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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Choi Si Won - Oh My Lady pictures part 2

^^ happy to post this second part ^^
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updated Feb 25, 2010

These are some lines from the drama found in Daum. CSW's Chinese fans in Baidu translated it in Chinese. I hope someone will translate it in English. smile.gif

Translation from CR's thread. Thanks dragonboat!

CR: You want me to be a top star manager? Is this for real? Have you ever heard of an ajumah become a top star manager before? Have you ever seen one? But …. well…, maybe I’ll be the first one to do so, who knows ……

Si Won: What? This ajumah! What you say now is different with what you said before. This ajumah’s words cannot be trusted.

CR: What? Hey! You! You said I’m not trustworthy? Asking me to become a top star’s manager. Whatever, in my family, I’m still a very, very busy person, why is this so?

Si Won: Well, just do whatever you wish to do. I’m not a person who have nothing to do. But, didn’t you just said that it could be done, that you being the first ajumah to start, then why are you changing your mind now?

CR: Well, okay. Just let it be. But you have to know that I am also the “star” of housewives too.

Si Won: What is the meaning of this? This ajumah, whatever you says now and before always contradict. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, let’s just get along with each other in the future, ajumah.

***[Well, this is the best that I can do, I hope it makes sense. There is a note stating that some of the conversations are not continuous.]

SJ公会独家翻译(exclusively provided by sjgonghui)
翻译:宝蓝十三妹 (translated by 宝蓝十三妹)
制图:魉呼(pic made by 魉呼)

The photo news mentioned a plot in OML about Min Woo(CSW) accidently showed his stomach muscles to fans because of Kae Hwa's(CR's) errors.( Kae Hwa ironed Min Woo's white shirt but ended up with scorch marks before fan meeting, so....... rolleyes.gif )

Partial of another Chinese translation news article I read today said during the script rehearsal, the director Park Young Soo said characteristics of our actors and actresses are all nice and kind. For the purpose of making an excellent drama, all crew members will stay in a good mood till the last scene. PD Lee said although this is his first time to work with CR, he is deeply touched by her caring to every staff member and Si Won is a upright and honest man who does his work like a down to earth person.....

p.s. According to the director, OML begins shooting with the scene where Kaw Hwa's looking for a job at a career center for women in mid Feb.

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  1. OMGGGG!!
    im so excited to see the drama!
    kind of sad to see siwon kissing another girl, but hahahaha :D
    he looks cute, as always.

  2. I can't wait to watch it

  3. OMO, I can't waiiit. I love his new hair. He's hot as always. 8D And the kissing scene was pointlessly long and cute. Lol, I was expecting a passionate kiss, though. But gladly, it wasn't. So yay! xD

  4. OMO!! Onnie uri siwon nomu kyoptaaa~~~

  5. OMG.... I like his hair... He's very very handsome.... >.<
    Can't wait for the drama.....

  6. *reading-comments-and-nodding-my-head-to-each*
    or i other word : agreed. :D