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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Choi Si Won - February b'day

As registered legally, Siwon's birthday is today, Feb 10. (But the real one is April 7 1986)
Anyway, still i want to refacts Siwon's here now ^^
--let share love for Siwon Choi ^^--

Happy -fake- birthday dear Siwon
His father didnt agree with him at the first time he want to enter entertainment industry
He ever been projected to be the DBSK / TVXQ member before
He portrayed role of young Kang Bo Man in 18 vs 29 drama (sorry for mispelling the lead character's name)
He portrayed as prince role (Liang Shi) in big budget movie of three nations (Japan, Korea, China), Battle of Wits together with Andy Lau
He oftenly invited by Andy Lau every time he visits HongKong -or China -i'm not sure abt china
Andy Lau gave him a cute memorable gift while filming Battle of Wits
Andy Lau praised his manner, his acting and his discipline, he is good figure for young generation .
He admitted he is a serious person in variety show 'three colours ladies'
He also acknowledged by Super Junior member as a humorous person especially when he imitates Andre Kim's voice
He often got offer to portray a role in drama, but he choose Super Junior activities instead
He ever pickabacked Henry in a small lake while filming a variety show for charity in China because Henry can not swimming
He ever gave surprise segment in variety show in China for Hangeng
He is Mr gesture of Super Junior
He loves to be kiss on cheek everytime after he done something with his best
He invites Heechul- the atheist one- to come to church every sunday
He never fail goes to church every sunday
He seek church seriously when he was in Japan which is so hard -Yesung told about it
He dragged upp Henry and ZhouMi when ending Super Show II
He reads Bible and English newspaper every morning - Donghae revealed it
He took exercise for years and then got very well built up body as he became a cover model on korea Men's Health magazine
He hold fourth degrees black belt in taekwondo and anyone can acknowledge his skill
His writing curves is excellent and so artistic, and also his painting
He came from very rich family. Yup. Verrryy richh
He ever worked as part timer in gas station while he was young
He is noted for his thoughtful consideration, modest attitude, and kindheartedness to children in the entertainment industry
Among Super Junior member, Siwon is the one who have most fans in Thailand
He forget to buy a playstation for Donghae
truly, there are many facts i want to write here, but i think it is enough now, ^^ let's left second bite for Siwon's real birthday , ok ^^

Siwonn stay healthy ok, you are so busy nowadays, especially for filming days... Keep your spirit up and never loose take time for God .. let His presence surround you as you take breath

and everyone, dont forget to send handwriting birthday letter for Siwon. see details here.
I dont know for sure, if it is have to join first or it's not.
--emotext from me ^^

Siwon like "sstt, dont tell anybody that today is only my fake birthday, ok ^^ "

Heechul : "aissh both of you on a same month , huh ^^ make me jealous, why you not invite me huh "

Siwon : " i want to prepare my birthday cake myself, do u want give your hand ^^, it's easy, really, it's easy! i'm not lying you..please..after this , ok"

Siwon : Donghae, pls buy this Fino for my birthday gift, please.. ^^

Donghae : Ok, no prob, but after you bring for me a brand new playstation, right,
Siwon : are you kidding?
Donghae : no, i'm serious, hey, eunhyuk !you! as a witness, ok
Siwon : ok , ok (smile)
Eunhyuk : both..

and afterall...
because this is birthday , Siwon must be at this position : ^^ -am i too much hehe -

Siwon : I love You, Lord JC. i bring my life on your altar.Thanks for Your love in every time i take a breath.You are my most precious...thanks for the fans.. for the gift and many love i receive from them...

--emotext by siwonlover ^^

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  1. wow.
    you really know a LOTTTT of things about siwon.
    tnx for the infos anyway
    god bless you ^^

  2. hahahaha im always confius bout his birthday!!!
    which birthday does he actually celebrate???
    the feb one or the april one???
    cuz this is the first time i came across wit his birthday
    so i dunno what happen last yer