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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Choi Si Won - fancafe, Super Girl ver.B, Zhong Yi Da Ge Da, SS II Bangkok fans account

Written on 09.12.13 at 03:32 AM
Siwon fancafe
To our dear families..
Our families who are always with us..
Thank you so much ^-^
Even regardless of how far apart we’ve been this year
I’ve constantly been doing well thanks to everyone’s prayers!
Thank you so much once again

Successfully wrapped up the Nanjing concert and now I’m posting up late in the morning ^-^
Is everyone alright?
Lately I’ve been too absent-minded so I’m sorry I couldn’t visit!
When I’m done writing this entry I’ll go say my prayers for everyone before I sleep ^0^

In my prayers I always sincerely wish for our dear families to dwell in the Lord ^0^
See you in Korea our dear families

I love you more day by day ! Love you all & Blessing
Original Source. 최시원 at
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET

188 photos and more of Super Junior at Golden Disc Award

Super Junior M : Super Girl, first mini album version B

Credits: As tagged (gwalai13)

Zhong Yi Da Ge Da, Taiwan Dec 2009

Credits : CRIonline + 腾讯娱乐 | | myystiqueen@TwELFs

SS II Bangkok
Fanboy's camera, Siwon solo "Who am i"

source from here

atsu’s mother (who also was at the concert) actually saw it. She saw how Kyuhyun took the camera from fan, took that picture of himself and also with another fan and then gave the camera back to its owner. But the distance was long, so he layed on stage to reach this fan. She also said that Kyuhyun was wery caring towards his fans and always gave back things that they threw to the stage. He also shaked hands everytime he passed near the fans.

