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Friday, February 5, 2010

Choi Si Won - Oh My Lady - latest news

Park Han-byul has been combined to a expel along with Chae Rim as well as Choi Siwon. The romantic-comedy tract is about an typical ajumma (Chae Rim) who becomes a physical education instructor to a tip star (Choi).

Park’s impression Yura was Min-woo’s (Choi Siwon) initial adore behind in their university years. She reappears in his hold up after returning from study abroad, right away a selling executive of a conform brand, as well as has a large partial in creation Min-woo a star by creation him a conform brand’s indication as well as upon condition that him with sponsored clothing. Park was expel to execute a character’s chic, worldly appeal.

In alternative news, Chae Rim’s co-star from Dal Ja’s Spring, singer-actor Lee Hyun-woo, has additionally been cast. He will fool around a executive of a low-pitched prolongation association who once longed for to be an actor, who incited instead to directing as well as afterwards producing. His hideous rage emerges when opening time approaches, though he is learned during his job.

The brand new Monday-Tuesday SBS array hold a initial book celebration of a mass upon Feb 5. It follows Wish Upon a Star as well as front in March.

Via E Daily, OSEN

guyss... r u patient enough ..waiting this dramaa..??
arrghhh,... truly, i hope i can
i cant wait any longer watch Siwon in drama.. again!! after years , right?! ^^
i pray that you(Siwon) can portray this role even better than average... always put your hope n Christ and let our great JC lead you as real actor ^^
i believe, you(Siwon) can make it!! JBU Siwon!
Siwon,.. hwaiting!!

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