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Monday, January 4, 2010

Choi Si Won - SPAO, Mathematic competition^^,Cooking game,Fengyun Bang Music Festival, Trendy Magazine,2009 Melon Awards, 53rd Asia Pacific Film Fes

Siwon for SPAO
watch carefully Siwon's writing

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Star King ep.147 with 5th grade genius students. It's funny videos ^^ Watch Siwon's expression when he watch how fast the students give correct answer for that xc@#$%$@ mathematic, when he answer Kang Ho Dong (8x3 = 24!) , when he can not answer the question ^^... and plus, watch Kyuhyun, the most smart members in Super Junior ^^ (he was hold slver medal in Mathematic olympic), when he loose the correct answer (its only 1 point to the correct answer ^^)..


watch the rest of this variety show in here
Azio Entertainment, Dec 12 2009
Recently, Super Junior-M once again appears on Taiwanese Variety Show, fighting to cook delicacies for MC Patty Hou. On the show, Hangeng and Ryeowook both leaded a team to battle, but Donghae who was in Geng’s team made an extremely large dumpling and kept adding spicy condiments to it, scaring Patty to say, “Moms, please don’t let him in the kitchen.”

   Ryeowook who is a good cook, has been proclaimed SJM’s “Mom”. Under Ryeowook’s leadership; Zhoumi, Siwon and Kyuhyun all had seperate jobs, to make their spicy dukbokgi (rice cake). The smell of it, led Patty to drool over it.

But Ryeowook added too much water in the beginning, so the rice cakes cant dry out the soup. MC said with disbelief, “Are you sure you know how to cook?”

  Because Hangeng’s Mom owns a dumpling shop in Beijing, he knows how to make dumplings from when he was young, and made them look fabulous. However Donghae and Henry, who were in the same group, kept messing around; shaping the dumplings to Buns or Batmans, and even added an unbelievably amount of spicy condiments inside.

  SJ-M who’s always into the game segments, has to use some knowledge to win this. Even though Henry went to Ryeowook’s group to extinguish the fire, but when Patty Hou was gonna eat the food, Ryeowook’s team tried convincing her, and brought out the freshly cooked food and said, “Princesses should eat warm food”. Also, Siwon also helped her wipe her mouth, letting Patty smile until she cant close her mouth.

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Super Junior M Nominated for New Artist in Fengyun Bang Music Festival

Earlier, Music Fengyun Bang disclosed that the music festival that will be held on January 11th 2010 has invited, popular Korean group, Super Junior M. However, there has been a recent problem; Super Junior M’s leader, Hangeng requested the termination of his contract, which is leading to the group disbanding. This problem made a great impact on if SJ-M will attend the festival or not. The festival’s representative has talked to the Korean staff and is hoping to make a deal, that even if SJ-M can not attend this festival, Hangeng can attend alone.

This year, Super Junior M has reached a great success in the music industry. Earlier this year, in Korea because of ‘Sorry Sorry’, Super junior caused an uproar in Asia. Then in September SJ-M’s Mini album ‘Super Girl’ became the top selling album in Taiwan. ‘Super Girl’ also made an impressive record for Mainland TV and Radio. During these two years, SJ-M became highly popular due to their professional view towards music, which has captured many fan’s hearts.

Because of their new found popularity this year, Music Fengyun Bang’s organizer was planing on giving the “Best Role Model Oversea Artist of the Year” to Super Junior M. But due to the problem explained earlier, the chance of Super Junior M attending this festival if very low. Even so, the organizers are trying to contact Hangeng, in hoping to not let down the fans.

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Super Junior Won 2009 Top 10 @ 2009 Melon Music Awards

Super Junior M in the 53rd Asia Pacific Film Festival Awards Dec 19 2009

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