by atsu @

19:17 The show has started with the opening VCR now
19:27 AMIL Heechul and Donghae hugged each other again.
19:29 Donghae and Leeteuk have got ponytail, while Sungmin got lots of on- – Eunhyuk’s hair is reddish. And now is U.
19:32 Neorago, Siwon had his haircut, awesome ><
19:36 During “Neorago” Donghae took off his coat.
19:38 Now is “She Wants It”
19:43 Self-introduction, Heechul made everyone shouted “saranghaeyo kimheechul, hooyupika kimheechul”, Yesung made a special pose,so cute
19:45 Hangeng said he is super man, Donghae made everyone say ho~~~even used Thai to say everyone is very cute.
19:46 Leeteuk put a towel on his chest and asked members to take it.but all of the members ignore him= =
19:50 Angela, the chaos continued ….Eunhyuk blocked Donghae, but in the end he was pushed away. Yesung wanted to hug siwon, but siwon pushed him away and hugged Donghae
19:51 Donghae raises his thumbs at the our rainbow towels! (from ELFISH) used both hands! kept singing towards the towels
19:52 During Miracle, the girl with a towel is on the first row (don’t know from which country), Donghae kept standing in front of her and sang to her T T
19:54 Donghae and Siwon raced on stage, Donghae won…asked to give him a round of applause.
19:56 Donghae saw an ELFISH’s rainbow towel and gave a love sign to it (so lovely,we were really nervous)
19:58 Hangeng carried Sungmin, on the other side Donghae kneeled down in front of Eunhyuk– ♥
20:01 Now is Dancing Out,Heechul shook hands with fans, Shindong then pretends to push him towards the fans, waved to fans while going off the stage.
20:04 Now is Sungmin’s solo stage, “Baby Baby
20:09 Now is 《Beautiful》,donghae self-cam with a DV, the entire audience shouting donghae’s name was extremely loud, Donghae even signaled a V and said thank you while going off stage
20:10 There is no Heechul’s solo,the order of performance probably changed.
20:13 It’s Ryeowook’s solo now.
20:20 Now it’s “What If” .KRY and Sungmin’s stage.
20:22 Now is Heartquake,Eunhyuk’s shoes are very bling (bright/shiny).
20:27 It’s Leeteuk’s solo now.he wore gray vest, and touched his dance partner’s chin. the audience went wild….. -_-
20:31 Heechul’s solo feat Eunhyuk (It’s Ivy’s popular song). Henry played the violin and Ryeowook on piano, He wore red clothes, tied up his hair, white accessory on his head ,extremely beautiful.
20:34 In the end Heechul took off his coat , inside is a red sleeveless silk top
20:38 Don’t Don now.Don’t Don, during Donghae and Eunhyuk’s dance battle, Donghae was standing a little too close to the edge, almost fell off (the stage)–
20:45 During Twins, Heechul gave a flying kiss to the fans. Now is “ Song for you “, Lee donghae was wearing a black singlet, black leather vest, and Leeteuk kissed his hand *
20:51 Kyuhyun was singing while kneeling down, Shindong was waving aside ,and then Donghae pushed Gyuhyun onto Shindong. Eunhyuk was laughing at them ><
20:53 Cartoon Drama now.Heechul wore cloak and jumped up very cutely ,Kyuhyun wore black coat, trousers and a big white scarf
20:58 Dance Battle now
20:58 Hangeng’s popping goes first, standing in the middle, everyone’s in all black
21:02 It’s Siwon solo “Who Am I“,Siwon wore black suit and white shirt, Ryeowook on piano.
21:07 It’s Hangeng’s solo stage.“Betrayal”.in all black ,very very affectionate.
21:10 Blue Tomorrow now,SJ-M is very popular in Thailand, the screams for every member when they came out are extremely loud.
21:18 《Super Girl》 now, Thai fans knew the lyrics and were singing along very loudly, The support is very pretty. The look on M’s face seems very happy, Henry even showed his shoulder, Donghae keeps staring at it–
21:25 Shining Star, Lee Donghae was very hyper, blew flying kiss, show heart, and make V, showing love everywhere *
21:29 Sorry Sorry, 1st verse GengChul, they leaned very close to each other, Heechul wit ponytail, 2nd verse TeukHae,high 5-ed each other.*
21:32 It was confirmed with the frontline that Heechul did came out from the beginning during Sorry Sorry, He was the one with white-framed shades, Eunhyuk smacked Donghae’s butt, and Siwon took off his coat again o o—*
21:37 Super man, Heechul returned Shindong’s red cloak to him…*
21:41 Leeteuk and Eunhyuk danced trot dance and everyone talked to each other in thai language…*
21:51 GEE, Lee Donghae wore a red ribbon, with Heechul’s shades and kicked Ryeowook… resulting in a ” fight” between them *
21:53 Both of them kept playing until Pajama Party begins, Lee Donghae walked over Ryeowook’s side and consoled him *
21:57 Donghae picked up a pink hat and put it on, even knotted the red ribbon on his head, since he can’t unknotted it he removed the whole thing, the other side Siwon is giving Heechul a piggyback*
22:16 Donghae picked up the rainbow towel that the girls threw up (on stage), the girls signaled a love hand sign to him, and he reciprocated><..*
22:23 The show ended.

1.At zone A2 Donghae has three male fans, during Marry U they kept shouting Saranghae (at donghae), Donghae then kept singing towards them ><
2.Some fans threw a gift box onto the stage to Yesung, there’s a lot of scarves inside, Yesung then started to throw the scarves out…
3.Water Gun Segment…Shindong raised his water gun at a rainbow towel girl and kept shooting at it from top to bottom- -shoot while standing, even hahaha laughed heartily ><
4. In the middle a fan threw a doll to Donghae, it landed right at his feet, so he used it as a ball and kicked it around- -
5. A fan used a water gun and sprayed at Hangeng, he returned the favor and shot back, Heechul then ran over and spray (the fan) with him- -
6.Shindong tore (off) Siwon’s clothes, the half-naked Siwon ran off stage and wore a new one out ><

Original Fan Account + Some Translation from Chinese to English: {copy the quote above in Chinese}
Some Translation (the part ‘*’) by Existence + ♫Haengel @ + Edited by viragis @

