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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Choi Si Won - today is Taipei Sushow 2, Promotional video for Phillipine Sushow 2

TODAY -Feb 20, 2010 is the anticipated day for Taiwanese Elfs. At 7:30 this evening Super Junior will packed the Taipei Arena with their songs and performances. Super Show 2.
Unfortunately still no sign of HanGeng, KiBum and KangIn so far. Enjoy the show Taiwan!! Give them a blast!

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Super Junior’s Back! 1500 fans wildy chase at them

Braving the cold front, well over a thousand fans jam-packed Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport to welcome the Korean wave’s hugely popular group Super Junior. The fans were chaotically pushed their way into the airport’s Terminals 1 and 2, and because they wanted to get close to their idols, they ran and jumped up to Super Junior without feeling “Sorry, Sorry” about it.

Since they are holding concerts tomorrow and the day after that, Super Junior arrived yesterday afternoon on different flights, with both flights arriving an hour airport to Taoyuan International Airport. Organizers requested the assistance of 50 additional personnel to help protect the superstar group, but approximately 1,500 fans squeezed into Terminal 2’s arrival hall area awaiting them.

Once Super Junior arrived to the airport, the thousand-plus fans fiercely pushed their way past the barricades before they were completely set up, pressing hard against the glass to take pictures, and doing everything they could to climb up to higher ground. The scene was nearly out of control, as fans were accused by the organizers afterwards for tearing down the protective corridor.

The members of the group are busy today with their busy itinerary in arriving before their concert. Yesterday, the members of the two arriving groups left the airport for the posh Sherwood Taipei hotel, then for dress rehearsal that night. This is also Super Junior’s last stop in their Asian tour.

Note: This posted was directly translated from a news article sourced from UDN, a highly reputable Chinese language news source for Taiwanese related news. Therefore, the sentence “This is also Super Junior’s last stop in their Asian tour” was translated directly from that news source. The original author from UDN may have referred to East Asia, which would correctly refer to Taiwan and which also does not include the remaining countries in their tour. If there are any mistakes to the facts of this article, please level your blame to the source article, as this post is a translation of the original piece written in Chinese.

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Finally! PULP LIVE Productions (together with MYX, most popular music channel in the Philippines), who will bring the most popular KPOP group Super Junior to Philippines just released the official promotional video for Super Junior Super Show 2 that will take place in April 10 this year.

Meanwhile on February 21, tickets for SuShow2 Philippines will be officially release. Reservation of tickets are set too. Filipino ELfs are excited to witness the most anticipated show of the year.

And below is the final stage layout of the show to be held in Philippines' Big Dome Araneta Coliseum.

This is according to Happee Sy, one of Pulp Live Productions' organizers.

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Fans snap up Super Junior albums in anticipation of concert

K-pop boy band Super Junior proved their growing popularity in the Philippines with their “Super Show 2” live album, which topped the country’s international album chart.

According to the record label that released Super Junior’s album in the country, “Super Show 2″ is No. 1 on the Astrovision and Astroplus international album chart for the period Feb. 8 to 14. The two retail chains have about 30 outlets in the country.

The “Super Show 2” album contains 39 tracks recorded live from Super Junior’s concert tours of the same title.

This is the third time that Super Junior’s album has topped album sales in the Philippines.

Many surmise that the brisk sales of Super Junior’s albums is somehow connected to the boy band’s upcoming concert in the Philippines slated on April 10 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry” album debuted at No. 1 on the Music One album chart three days after it was released last September, becoming the first K-pop artist to top the local music charts.

In addition, Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry-Answer” has topped the MYX music charts.

The single is No. 1 on the MYX Hit Chart covering the period Feb. 14-20, edging out releases by Adam Lambert, Tokio Hotel and Kris Allen.

It also topped the MYX International Top 20 for the period Feb. 13-19.

The “Sorry, Sorry” album was the No. 1 bestselling K-pop album in the Philippines last year.

It was included in Music One’s top 25 bestselling albums of the year based on sales from three outlets from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2009. It was the only K-pop album to enter the top 25 list.

As an offshoot, “Super Girl,” the album of the boy band’s subgroup, Super Junior-M, also topped the sales chart of both Music One and Odyssey Records when it was released last Novemeber.

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