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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Choi Si Won - SJM on Azio Entertainment

Siwon at Dentist’s Clinic
i think it's around 2006 because siwon's hairstyle. what do u think? am i wrong?

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Super Junior-M on Azio Entertainment
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- Each member randomly picks a piece of paper with "tasks" written on it that they must do for Patty (Siwon has to find a way to make her laugh, Henry has to dance with her, Ryeowook has to tell Patty he loves her, Kyuhyun has to give her a massage, Zhoumi has to find a way to get Patty to say he's "shuai" ("handsome" or "cool"), Hangeng will play a prank on her).
- Hangeng and Zhoumi joke around because Zhoumi thinks his task will be pretty easy.
- Siwon tells them not to worry.
- Hangeng wonders how they'll pull off the prank -- "who should we get to fight each other?" (then they speak in yeah. Anyone know what the Chinese subs are?)
- Patty introduces the group. She's afraid of saying each of their names because she thinks the screaming that will follow will damage her hearing.
- RW says "I love you" to Patty during his intro.
- Patty asks what kind of girls Donghae likes and he says they have to have a pretty forehead. Patty's like "Hm, is mine too much of a fivehead?" lol. Then he adds "big eyes, long hair, curly is okay". Henry says Donghae means Patty fits that type.
- Patty says Hangeng had the hardest time because he was the first Chinese member to go to Korea to train. She asks him to help translate because his Korean is the best. Hangeng says it was hard doing promotions in China at first due to the language barrier (he and Zhoumi were translating a lot and it was difficult), but now the rest of the members can understand and speak Chinese better so it's not a big deal. They can follow along and know what the general discussion is about. Donghae agrees and says he can slowly listen and guess what's being said. Patty mentions that the first time they met, only Hangeng and Siwon could communicate in Chinese. She compliments Siwon, but he goes "Oh no, no, no..." Patty then suggests that the fastest way to improve their Chinese is to find a Chinese girlfriend, and Siwon says, "Well, what do you think of us??" Patty's like "OHKAY, moving on" lol
- The next activity involves them writing down random questions they want to ask each other on dry-erase boards. Patty asks them to raise their hands if they have a girlfriend, but no one does. Henry says he's looking for one though haha.

- Hangeng says he teaches the members some of the phrases they say to fans in Chinese, like "wo qin ai de bao bei men" and "wo te (zhei) xiang ni" ("I'm super thinking about you/thinking about you a lot" or something?), which is something people say where he's from.
- Ryeowook is the first to be asked a question, but he's not ready so Hangeng teaches Patty how to say "no problem" in Korean. I think Hangeng gets annoyed that RW's taking so long hehe. So anyway, Hangeng's question to RW is "Why do you always want me to take you out to dinner?" RW giggles, but I don't know what he's saying. Patty asks if it's because Hangeng is the leader, so he has to provide for and pay for their meals, but Hangeng's says no, that's not how it works.
- Hangeng's question to Zhoumi is "Do you really think you're shuai?" Zhoumi's like "umm YEAH". Then they talk about how he got into the group. Zhoumi's friends sent in tapes of him singing in Korean to a contest they were holding in Korea, so that's how he got involved. Patty and him agree that it was fate.
- Hangeng and Zhoumi joke around some more about the shuai thing, and Patty asks who HG thinks is the most handsome. He thinks ZM is quite handsome and wants to know who Patty thinks is hot. She doesn't wanna answer, but thinks all together they're very cool and good-looking when they're singing and dancing. Patty also wants them to teach her some of their dance moves.
- HG's question to Henry is "Did you shower last night?" Henry says he did, but HG thinks Henry is one of those people who doesn't like showering. Henry's excuse is that he's so tired usually from performing that he just skips it and sleeps. HG says "The concerts aren't scheduled that close together [so he should find time to bathe]", hahha but Henry shushes out of embarrassment. Meanwhile, RW is shaking his head in the back :D but then he admits he saw Henry shower that morning (Patty says, not together I hope hah)
- Kyu's question to Hangeng is "Are you my Hangeng?" HG says he belongs to everyone. They say it's an inside joke and Hangeng always says "NO" when KH asks him.
- Kyu's question to Henry is "Why do you act so 'sha' (dumb)" (loose translation) He clarifies that he means "like a dumb little kid." Kyu then wants to give Patty a massage.
- Donghae's next and he rushes to sit next to Patty. Patty says she can tell he really likes Siwon from what's written on his board.