Eunhyuk got punched :(

I don’t know if all the members did this, but in our area, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk climbed up the aisle in the SK and SL zone! AND OMFG HYUK CLIMBED UP TO MY AISLE!!!! It was so surreal at first because the bodyguards suddenly ordered us to stay away from the aisle and then they opened the barricade. Then Hyuk stood in front of it, gave us an ‘Are you ready ladies ’cause here I come 8D’ look to which….well, let’s just say it wasn’t one hundred percent pretty :( (((( He climbed up, and the bodyguards wouldn’t let you touch him at all! They were freaking strong :( (((( He passed by me and for some odd reason he suddenly recoiled and got dragged down by the guards. I was able to give him a squeeze on the shoulder because he looked so ‘:(’ I then asked Sakurakhyuk what happened afterward and it turned out right after he got past me a fan reached out and punched him on the cheek! :( (((((((((((((((( I only saw his reaction afterward, which was a look of shock while he held his reddening right cheek. :( I don’t know what happened but people who saw it said that basically he was going up and fans were just patting his shoulder and arm, and then right when he was about to approach the fourth row, a clenched fist came out of nowhere and hit his right cheek. The impact was really hard and the bodyguards were furious and pulled him down right away. :(

by cherrybeam @

Just a short fan account, Kyuhyun took the phone of a fan, sat in front of their zone, and then took a picture of her using her phone and then he returned it to her personally. It was very amazing because he took his time to take the picture and it was very special. :)

Also, Siwon got his shirt ripped by Shindong and he didn’t look too happy about it. Shindong seemed to follow him afterward to check on him.

Oh and at the end, the barricade fell down when Siwon reached for the crown being held by a fan in the SL zone. A fan and one of my friends nearly fell flat on their faces if it weren’t for the bodyguards who held them back. Siwon had the biggest ‘O_____O’ expression and seemed genuinely concerned for the safety of the fans. He was like, ‘Oh my god, are you girls okay, please be careful! O_O’ He then placed the crown on Eunhyuk’s head and they left the stage together. :)

by sakurakhyuk @

Heechul had a new solo! Firstly, Henry appeared playing his violin. Then Ryeowook on the keyboard. And finally – Heechul. He was dressed in white with blue ribbon in his hair and bordo blouse under the jacket. He sang IVY’s song, that old one which he already sang many times (yes, it’s Sonata of Temptation!). But he changed it into something very cool. Hyukjae also appeared during the song.

In the beginning Ryeowook appeared 2 rows behind me. My first thought was “He’s so beautiful”. His face is just…

Heechul is really scanning people! * He doesn’t look at a particular person, he looks at many people at the same time, but it’s amazing! He’s exactly like he should be.

Han Geng’s smile was so kind. Unbearably kind.

KyuMin hugged each other several times and in the end Sungmin kissed Kyuhyun on the cheek.

Heechul and Kyuhyun hugged each other too. Siwon piggybacked Heechul again. Heechul was very active – HanChul, SiChul, but there also were SiHan. HanChul danced together.

Leeteuk smiled a lot and waved to fans. Sungmin too, he also made hearts with his hands!

When Kyuhyun introdused himself, he drank a whole bottle of water and choked. Shindong patted his back. Han Geng impersonated Super Man, Yesung danced his crazy dances… Shindong layed on the stage, he did that a lot during the whole concert.

Do you want to know what impression I had about Kyuhyun?
He’s really amazing. I could see clearly what he did the whole concert.
And… when he sang/danced I could see that he enjoyed it and the fact that he can do it… he enjoyed every second and gave himself fully to each song/dance… his dance moves were amazing today…
He shared his happiness with fans with such pleasure, he smiled so much and his smile made everyone smile in return.
He shaked hands so many times, he stood and looked in the crowd, each row so many times and even put his hand to his forehad to get the better view of the back ones.
He bowed so many times during the songs.
He picked things from the stage and threw them to fans.
I was really impressed by him, he’s amazing.

