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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Choi Si Won - 향단전 (Hyang-dan-jeon)

It's not new anymore ^^ since we all are true fans of Siwon, right. But, let me put this article on this page bcoz i havent posted it yet,there is more pictures and more official information abt this 2 eps drama. Enjoy it.

향단전 (Hyang-dan-jeon)
(Legend of Hyang Dan)
Directed by Kim Sang-ho-I (김상호)
Screenplay by Kim Ji-wan I (김지완), Myeong Chang-hyeon (명창현)
•Drama MBC | Airing dates : 2007/09/03~2007/09/04

2 episodes (2x60min)


The story of is a classic love story everyone knows about. There are more than 100 different versions that have already been discovered, but here’s another surprising and rather shocking version called . It takes a different spin from the original story with the reinterpretation that it was actually Hyang-dan who loved Mong-ryong even more than Chun-hyang.
The love story of Hyang-dan and Mong-ryong is depicted as they overcome their difference in social rank, deviating from the original storyline.


Hyang-dan | actress Seo Ji-hye
She is the servant of Wol-mae and Chun-hyang, and is genuinely fond of the two, but becomes to face hardship as she falls in love with Mong-ryong.

Mong-ryong | actor Choi Si-won
Though he’s the son of Namwon’s magistrate, he takes more interest in playing around than in his studies, but things change as he falls for Hyang-dan.

Wol-mae | actress Bang Eun-hee
She tries to set Chun-hyang up with Mong-ryong, but takes it out on Hyang-dan when plans don’t go accordingly.

Chun-hyang | actress Lee Ji-soo
She’s the daughter of Wol-mae and is full of herself, but isn’t totally hateful. She tries hard to get married to Mong-ryong and have a good life.

Episode Guide

Episode 1
The only son of Namwon’s magistrate Mong-ryong(Choi Si-won) is chased after
by the policemen as he attempts to help the chivalrous robbers.
The place he hides into happens to be where Hyang-dan(Seo Ji-hye) is.
Hyang-dan covers for Mong-ryong and they fall in love instantly. Meanwhile,
Wol-mae(Bang Eun-hee) comes up with a plan to get Chun-hyang(Lee Ji-soo)
married to Mong-ryong, and Chun-hyang has no choice but to take part in the
plan as she has grown up as Chun-hyang’s servant.
Hyang-dan has no choice but to follow the plan due to her social rank.
As rumors spread that Mong-ryong and Chun-hyang are seeing each other
because of Wol-mae(Bang Eun-hee)’s plan, Mong-ryong’s father orders
Mong-ryong to go to Seoul using the civil service exam as an excuse.
As a cover-up to hide her love for Mong-ryong, Hyang-dan decides to get
married to Bang-ja(Heo Jeong-min), who has been good to her to win her over.
On the day Mong-ryong is to leave for Seoul, he finds out about Hyang-dan's
wedding and runs to see her.

Episode 2
Mong-ryong confesses his love to Hyang-dan, but she turns him down because of
their difference in social rank.
However, she tells him that if he wins the first place in a civil service exam,
she will take it as heaven’s fate and accept him. The next day,
Mong-ryong announces to his father(Moon hoi-won) that he will go to Hanyang
to take the exam.
After he leaves for Hanyang, Hyang-dan comes back home as Chun-hyang’s
servant again. In the meanwhile, the new magistrate Byeon Hak-do
(Lee Seong-min) takes post.
He tyrannizes the town and takes goods from the commoners while trying to
suppress the chivalrous robbers. Then, as Byeon Hak-do requests Chun-hyang
(Lee Ji-soo) for bed service, Wol-mae(Bang Eun-hee) asks Hyang-dan(Seo Ji-hae)
to go instead.

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  1. I've been trying to search for this short drama with english subs but i can't find it! YouTube doesn't seem to have the drama with english subs! Maybe I'll try again. But then again, Siwonnie is so cute in this drama eh? x)

  2. Hello Megan, u can try see this page
    at the beginning of this posting, i put link to download hyang dan in eng takes long time. because its biggg size.

  3. could you help me, to share how to download this drama?? cause i had try to find the link, but i can't. thanks before

  4. hi @uchus
    u can download here