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Friday, December 4, 2009

Choi Si Won -watch Legend of HyangDan, Thailand Sushow II Summaries,Kyu's blog,videos

Download Legend of Hyang Dan(eng sub)- i got this link from Super Junior thread. from syujoo
Episode 1
Episode 2

credit goes to BON funsubs.

I found an interesting summary of sushow II made by fan^^
full story here
How are you. I busy with my life now. Because of a new work.But I still finish all thing I can before go to Super Show. Hahaha. It full all area you should happy for them. In Thailand they have many fan. Key I can’t see them all of 13 with my 2 eyes. I just see my fav. Sorry I can’t tell you how about them all.
A pic? I tried heard to take their pick kay but as you know. They playful like a kid and some monkeys (Some fans in Thailand call them this way because they cute witty and fast!!!) Then I don’t have the perfect pic. I’ll show you. And the other reason is the staffs keep walking around and when they see fans have a camera they kick them out of the concert. It scares to miss this concert then I decide to hide my cam. I have no good pics to show you.
And the concert. Sure the 2nd day really perfect. I can’t see all of them they play around (except Kyuhyun.)Now. I’ll tell you the special moment.
About except Kyu that I said. It in the 1st day. After opening.They walk to greet their fans (a middle of cat walk.) Siwon go to the left of the stage and Kyu hyun in the center siwon see the banner (Or cheer towel something like that.) He put it up on stage, read and smiles before hand it back to the fans. It say “Star Craft KYUHYUN” He call out kyuhyun and point to the fans and the banner. Kyuhyun smile wide switch the position with Siwon and after that kyuhyun stand in front his fan a whole concert. It feel lovely right? but I really sad because of this I face his back a whole concert too. Gee perf. (Sure.he comeback to his fans again) he put up the call phone of his fan and Self-cam before hand it back to the fan with wide smile. Kay all of the hall envy her.You should imagine a scream around her.(Me too). My friend (Shinhwa Changjo) said “this boy is so sweet with his fans” I told back “Dude, It’s because of StarCraft banner.”I send you a pic too. This girl shares it.
Oh Kyuhyun get jealous by sungmin. minie trow something to kyuhyun hard.And magnae trow back in a minute.End with Minnie running to kick kyuhyun butt.
Hyukjae. He keep running around tried hard to go to the upstairs (I’m in down stair.Why!!!!! boy.I want to see you~~~.) But he comeback to play a water gun in my area. I want to see him dance do cute act something like that but get wet by him.(Fine.It’s hyukjae. I’m ok.) and the 2nd too. He running around with his gun and comeback again.(Maybe he is in ravage mode He can’t go to upstairs the fans pull himdown.) and sure hug and tease Donghae. Water gun war with donghae too. The special thing I like the most in this concert is BEG Abracadabra dance by hyukjae 3 time. In the first day He do it by himself but when he dance the fans scream lounder. He got surprise that we know this song. then he do it again and again. At last he do it with Shindong and Eeteuk.
Teukie I heard from webboard he get a cold before concert. (Heenim too.) He look tired when the 1st round start. But after introduce their team he look fine and smile a lot. In the 2nd Before encore He shout out “A milky skin Kim Ki Bum.I love you Kim ki Bum” And “A milky skin Kang In. I love you Kang In ” (I can’t remember what name he used because when he start to shout the fans also shout with him ) Teukie seem happy kay after he hear that. And get a glare from Heenim.But look like he don’t care and walk away (Maybe he scare inside^^). And He cry in Shining star 2nd round.
Siwon He has many fan in Thailand. He talk to us with English. And when we reply back to Siwon some of the boys glare to him(It’s donghae and hyukjae ).In Gee perf. 1st roung shindong rip his t-shirt out in a middle of catwalk(Thank Shindong).All of us can see a half-nake Siwon running slowly to the back stage get his spare shirt.He do a sexy pose before he take a shirt on. In this concert I think maybe Siwon get a wrong medicine before go to the stage. He really playful running around and do many pose all area.
Hankyung..... Anyway Hankyung really kind.


Hope you ignore my poor English....
Take care
Super Show in Bangkok Day 2

19:12 The show’s starting

19:16 Now is U, Donghae exposed his shoulder a little ( …), the audience went wild

19:19 Donghae continues to take over Kibum’s rap part

19:23 Neorago, Heechul wore the same shades from yesterday, Donghae’s hair is very messy – -

19:25 She Wants It

19:29 Self-introduction, Eunhyuk lifted Siwon’s clothes><

19:31 Therefore when it’s Eunhyuk’s turn…Siwon poured water on him – -

19:32 During Donghae’s self-intro, Siwon continued to pour water (on Eunhyuk), the two even whispered to each other

19:40 Angela, the 86line is in a mess…Donghae pushed Eunhyuk away while singing his part…Continues to push him away during Siwon’s part…After that Siwon hugged Donghae, in the end he hugged both EunHae…Then Siwon and Eunhyuk hugged, then Donghae separated them, then Donghae and Siwon looked at each other eye-to-eye… – -

19:41 During Miracle Donghae found another fan with the rainbow towel and sang to her ><>

19:42 Disco Drive now, SiHae chased each other around the stage and “fought”

19:44 Dancing Out, Hankyung carried Kyuhyun ><>

19:48 During Disco Drive everyone had to squad down at the beginning, Donghae very helpfully went around asking everyone to squat down, his position is right towards the spotlight, he kept using his hands to cover his eyes

19:57 Time for solos. While going off the stage Donghae again said ‘thank you’ to the fans~During solos, Thai fans shouted (the soloist) names very neatly

20:19 Heechul went to “disturb” Henry during his solo, Henry looked good with smoky eyes

20:31 During Twins, sparks from the fireworks got into Donghae’s eyes, he was rubbing his eyes while squatted down

20:37 Donghae took our birthday gift (Olympus EP-1 cam) on stage!!!!!

20:38 During Our Love (the girl is a little excited, may not be able to distinguish the song – -), Donghae took our birthday gift from this year on stage, and filmed the whole song! Even took the audience! He attached an accessory to it (too)! Extremely cute! ><>

21:48 The girl is still excited over the gift, so when Donghae asked for a towel…(she) didn’t throw one up ><

22 :04 After she has clamed down, the girl threw a towel on stage during Marry U, right behind Donghae, she then called out his name, he even asked ‘What’s up’ – - The girl pointed (at the towel), he pointed (at the towel) too, the girl nodded, so he turned back and picked it up ><

22:07 Now is Sunny, he raised his eyebrows at the pit

22:12 During the ending, Siwon pulled Henry and Zhoumi on stage, everyone thanked Zhoumi and Henry, both of them are very happy too^-^

22:13 Forgot to say, it’s (the concert) already over – - During Wonder Boy Leeteuk was stripped, everyone was spraying at him T T Donghae even took two(!) water guns >< style="font-size:130%;">Siwon even put (his) wings on him {or Siwon even carried Teukie on his shoulder} – - *

Post report
1. Today the Thai fans used pink lightsticks to form an ‘M’, it’s great^^

credit: 百度李东海吧& | Translated by viragis @


Taken off Kyuhyun's blog : (KyuhYun is Siwon's bandmate, Kyuhyun is youngest among 13 members of Super Junior, dongsaeng with gorgeous voice and vocal)

Had a meeting with President Choi Siwon... I look like I'm confirming a
contract, but that's supposed to be a dagger behind my back.
hahahha..Kyuhyun the magnae ^^ he is cute dongsaeng of siwon ^^

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