- Patty points out all of the stars he wrote all over Siwon's name. DH's question to Siwon is "When are you gonna buy me a Playstation?" Patty says "Oh, it's cause he's rich right? His family is quite wealthy because they own a convenience store chain." Siwon gets really embarrassed, but says he'll buy it for DH when they get back to Beijing. The story behing the Playstation thing is that after an awards show in 2008, they were drinking Baijiu (Chinese hard liquor), but DH was reluctant to drink it, so Siwon promised to get him a Playstation console if DH tried some. Patty's like "So if I drink some, can you buy me something too?"
- DH's question to ZM is "Why is your face so big? Haha, kidding. You're still very/most shuai." Super-vain ZM DID NOT LOOKED PLEASED. Patty then asks do you mean he's very ("hen") shuai or the most ("zui") shuai, because he used both in the sentence and it doesn't make sense together. DH thinks about it and goes with "very" or "hen" (not the most LMAO). ZM still looks mad.
- Then Hangeng says to excuse him, he has to discuss something with the rest of the members for a second. *they speak in Korean* HG pretends to look upset.
- They keep going with the activity. RW asks Siwon something in Korean. Siwon then tries to get Patty to laugh, so he says "You're very pretty in Taiwan." Patty's like, "But I'm not when I go to Hong Kong?" lol
- Questions from fans: "If you guys had little sisters, which members would you approve of them having as boyfriends?" "What's your most unforgettable birthday?" "I love you SJM, give me back my money, and marry me (wtf)" "What do you think is the sexiest thing about Patty?" "When were the most angry?" "Hangeng, can you perform a traditional dance?" "Any funny stories from when you guys go out drinking?" "What kind of girls do you guys like?" "Siwon, do you like this pic of Kyu?" (Sorry I couldn't catch all of the questions!)
- Patty expresses how moved she would be if she were in their position, having so many fans from different places encouraging them. Hangeng agrees and says they feel very happy that all of their hard work had not been in vain.
- Question to RW: "Which member would you choose as your little sister's boyfriend?" He chooses Siwon. Why? HG says "It's 'cause he's rich!" RW says it's because he thinks Siwon is a kind-hearted person and "clean" haha. Hangeng says "Oh yeah, what about me??" Zhoumi says Kyu is probably the worst choice because he's always playing games and will ignore his girlfriend.

- Kyu admits he plays games a lot, but says if he were to have one, she would be his everything and his princess~~ Patty says they'll know the day he finally gets a girlfriend when he puts down his gaming stuff.
- So this is when HG starts getting annoyed. I love how Patty immediately starts freaking out and speaking in English to Henry. The reason they give her for the tension is that the filming is taking a lot time due to translation and communication isues and they had a lot scheduled to begin with. Patty is worried it's because it's something she said, but their manager denies it.
- They laugh and discuss the prank backstage in Korean. Hangeng says in Chinese "Wow everyone really does think I'm angry!"
- They all go back to the interview area where Patty is and explain that Hangeng is a bit frustrated, so they'll continue without him. Haha, Patty is such a good sport! She wants them to teach her the Sorry Sorry dance, and Henry says "I'll do it, I'll dance with you!" in order to fulfill his task. He wants to teach her the Super Girl dance instead though. She asks RW to show her the Sorry Sorry dance. Then they all dance to Super Girl together.
- HG says something like "Are you guys coming out? What are you even clapping about?" omg, he's scary when he's mad...HAWT
- Patty doesn't hear him say that though, so HG comes out and calls the members away. They apologize to her and go backstage again.
- Happy Birthday to Patty!!

- Patty's like "I was so scared!" She thanks everyone, including SJM and her crew, while breaking out in tears. DH acts like he wants to smush the cake into her face.
- She continues saying that she was really scared and that their acting was very believable. HG said that DH even admitted being scared speechless by his act. Then they eat cake and reveal the tasks they were supposed to do with her (the massage, dancing, making her laugh, etc.) Patty says she was afraid she had drawn out the interview too long, but HG reassures her and tells her she is patient/even-tempered.
- a clip of RW teaching Patty their dance moves while most of the members were backstage with HG during their prank
- Donghae asks how old she is turning, but she wants him to guess. He thinks she's 28 now, but he's wrong (she just turned 30 I think)
- Haha, Patty is still stunned by what happened and compliments their acting again. Henry thought HG really was mad though until they reminded him backstage it was a prank lol. Apparently Kyu was also fooled and asked Hangeng the same thing in an earlier video (pointed to me by [info]proleptical, thanks!)
- The next ep will have SJM cooking for Patty's birthday.
- OMG Hangeng's dumplings!!

Translator's note: Translations by me. If you want to post this elsewhere, please ask me first because I did this in a hurry and will being doing revisions where it's needed. Also, if anyone finds errors, please let me know, thanks :D

Source: lehninguh @ aiyatheydidnt for translation; guigui072909 @ YouTube for videos
now, i relief know that article i posted before is not a gossip but it's true fact, that siwon's family is actually rich family. Because what the members said above and Patty said the same too.

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