In the end, after Marry U, when boys bowed to the fans… Siwon went down the stage and brought Mimi and Henry with him. They were very shy, but Siwon insisted. Other boys began to tease them and Leeteuk asked the fans to shout words of love: “Saranghae, Zhou Mi! Saranghae, Henry!”

Boys had a lot of fun today:
Sungmin made soap bubbles at Kyuhyun.
Han Geng piggybacked Kyuhyun.
Siwon piggybacked Heechul (AGAIN XD).
Heechul danced with Han Geng.
Poor Leeteuk was stripped by other boys.
Donghae wanted to kiss Heechul on the neck, but Heechul didn’t allow him.

Leeteuk cried so hard during Shining Star. Also Yesung cried a little.

* Heechul took a poster from one of the fans. This poster was made like cover of fashion magazine and there was Heechul photoshopped as a girl with long hair. He laughed a lot and showed this poster to everyone.

* During Our Love Kyuhyun slapped Shindong and when Shindong layed on the floor, he tried to make him stand again. Also Donghae and Sungmin took pictures with their cameras.

* During Gee Heechul shouted “I say ‘Super’, you say ‘Junior’!”

* During Rokkuko Heechul abused Leeteuk. They made their mic stands as ‘brooms’ behind their legs and jumped like this. But suddenly Heechul took one other side of Leeteuk’s ‘broom’ and raise it up. Then he apologise and patted Leeteuk on the lower back.

* During Superman Heechul raised his legs so high that almost fell on the stage. It looked like he was in pain for a few seconds.

* During Sunny HanChul hugged each other and walked like this on the main stage. Heechul had flower in his hands and looked at Han Geng.

translation by

19:12 The show’s starting

19:16 Now is U, Donghae exposed his shoulder a little ( …), the audience went wild

19:19 Donghae continues to take over Kibum’s rap part

19:23 Neorago, Heechul wore the same shades from yesterday, Donghae’s hair is very messy – -

19:25 She Wants It

19:29 Self-introduction, Eunhyuk lifted Siwon’s clothes><

19:31 Therefore when it’s Eunhyuk’s turn…Siwon poured water on him – -

19:32 During Donghae’s self-intro, Siwon continued to pour water (on Eunhyuk), the two even whispered to each other

19:40 Angela, the 86line is in a mess…Donghae pushed Eunhyuk away while singing his part…Continues to push him away during Siwon’s part…After that SiwonSiwon hugged Donghae, in the end he hugged both EunHae…Then and Eunhyuk hugged, then Donghae separated them, then Donghae and Siwon looked at each other eye-to-eye… – -

19:41 During Miracle Donghae found another fan with the rainbow towel and sang to her ><>

19:42 Disco Drive now, SiHae chased each other around the stage and “fought”

19:44 Dancing Out, Hankyung carried Kyuhyun ><>

19:48 During Disco Drive everyone had to squad down at the beginning, Donghae very helpfully went around asking everyone to squat down, his position is right towards the spotlight, he kept using his hands to cover his eyes

19:57 Time for solos. While going off the stage Donghae again said ‘thank you’ to the fans~During solos, Thai fans shouted (the soloist) names very neatly

20:19 Heechul went to “disturb” Henry during his solo, Henry looked good with smoky eyes

20:31 During Twins, sparks from the fireworks got into Donghae’s eyes, he was rubbing his eyes while squatted down

20:37 Donghae took our birthday gift (Olympus EP-1 cam) on stage!!!!!

