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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Choi Si Won - random pic ! again ^^

C'mon fans, gimme your feedback by commenting these pictures of our handsome Siwon Choi ^^ and choose what number of picture you most like ^^

1. I think it was SJM activities .. Siwon in red ^^ it's rare to found in real life i think ^^
but Siwon still look good as usual ^^

2. Heechul, Kyuhyun, Siwon,..more like, they r in take of Action Movie shooting.. imagine if they were not hold microphone ^^
anyway i love Kyuhyun's voice .. sounds heavenly great

3.Leeteuk and Siwon. once, they're filming spy movie ^^ ..(no no, they're filming EHB ^^)
aahh i just heard, Leeteuk chosen (again) as a best leader among idol groups in South Korea... Very suit with Leeteuk ^^ caring those 12 fellows... (including Siwon ^^)

4. Hangeng and Siwon.. a famous hand motion of Super Junior ^^.... i just realize... how shining Siwon's face is ^^... very powerful way to make fans faint^^

5. again Hangeng and Siwon .. This makes the 'sihan' term appears ^^
Hangeng : come here, do not stand far away from me ^^
Siwon : ok, hyung ^^ as u wish

6. Siwon, Sungmin, Eunhyuk... at red carpet of 19th Seoul Music Award, Feb 3, 2010
Siwon : hyung, look!.. They would have take picture of us.. (excited mode)
Sungmin : o really ?!.. (seems not to believe)
Eunhyuk : no matter what,... we just give them happy face like this (his face looks contrary to what his said)

7. Donghae, Siwon, Hangeng.... Yeah we are sworn brothers ^^
Donghae : i'm so glad i'm with you bro ^^
Siwon : yeah me too

8. Siwon style as it should (son of a CEO of big company)
the real of Goo Jun Pyo of BBF ^^

9. Siwon on 2007 ?... i think .. because his hairstyle ^^
because recently he has very manly hair styles

10. Siwon at 19th Seoul Music Award, Feb 3, 2010
now, he's a grown up man

11. Hangeng, Siwon, Heechul .. They looked very happy
Siwon loves his atheist friends and always pray for them

12. again! Hangeng and Siwon
Siwon : hyung, I want to taste your cake, Do not forget to give me more pieces, ok
Hangeng : ok, if i remeber, i'll give you some
Siwon : no hyung, you have to promise me, ok hyung (embracing Hangeng's hand)
Hangeng : hehehe....

13. Siwon with SJM at variety show in China . 2009
Lady in yellow : I want to bring back this man, pls give him to me
Lady in red " No, no, he must be mine
Hangeng : impossible maam, he is absolutely mine
Siwon : ouch, i'm in trouble now..

14. black and white photoshoot of Siwon..very cool angle

15. Siwon : I received many birthday presents (very pleased face )

16. cr : starsiwon (very cool drawing)
Siwon played a hilarious role with this costume in Star King ep.146 , click here

17. ??, Heechul, Siwon.. around 2005-2006
Siwon : hi all, pls waiting, I'll be a very cool guy ^^ (you've proved it now)

18. Hangeng, Heechul, Kibum, Siwon
Siwon : I've said, do not take picture of us !! (very angry face)
Hangeng : or we'll eat you up
Kibum : Hyung, we can not eat that, that's camera(very worried face)
Heechul : Kibum, let us save ourselves, or they forced us to take part eat it (scared face)

19. Siwon with Super Junior after Sorry Sorry performance
Shindong : someone says I look so fat
Siwon : who say that , hyung?
Eunhyuk : not fat, it's only matter of size (expressionless face)

20. Around April 2009, after Sorry Sorry performance
Man in girl uniform : I may lose good-looking, but I am stronger than you
Siwon : o really? ^^ give me time to carry you ^^

21. Siwon on Come To Play , TV variety show, around April 2009
what happened to your pants ^^

22. Siwon, Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi
SJM activities in China, 2009
Siwon is thinking..'aissh i realize now, ZhouMi is taller than me' while looking at ZhouMi carefully
ZhouMi : Hey you, why you see me like that? what r u thinking dude?
Siwon just smile ^^
Kyuhyun just keep in his mind quietly 'ahh .. i'm cutest among them, no matter what'

pic 2,
Siwon : fans, I will strive to remain the tallest among the members even in Super Junior M
Zhou Mi : hmm.. we'll see (smile )
Kyuhyun's thinking .. ahhh boring statement ...
^^ just joke

23. Siwon in pink shirt

24. Siwon in Beijing SuShow , Jan 23, 2010
ah they shout my name, makes me shy

25. Siwon showed his well built body shape
he has big arm ^^
Siwon : it's hot here, I'd better shower now
Fans : Oppaa, you must go to the bathroom first!
Siwon : I want to bath here, may i?....

26. Siwon in white , around 2006 or 2007 ?
Siwon : Dad asked me to attend the company event tonight , but I had to perform with brothers(Suju)... what should I do

27. Hi, I'm Siwon Choi ^^


29.really looks like a young business man

30. Siwon,Heechul, Hangeng, Ryeowook, Kibum 2006
can not be denied, Hangeng's body position prove he's very good at dancing.(ballet)

31. Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Shindong , 2006
multi talented boys

32. Donghae, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Siwon
They looked all very happy

33. Siwon and Ryeowook
As usual, Siwon looks gorgeous with cute dongsaeng(younger brother) Ryeowook

34.Siwon loves kids. see here more
Siwon is noted for his thoughtful consideration, modest attitude, and kindheartedness to children in the entertainment industry.
Siwon : Hello dear,
Girl : Siwon oppa, will u play with us? you play pretend as our father..
Siwon : o, i'd love to ^^

35. Siwon and Choi Minho of Shinee at 19th Seoul Music Award, Feb 3, 2010
Minho : ah Choi brother, i'm happy that we are 'Choi' man ^^
Siwon : Yeah you have it ^^
Minho : people say 'being a 'Choi' being a tall man ^^(scroll down after u click, to look related posting with this statement)

36. Siwon still so young here ^^

pictures source : as tagged
text :

C'mon fans, gimme your feedback by commenting these pictures of our handsome Siwon Choi ^^ and choose what number of picture you most like ^^

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  1. please tell me what programme or show is that the one where a guy in girl's uniform carrying siwon? 10q

  2. Hahhahaha the description in each pic is hillarious
    BTW i love picture no.2!!!
    he look so fierce n charismatic
    so sexy!!!! LOL

  3. it 's so hard to choose the best
    i thik 28, 26 23, 14

  4. i loooove them all ~~ !! wahahahahahahahaha ~~~

  5. 7 and eleven like mini market name 711... but your comments on each pic is the

  6. no17, that's kibum right?
    aah~ i love all of 'em :)

  7. all of them are very nice..^ ^...

  8. all of them are very nice!!!:)

  9. choi si won is an ordinary guy!! he's so calm than the other members of SuJu...^^

  10. my favorite pic is number 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!