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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Choi Si Won - Star King Ep. 113 (vid eng sub)

Sorry for just embed this videos today, because this blog started on July 2009.It's Star King episode 113
Starking 113, April 18, 2009 , with Super Junior, except Heechul dan Kibum. There are 8 videos on youtube with english subtitle, but unfortunately, video 1-3 are no longer available due to a copy right. Here are the summary :

Video 1. Leeteuk Dinosaur (Leeteuk is a Super Junior's leader).In this section, Leeteuk became a dinosaur and dance Sorry Sorry ^^

Video 2. Superjunior imitating battle : with Phillipina band . Super Junior team are : Siwon imitated Andre-Kim-a famous South Korean designer, Kyuhyun imitated Sung Shi Kyung- a famous South Korea singer, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Yesung imitated FFTS and most funny when Ryeowook imitated a girl singer's voice .

Video 3. Cute Baby : Sungmin and Shindong (Siwon's band mate) were battle to be most cute babies' pose like. There was a moment when Leeteuk play with a cute baby , made Leeteuk realize himself , that his age is considerate to be a real father.^^

Video 4. Lighting B-Boy - B-Boy is a famous South Korea dance group which often show their super dance on USA's stage. Very classy dance. Donghae dan Shindong (Siwon's bandmate) also show their break dance skill.

Video 5. 4 Miss Beauty : they are Sexy, cute, Macho and Glamour. I bet that you'll be jealous ^^ Especially for Siwon's fans and Kyuhyun's fans. And also, this segment is a nightmare for Siwon, Eunhyuk and Shindong because o wrestling girl (macho one)^^.

Video 6. Hot Dog Shooter : you can also see Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon dan Shindong.

Video 7. Bee’s Xylophone : a song by Maxim's Bumble Bee which is very hard to play.Leeteuk and Sungmin showed their skill played Xylophone. And also Super Junior bacame an impromptu orchestra group.

Video 8. Sit up battle between Eunhyuk vs 80 years granny! And you guys, dont miss this section because Siwon be challenged by a man whose girlfriend is a Siwon's fanatic fans. This man was so jealous. Aisshhh ... his challenge was really weird... and i think Siwon was a bit feel annoyed with this weird challenge. But, still, even this challenge was so weird, Siwon still not loose his handsome side ^^. Though before the battle began, Siwon with annoyed face ask Leeteuk to replace him ^^ but finally, Siwon could end the game well.
---- text are translate (with modification ) by siwonlover from friend's famous blog ^^






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