20:38 During Our Love (the girl is a little excited, may not be able to distinguish the song – -), Donghae took our birthday gift from this year on stage, and filmed the whole song! Even took the audience! He attached an accessory to it (too)! Extremely cute! ><>

21:48 The girl is still excited over the gift, so when Donghae asked for a towel…(she) didn’t throw one up ><

22 :04 After she has clamed down, the girl threw a towel on stage during Marry U, right behind Donghae, she then called out his name, he even asked ‘What’s up’ – – The girl pointed (at the towel), he pointed (at the towel) too, the girl nodded, so he turned back and picked it up ><

22:07 Now is Sunny, he raised his eyebrows at the pit

22:12 During the ending, Siwon pulled Henry and Zhoumi on stage, everyone thanked Zhoumi and Henry, both of them are very happy too^-^

22:13 Forgot to say, it’s (the concert) already over – – During Wonder Boy Leeteuk was stripped, everyone was spraying at him T T Donghae even took two(!) water guns >< size="4">Siwon even put (his) wings on him {or Siwon even carried Teukie on his shoulder} – – *

Post report
1. Today the Thai fans used pink lightsticks to form an ‘M’, it’s great^^

百度李东海吧& | translated by viragis @

Okay, it’s my turn today for the fan account part 2…I just have to say all the bad feeling that we had yesterday…was like all gone…today is like one of my luckiest day since I was born…haha..okay, that was exaggerated. Lol

First I have to apologize I can’t put the songs in order like in part one cus I can’t remember all of that. I kept staring at him as much as possible and just saw the screen only when he was blocked by the stage light or the fans’ head or so. So, everything is like mixing in my head right now..can’t remember all of that.

I’ll start from the first song, Man in Love. It was the same. He came from the stairs at the left side of the stage again. But this time we can’t see his ‘spectacular’ dance so much since we were at another side of the stage.

The introduction, he drank water again. This time almost 2 bottles..someone (not sure) hit his adam’s apple and he choked a bit while saying his thai trademark phrase, Rak na dek Ngo..he even chocked after than…everyone laughed cus of this

Then in Angela, so many things happened. Seems like Shindong became kyu’s fave hyung recently? Cuz they kept planning how to surprise the fans together and they were like playing together a lot. Tonight there this moment that Shindong went sit under Kyu at the stairs at the main stage..(or the other way around, kyu went sit above him..i can’t remember) and kyu just like, sat on his hyung’s shoulder. Lol. Also in this song that Shindong and his ‘assistant’, Donghae, tried to strip Kyu again. They were trying to lift his shirt. But I bet you know our kyu wouldn’t let that happen right? Lol. He was like sitting down immediately, not letting them succeed with what they were trying to do. ROFL. It’s just a pity!! Hopefully Shindong can do that in one of the rest of Sushow II. Hahaha

Then in Disco drive and Angela, my friend said she saw him rubbing his stomach while saying something like “appo”, meaning it hurts. Probable he was a bit sick, have a stomachache? Anyhow, despite this, he was still so jumpy and hyper and flirty and cute!!! Lol..but even when the con was about to finish and they were saying goodbye to fans, when Zhoumi and Henry came out to say goodbye too, Kyu was at the back, still rubbing his stomach.

In Our Love, Kyu’s bridge line, the one he was supposed to show off by kneeling down up front (LOL) got stolen by Shindong. Before this I saw they discussed something again, maybe how to surprise the fans? But I guess Shindong just twisted the plan by stealing kyu’s mic and sang the whole line just like that. Lol. Kyu was like ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!????’ ROFL. He was really surprised. Then he just pretended to (adorably) hit and kick Shindong afterwards. I got the fancam of that, though from the screen, you can check it out at Princekyu channel. We’ll be uploading it soon

Kyumin moments, anyone? Yesterday there’s not enough Kyumin moments but today, arrrhh, they just satisfied my need. ROFL. In Pajama party, Min was blowing the bubble maker thing (I think he got it from a fan) and Kyu was approaching him nearer and nearer like they were about to kiss or something.. they just really know how to make fans happy…Kyu had his typical naughty smile afterwards. We couldn’t take a fancam of that cus our memory space ran out.

In Shining Star, this one I really wish someone could take a fancam of that cus Kyu just surprised us by adding some adlibs in the song. At first I thought it was yesung but no, it’s Kyu..he did them so perfectly and beautifully. It was a surprise for us since usually he would always stick to his at the moment some of the boys, especially Teukie were crying so hard because the fans were singing along really loud, that just made the song so was so beautiful.

