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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Choi Si Won - Super Show 2 in Manila Basic Info

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Super Show 2 in Manila Basic Info.:

April 10, 2010 (Saturday) at  Araneta Coliseum

· Time: Gates will open at 5PM; concert will start at 7PM and will last for a duration of 3 hours

· Organizer: Pulp Live Productions (Apple Sy and Happee Sy)

· Reservations are on-going. PM Happee Sy (here) to reserve your tickets while they last. Tickets will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.

PM her the following details:

1. Full Name

2. Contact Number/email

3. Quantity of Tickets

4. Seat Preferences

- General Admission (nearest to the stage, ground - standing only) - closer to suju

- Super VIP (Best seats in the house with extra privileges + freebies ;) - ito ung 8k

- VIP (second to the best seats + freebies)

- Upper Box

- Bleachers*


· Hankyung, Kibum and Kangin will not be coming. (Only 10 members + Henry and Zhoumi)


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Which do I choose? Super VIP or Gen. Ad it's now called Dance Area?

A: It depends on you actually. Check out the pros and cons of the two as shown in the table below.

Super VIP


Dance Area

Freebies and privileges (which are as of now not revealed public yet)


Area is nearest the stage

Best seats in the house


Very crowded and standing only.

Reserved seating (your tickets are numbered)


You have to line-up very early to get the best areas.

Seats are of the same/equal height with the stage.


The stage is on the same level with your shoulders.

Less (or none) skinship (although in my experience, the members still go to the seated area to reach for the fans’ hands)



Very expensive (around 8500+K)


Less expensive Same price na

Actually, all seats are AWESOME. You could see the stage clearly everywhere. So there, good luck in your choice. And pray to Shisus for guidance ^.^

Q: Do we pay when we reserve the tickets?

A: No, reservation is free at the moment.

Q: Until when can we pay for our reserved seats?

A: If the organizers contacted you already about the tickets and you still don’t have the money, there’s a big chance that they’ll give it away to other fans that are ready to pay.


Other things you might want to know about the Super Show 2 in Manila:


· Last Jan. 7, 2010, people from Korea (Technicians, Organizers, Partners, etc) visited the Philippines to check the following: Hotel (EDSA Shangri-La), venue of the concert (Araneta Colisuem) etc. They left last Jan. 8, 2010.

· Originally, Hankyung and Kangin were included in the list of members that will be coming here. (The organizer even said that the problem with Hankyung is not that big.) About Kibum, he really wouldn’t be coming just like in other Super Show stops. (OT:There were rumors before about Kibum and his manager visiting the Philippines last 2008 for a vacation). This early January, Geng was taken off the list due to his legal case against SM. About Kangin, I have no details.



A copy of SM’s email is as follows:


We will be playing a video message from the member for the fans, because he will not be attending the concert due to filming.


List of members that will be coming:


Heechul Kim




Sungmin Lee


Donghae Lee

Siwon Choi

Ryeowook Kim

Kyuhyun Cho


Our chinese member, Hangeng, will not be attending the concert due to the lawsuit claim.


· Super Junior will also come here on March to release a press conference with the media. They will also have an autograph signing here. Press Pass will be sold. There will be a Q&A portion from the fans.

· Members will have a promotional video that will be shown in local TVs (ABS-CBN). Hankyung won’t be in the promotional video.

· Glowsticks will be provided by the organizers (for free).

· Members will be staying at EDSA Shangri-La for 2-3 nights.

· The members will use a Mercedes Benz van and a limousine during their stay.

· Lining-up for the concert starts in the morning. Concert Merchandise will be sold during lunch time.

· The members will have their dinner after the concert on the hotel.

· Official media partners are ABS-CBN, Manila Bulletin (?) (I assume since it is where the news was posted)

· The food list of the members are as follows (they should have these in their rooms): Kyamuy, Red Ginseng, Green Tea, Pocky, Milk, etc. For Kyuhyun: pizza, pasta. For Sungmin and Leeteuk: Lollipop.

· Super Junior will arrive here on April 8 evening or April 9 morning and will leave on April 11 (uncertain, depends on organizers’ decision). There are bits of information saying that the members wanted to tour the Philippines after the concert so they’re planning to stay here longer, and maybe go to Boracay.

· There will be a total of 10 translators for the pre-concert stuff and maybe during the concert too. Translators will have free tickets to the concert.

· Super Junior members are all excited to come here (said by the Korean organizers)

· The rehearsal will be private (only the staffs are allowed).

· The tickets for the concert are so AWESOME. The ticket looks like an ID with the members’ pictures and it also has a strap.

· Only Upper Box and Bleachers tickets will be sold at Ticketnet.

· Araneta is reserved for 7 hours.

· Cameras and Cellphones are not allowed since SM doesn’t want fancams to leak.





SVIP: P 8,500

- Dance Floor (Left) capacity: 320

- Dance Floor (Right) capacity: 320

** These both nearest to SuJu Stage

- Seated (Left) capacity: 300

- Seated (Right) capacity: 300

** These both nearest to SuJu Stage

- Center capacity : TBA

(behind control booth)

VIP: P 8,000 - Lower Box capacity: 756

UA : P 6,500 - Upper Box A capacity: 1,697

UB : P 3,950 - Upper Box B (free seating) capacity: 2,638

Bleachers / Gen Admission : P 900 ( free seating ) capacity: 2,500




Super Junior’s facebook discussion page

Apple’s facebook page

Super Show 2 in Manila facebook events page

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