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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Choi Si Won - SuShow 2 Beijing: Live Fan Account from Siwon’s Baidu Bar

Note: If there are no names mentioned,they relate to Siwon.

Concert started. ――――�1935

It's You.Siwon hi-5ed with other members.――――――1948

Self introductions.He *"twisted" a bit and revealed his body. ―――1954

His mood is very good,kept *"twisting". ――――-2000

He saw the lightboards and waved. ―――-2004

His wireless mike dropped while dancing.
He picked it up and played a fool with the staff.
Kyu's solo now. ―――-2027

Shindong's hairstyle went haywired and Siwon covered his mouth and laughed. ** ――――2051

He wore sleeveless and his figure is excellent.
Was dancing and kept laughing at Shindong's hairstyle ―――�2056

He imitated animal sounds.
He even hit Kyuhyun's stomach when Kyuhyun was doing sit ups. ―――――2103

Siwon's solo ended.He kept saying he loves us during the solo.
Saw our lightboards and looked at it for a long time during "Blue tomorrow".And kept waving at our direction. ―――――2122

Probably cried.He sat facing the side that had 5 lightboards from our Bar.
I'm looking at his back view but saw him touched his eyes. ―-2132

Siwon cried,we cried too. ――――�2131

The banners we prepared were all brought to use. ――――�21;48

He ran around the stage.Piggy backed Heechul after hugging Sungmin. ―-2204

Siwon totally went "berserk" and slowly came in front of us. �2204

Concert ended.
Became Leeteuk and Heechul translator at the end.
And said "See you all at Shanghai."

He was stripped in the middle of the concert and he went to stripped Leeteuk.

Adding on:
During "Blue tomorrow",Siwon saw our banner with the Korean word "Siwon,fighting!" and raise thumbs-up,waved,our girls waved and he waved back again.
He spoke a lot tonight. "We will be together forever." "The angels in Beijing are so beautiful." "Beijing,my love" (Because our girls are too excited,sorry if we heard these wrongly.

CR: Siwon Baidu Bar 百度崔始源吧

* Just meant that he was wriggling/twisting his body.
** 神通发型静电了,他唔着嘴笑 .Not sure about this.But it is refering to Shindong.

Translated by ahzhen@sj-world.
Take out with full credits and do not at your own.

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