GEE, then came the moment I was waiting for. Today he’s specially pretty cus he had the blue ribbon on his wig too…it was just toooooo girly. ROFL. He’s just too pretty. Fan were like screamed sooooo loud when his part came…he did the sooyoung’s hair flipping and then just had that evil smile that he knows it everyone would go crazy cus of that…lol

Then in Sunny, Kyu was just soooooo FLIRTY!!! He went hugging Hangeng like he was a real flirty girl…he kept on clinging onto Hangeng like a minute or so….its just…so….okay, I dunno how to explain that..cute and ..weird . lol. Then he just jump onto Hangeng’s back and made HG piggyback him for like…half the stage?? While he was chucking his legs around happily like a kid. And he got back, and immediately he went to Eunhyuk..he was like going nearer and nearer they almost kissed..they kept staring at each other like for some time and kyu just had that Kyu-ish evil grin and then bursted out the laughter. And for the rest of the song he was like running like a girl every where…with the ribbon one, we really cant tell if he’s the flirty and girly. *shake head*

In Pajama Party, like yesterday, he looked for the fans’ phones to take his selca again…you really have to see him, he was like poking his cheeks while thinking which one to get. Fans know it already what he was gonna do so, they just offer him their fans and were like ‘take mine, take mine’, including my friend too. She was like holding a cam in one hand, trying to film the whole thing and handing her phone to kyu with another hand…that was funny. Kekeke

Then in Wonder Boy, he tried to get another fan’s phone but this one I think he just couldn’t figure it out how to take a pic with that phone. After trying for some time he just had to return the phone to the fans while shaking his head..his expression was like ‘I’m sorry but I really cant do this’, then again he went to the fans upstairs. This time I was not so scared anymore cuz I know already it was scripted. Lol. He had lots of interactions with fans..he was like dancing around, waving and yet he took another fan’s cellphone and took a pic of himself again, with the victory sign again..Camwhore KYU!! good thing my friend took a fancam of that. I forgot, here everyone got a water gun and they were playing like crazy.

So, after Wonder Boy, Eetuek started to get really wet and I think Siwon ripped Teuk’s t-shirt til he got helf-naked,and then teuk ripped siwon’s too. When Kyu finished Wonder Boy, he was heading to the front stage. When he saw them he was like ‘ooh, what just happened’. Lol. Then I think he just pick a fan’s towel and cover it for teukie. He did it so sweetly. Lol

Then in Marry U, he was all jumpy in the weird way..even though it was supposed to be touching. Lol

Then the ending, Eeteuk was saying ‘we are super…junior’ line and Kyu just had to add ‘M’ afterward and laughed so I think it was because earlier thai fans did a project for supporting SJ-M while they were performing and Henry and Zhoumi got a chance to say goodbye to fans too (I’m not sure though if the two came out at the end also in other sushow…someone has any idea?)..Maybe Kyu just felt so happy for them both and also, for SJ-M. that’s why. After he said that, Siwon and another member beside him (dunno who, cant remember..) just hit him teasingly a bit..

All in all…he looks so happy today..i got to see more of his dorky sides and he was sooooooo cute, naughty, evil, handsome, pretty and all…plus I think my effort was paid cuz I think he saw my drawing already…and smiled and then waved…so, I just cant be happier. Hehe

I think I just wrote the novel. Sorry for make this fan account this long..but I just have to share everything before I forgot… tomight we got tons of HQ fancams..we wanted to upload them quick in Princekyu youtube channel but there are some technical problems. So, I think you girls might have to wait for a few days. Sorry about that.

cr: Milanista_KakA @

Im finally back!!!!!

this is going to be a purely Suju post. I’m warning you first.

Pre Press Con.
A and I never ever ever ever never ever ever expected to get chosen to go for the press con seriously! I mean, out of 20 000 people, they only chose 3100!!! We started spazzing when we found out 3 of our tickets were chosen.

