/month. Min Woo then tells Gae Hwa to pack Ye Eun's belongings and take Ye Eun with her. Gae Hwa explains that she doesn't have a house and is currently staying at a gosiwon (youth hostel?). Min Woo demands that Gae Hwa takes care of her 24/7. Gae Hwa then says reluctantly that she'll move in. Gae Hwa says that thought she'll fell uncomfortable but what can she do. Min Woo says that it is he who will feel uncomfortable if she moves in laugh.gif. Gae Hwa's answer is hilarious as she says why would a man be uncomfortable? It is she who should be uncomfortable. Gae Hwa is about to leave but Min Woo finally gives in (after remembering how tough it was trying to stop Ye Eun's cry).

The next morning shows Gae Hwa cooking breakfast. I think we can assume that she has moved in to his house by now. Later on Gae Hwa drops Ye Eun off at a kindergarten. Ye Eun is sooooo cute.

Gae Hwa’s friend Bok Nim goes along with Gae Hwa. Gae Hwa thanks Bok Nim for helping out. Bok Nim wants to know the relationship between Gae Hwa and Ye Eun. Gae Hwa tells Bok Nim that Ye Eun is Min Woo’s daughter. Bok Nim slams on the brakes shocked. Gae Hwa tells Bok Nim not to tell anyone.

At Gae Hwa’s office Gae Hwa officially gets a business card. Her title ‘Project Support Team Lead’.
The other guy in the office (sorry don’t remember his name) just says that there everyone is a team lead. Lol. In reality though they treat her more like an intern than a team lead.

Min Woo goes over to the smoothie place and hands his friend an envelope full of money. He tells his friend to find Yeon Hee no matter what.
Gae Hwa gets a call from the kindergarten. Ye Eun won’t stop crying. Gae Hwa comforts Ye Eun in a motherly way.

Gae Hwa goes to meet Bok Nim to consult about Ye Eun’s condition. Bok Nim once again says that Ye Eun’s condition is 100% psychological. Bok Nim also says that no matter how well Gae Hwa treats Ye Eun, she isn’t her parent. Ye Eun’s parent needs to be the one to treat her well. Bok Nim also suggested a DNA testing to prove whether or not Min Woo is Ye Eun’s father. Bok Nim says that if it’s confirmed then Min Woo will have to acknowledge Ye Eun as his daughter and accept her.

Min Woo at a restaurant with Yoo Ra for lunch. Yoo Ra asks Min Woo what his next project will be. Min Woo answers that he’s doing a musical which impressed Yoo Ra. Min Woo gets a text message from Gae Hwa reminding him that the first rehearsal for the musical is at 2PM. Then Min Woo’s manager calls him. The manager and assistant are standing in front of Min Woo’s apartment door. The manager asks why Min Woo change his key lock number. The manager reminds him of an interview ut Min Woo says he’ll be busy with the musical. Right after his manager, Gae Hwa calls him. Min Woo just tells her that he knows the schedule. He then turns off his phone. Min Woo’s manager asks the assistant to get more information on The Show company.

Gae Hwa goes back to Min Woo’s apartment. She goes to the bathroom and takes Min Woo’s and Ye Eun’s toothbrushes for the DNA testing.
Bok Min’s words keep repeating in her head that if they don’t do something and Ye Eun is left without any help then Gae Hwa will be responsible.

Back at the Show company office. All the main actors and the director are gathered together waiting for Min Woo to show up. Min Woo’s manager is also there. Min Woo can’t be reached. The other actors are getting irritated. Min Woo’s manager isn’t doing anything to make it better. He instead says that Min Woo can’t do practice schedule as the others and overall seems very disinterested. Min Woo finally comes in. He doesn’t say anything. Shi Joon rebukes him for not even apologizing for coming late. Min Woo gives a half-hearted apology. Shi Joon has had it with Min Woo’s attitude. He tells Min Woo that he doesn’t need Min Woo. Min Woo challenges that Shi Joon needs a star like him. Shi Joon answers that though he needs a star he needs someone with a conscience. Their argument continues. Shi Joon tells Min Woo to leave. Min Woo leaves. Everyone else leaves as well. Team lead Oh tells Gae Hwa to go find Min Woo and catch him back if she wants to keep her job.

