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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Choi Si Won - (added) fanaccount Sushow II Malaysia,march 20,2010

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During the opening A Man In Love, Siwon was a little more special, he came up from the middle of the stage on a rising platform, he was very close, was “killed” instantly (by him). He really lost weight, that outline of his face~ And that sexy chest~~~~

During She Wants It, Siwon went up a staircase on the right side of the stage (really have no idea what that thing is called), then used his hands and made a listening in gesture, when he came back down to the main stage, they were standing in a row, he also teased with Kyuhyun face to face a little, and then jiggled a little with Sungmin.

After that during introduction, Donghae reached out and pulled Siwon’s pants when Siwon was pulling up his top with his back facing the audience, therefore the yellow undies with green edges was exposed in front of everybody. Those screamings, they were definitely deafening. The during the other members’ introductions, his vest had already been taken off, there was only a black, deep “V” tight vest left, that chest~~

After that can’t remember which song, might have been dancing out, Siwon took a Korean flag from the hands of a fan, and then just draped it over himself. At the last waist-bending move, the undies was once again exposed, aiming at the fans in pitt A…..

During Don’t Don I was really too far away, could only look at them from the screen.

During Twins, there was a small kicking movement, seems like a Taekwondo move, Heechul stood beside Siwon and watched him kick, that move was very handsome~

During Our Love, I very unkindly took out Siwon’s reflective banner, if anybody had seen a small banner with Hangul on it next to the Siwon Bar banner, that would be mine. On it was written: “Siwon, Please Marry Me”. Don’t bash me, purely just want to attract attention~~~~~ Kyuhyun looked at me, and giggled at the banner, Shindong looked at me too, but don’t know if it was my SLR cannon that attracted them, or this shamless banner…After a while, Siwon came out too, still in that white striped top, same as the one in Shanghai, looked very handsome! He sat at one side fiddling with his earpiece, looking at Kyuhyun. The exciting thing is, after a while Siwon looked in my direction, his eyes went really wide~~ This photo’s now still being treated like a gem by me~~looking at the big screen, Siwon saw Shindong and Eunhyuk fooling around, and burst out laughing uncontrollably, haha
During the fairytale segment Siwon was so cute~~ Pouting, so cute ah~~~

During his solo he came from a rising platform, the background was one of a church, he walked straight towards the middle of the stage, leaving me with his back view….When the light opposite him shined on him, looking from pitt A he looked as though he was glowing!

During Blue Tomorrow, Siwon was just there quietly sitting, occasionally closing his eyes and raising his head, don’t know what he was thinking. Of course, due to the SLR camera plus that thick-skinned banner, Siwon looked this way many times, but his expression was still one of calmness.

Sorry Sorry, in white suit, other than saying that he had a nice figure, he indeed has a nice figure; seems that Heechul wasn’t able to come out in time for the middle verse, it was Donghae who helped sing it

For the rest of the times he was at the other end of the stage, I really couldn’t see, so I only have these hazy memories…everybody please put up with these…

Credit: Siwon Baidu Bar
Translated by aquamariine28
Take out with FULL credits

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