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Friday, February 5, 2010

Choi Si Won - Fancafe entry on Feb , 5 2010

02.05.2010 1 Entry

10.02.05 00:49

First message in the .. new year ^^;;
even though it’s a little late, but i still wish everyone very~~~happiness in this new year ^o^
seriously, (i’m) really sorry ^o^! is currently reflecting my actions, so please forgive me keke
ok ok ok, have you all been living well?
really just suddenly two months has past..
because of everyone’s prayers and love, i’m gonna film a drama now ^o^
If it weren’t for our “siwonest’ members’ prayers, it wouldn’t be possible.
Once again thank you, and thank you to our lord (god)!
when i’m filming for drama, really worried for my health and mental state,
need everyone’s lots ~~ and lots more of care ^-^ please
also remember to pray for our 4th album ^o^ understand?
even though filming date and location is still undecided…come later to travel and visit ^o^
praying that everyone will become “siwonest” family that is guided by our lord (god)…
Bless you all..

From. Siwon Choi

credits: cafe.daum & forsiwon
aaahh i wish i can understand hangul T.T
siwonest in hangul , right... and i wonder, how can i join with them...
i wish..

oo, Siwon, happy new year too ^^
why do u say sorry ^^,
we are doing well here ^^ and keep waiting news talking abt u
so glad u finally in drama again, after have been waiting for years ^^
it's not only in siwonest site, we are here also pray for u , dear Siwon ^^
and i pray mostly, you'll be success in JC, your calling as an celebrity can represent our JC in entertainment life and give model to fans and another celebrities, how to live life in right way ^^ -am i too much?, but i really pray for that will happened in your life-- amen ^^
ok, now, i pray, Siwon , you'll be ok in health during filming this new drama. because JC give you more health and also give more strength in your spirit that actually will boost your performance and mental in right way.
Success in coming 4th album. For God to be glory.
i'd love to go visit your filming location... ..^^ oo my ^^i really hope someday i could see you directly ^^
thanks for your kind prayer, Siwon ^^
love you too ^^ and Jbu

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