Gae Hwa knows that Min Woo goes to the gym when he’s angry. She makes her way to the gym. At the gym/health club, Min Woo’s manager tells him to stop acting so embarrassing. Min Woo says that he is Sung Min Woo. The manager degrades Min Woo by telling him that with his bad acting how can he be on stage (musical). Min Woo says that he’ll work hard and that he will get those skills. The manager says in a condescending tone and scoffs the notion that Min Woo will learn any skills. Meanwhile Gae Hwa has been listening to the conversation and feels bad for Min Woo.
Gae Hwa waits for Min Woo to come out to the parking garage/lot. She takes Min Woo’s car key from him and tells Min Woo to just relax since she’ll drive him and take care of him. She takes Min Woo to a supermarket. She puts him in disguise and they start shopping for food.
Min Woo is afraid of being recognized and he keeps telling Gae Hwa to leave. Gae Hwa says that the disguise is perfect. While buying meat, Gae Hwa sees the supermarket saleslady selling crabs. Some women gather around to buy the crabs. Gae Hwa in all her nosy ahjumma glory tells one of the women that the crab doesn’t taste good and doesn’t have enough meat. The saleslady takes offense to Gae Hwa telling her customers not to buy the crab. They got into a bit of a tussle and Min Woo drops his disguise. Everyone recognizes him as Sung Min Woo. Soon everyone starts running after Min Woo and Gae Hwa.
Shi Joon, his wife, and team lead Oh look at the auditions of some of the dancers for the musical. Shi Joon’s mind isn’t in it and he excuses himself. While getting coffee, Shi Joon’s wife’s boyfriend introduces himself to Shi Joon before excusing himself. Shi Joon’s wife asks if Shi Joon is out of his mind for telling Min Woo to leave earlier. She says that everyone knows that she is Shi Joon’s wife so she feels responsibility. Shi Joon mentions the word divorce for the first time.
]He says that if they get divorced, it’ll solely be his responsible so she needs not worried. His wife is puzzled.

Back at Min Woo’s house, Gae Hwa and Min Woo share lunch together. The maternal Gae Hwa wraps a lettuce wrapped meat for Min Woo.
Min Woo asks how can a person put it all in their mouth. Gae Hwa shows how it’s done..cuteeee… When Gae Hwa is washing the dishes, Min Woo asks if she’s seen his tootbrush. Gae Hwa lies and says that she’s not sure and maybe it got thrown away. Afterwards Gae Hwa tries to build Min Woo’s confidence by praising him. She tells him how among all the other actors Min Woo is the sexiest and how he has a sexy actor aura, etc. All of this to try to persuade Min Woo to go back to doing the musical. She tells him that even if he fails it’s fine as long as he tries. Gae Hwa accidentally lets slip that she thinks his manager is not treating him right and that the manager is a bad person. Min Woo gets angry and reminds her of her place and how he takes pity on her and that’s the reason he hires her. Min Woo walks away. Then at this moment Gae Hwa receives a call from her ex husband. She has yet another frustrating conversation with him. Min Woo hears the conversation and feels bad for Gae Hwa.

Min Woo meets up with Shi Joon at a café. Shi Joon apologizes for his behavior earlier. Shi Joon tells Min Woo that Min Woo is right that they need a star not an actor. However Shi Joon tells Min Woo that this musical work is his life’s work that’s why he values it greatly. Shi Joon leaves first telling Min Woo he’ll take care of the bill. Min Woo grumbles that he should’ve been the one who left first.
Shi Joon goes back to the company. Gae Hwa is there too. Shi Joon tells Gae Hwa to go home first. Gae Hwa tells Shi Joon not to worry about Min Woo because Min Woo will eventually come back. Gae Hwa tells Shi Joon to not worry and ‘fighting’.

Gae Hwa picks Ye Eun up from kindergarten and on her way home she gets a message from the DNA testing service telling her that they’re sending a courier service to deliver the result. Gae Hwa rushes to Min Woo’s apartment. At the same time Min Woo is at the elevator about to go out to meet Yoo Ra. The courier service guy is about to drop off the result to the security guy when Min Woo overhears that he’s dropping a document for 702. Gae Hwa runs in to get the letter but she sees Min Woo’s angry look. Min Woo has the result of the test crumbled in his hand.
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