We reached the venue of the press con at around 10 plus? There was already quite a lot of people. (the press con starts at 6.30PM) Soooo many students skipped school to go!!! I wonder why since we didnt need to queue up. Our ticket was the 300+ ticket so its quite good! (there were 3000 tickets) Hehe Bought SHINee’s RDD and Suju’s Version B cos they came with the official poster. I like the version b poster! berry nice. And its a lot cheaper there. Like SG$12?

Waiting to get into the press con was urhhhh boring. The place was cold and there was nothing to do..

Press Con.
Thai fans were O: O: O: Haha they screamed whenever the huge screen played the fino and 12plus advertisements. Haha When Suju came out, whoa it was crazy. People were pushing and squeezing and screaming and pushing and trying to squuuuueeze. This thai fan told us to hold on to the barricade or we’ll get pulled/pushed/whatever to the back. Hahah Anyway, I was VERY VERY excited because its my first time seeing them and OMG Siwon actually looks reaaaaally handsome real life. Heenim almost fell off his chair halfway and Sungmin was trying to grab him. Haha Heenim blushed after that. How cute!! And then they spoke in thai/korean and I dont understand either… I only understood when Shindong said he was hungry in korean. haha

When any of them said their greetings in thai wrongly, kyuhyun would point his index finger at them and do the “orh hor you said wrongly” thing. Very cute!! Haha

Concert Day One.
We reached at 7 plus and there were already around 30 people in our queue. The waiting was horrible. Super hot, super boring. I’ll just skip to the concert. We managed to get in at around 5. Was able to hold on to the barricade! (Oh yes, Thai fans sang their national anthem before the concert. I was surprised.)

The concert started a little past 6. Its nice seeing them perform A Man in Love live! Very awesome. I think i’ll just write down whatever I rmb. Sorry I cant really exactly rmb every single thing! Oh anyway, there’s a lot a lot of Kyuhyun, Heenim and Donghae fans. Actually I saw everyone’s (all 15 of them) fans!

- Siwon took a banner that said Starcraft and gave it to Kyuhyun.

- Kyuhyun took it and started showing it to people. Then he threw it to the fans.

- Heechul got everyone to shout “Milky skin Kim Heechul, Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul” during his intro.

- During Dont Don, Heenim was at our side. Hahah His dancing was really cute because he was a little off. haha

- During What If, when Sungmin turned to face our side (they were standing on some rotating thing) he pouted (very cute!!!!). Then he smiled. Which made all the fans on our side scream. Hahah

- During Angela, Eunhyuk shouted “Saranghaeyo Lee Hyukjae” (the fanchant) himself after his part. Teukie did the same thing after his part also.

- Eunhyuk and Leeteuk and Shindong were dancing to Abracadabra. They danced to it twice during the concert! Hahah

- During Sunny, Kyuhyun was at our side. He was squating/kneeling with his back facing and we could see his underwear. hahah everyone kept screaming.

- Yesung accidentally knocked into Heenim. Heenim turned around and glared at him. Hahahahah So heenim!

- Heenim was walking and dancing to Genie at the same time!

- Heenim wore a bright hot pink sleeveless silk (i think) shirt for his solo. He took off his blazer half way and everyone started screaming.

- Siwon prayed for thailand/everyone before he left the stage after his solo. It was a really short prayer but I thought it was really nice that he did that.

- Everyone screamed when Zhoumi came out. And also when henry came out with Hangeng.

- Everyone was singing along to Super Girl’s chorus

- A lot of Eunhae moments during Wonderboy. But i couldnt see! I could only see the both of them together.

- Before the encore, Donghae was trying to take off a hat that he took from the fans. But it got stuck and he kept trying to take it out. In the end he just took out his clip/rubber band cos he couldnt get the hat off.

- Siwon emptied his water gun on Teuk during Wonderboy.

- Fans were chanting Kangin Fighting Kibum Come Back after the concert.

- Eunhyuk said “Teukie Hyung” and signaled to him to thank the fans in the first two sections. (This is random but its nice hearing Eunhyuk say Teukie Hyung live! HEHE.

- Teukie threw his character shirt to the fans before leaving the stage

- Yesung threw Donghae’s nemo hat to the fans also.

- Eunhyuk said “I love you baby” before they left the stage.

- The concert ended at 9.30PM.

Omg I seriously can’t rmb!

Concert Day Two.
Started exactly at 6. Because they had to catch a flight after the concert so they couldnt afford to delay.

- Thai fans kept doing the wave thing before the concert. When the wave successfully passes from one side to the other, everyone will start screaming and clapping.

- Donghae helped the other 10 take a picture during Angela (or Disco Drive) It was really cute!!!!!

- Then Sungmin helped Donghae to take a picture. Someone joined in. Yesung I think.

- During Ryeowook’s solo, when the woman was trying to get close to him, the fans kept waving their hands (like signaling the girl to go away)

- During Shining Star, everyone was singing along. Teuk looked at Siwon and gave him a thumbs up sign. After awhile, Teuk started crying. Fans were screaming.

- Then Yesung cried as well.

- Eunhyuk and Shindong was doing RDD during one of the Supy or trot songs.

- Heenim makes a really cute Magic Dragon.

- Teukie slipped when he was climbing up the stairs during Puff the Magic Dragon. Luckily he didnt fall.

- Heenim and Shindong danced to RDD’s Rocko rocko part during Puff the Magic Dragon.

- Shindong piggybacked heenim off stage.

- Hangeng took this picture of heenim from the fans and showed it to heenim. Heenim saw the picture and kept laughing. He was really happy and went around showing it to the other members. (He didnt show us the picture!!)

- Before they left the stage (the ‘fake’ ending of the concert), Hangeng and Heechul were walking back to the main stage together. Their hands were on each other’s shoulders. Everyone was screaming.

- Siwon ripped Teukie’s shirt during Wonderboy. Teukie chased him to the main stage and Siwon just kept running away.

- But teukie was still wearing a singlet. Then someone ripped it off as well! It looked like he was wearing a tube top. Poor boy was so embarrassed he kept trying to cover himself up with towels. Kyuhyun was helping him cover up this arms/shoulder area. Then idontknowwhy the towels went missing and he was wearing angel wings (from the fans) Heenim was helping him with it. Hahha

- Eunhyuk, Siwon and some others kept emptying their water guns on Teukie. He was completely drenched!

- Fans kept spraying Sungmin and Shindong with their water guns. So the both of them stood there and kept spraying at the fans.

- Eunhyuk was wearing super huge spectacles and a duckie float and walking around during Wonderboy.

- Sungmin also wore the huge specs and he stood there awhile. He even posed for people to take picture!

- Then Teukie was wearing the duckie float and running around.

- Heenim made Siwon piggyback him.

- They changed the order of the songs and sang Marry U last.

- Eunhyuk kept rapping randomly at the end! Like really random! hahah too cute.

- When they were bowing to the fans, (with their backs facing us) Ryeowook bowed and then waved to us at the back when he was still bowing. Very cute!!

- Teukie got the all of us to shout Su-per Ju-ni-or

- Then he got us to shout Saranghaeyo Kim Kibum/Kim Youngwoon.

- Siwon pulled Zhoumi and Henry out at the end.

- Teukie led all of us to chant their names. It was nice because everyone was chanting their names.

- They started pouring water on Zhoumi and Henry.

- Eunhyuk said “Eunhae” before he left the stage. WHOOOHOOO. :D

- The concert ended at exactly 9PM.

- Fans started singing So I (its a fan project) after Marry U because we didnt sing it the day before.

end of fan account.

Last note: I think thai fans are really supportive! They know all the fan chants, they know all the lyrics, they sing along, they make tons of banners and cute stuff to throw on stage, they scream shout everything. Haha No wonder Suju keeps going to Thailand!

Sorry this is completely messy because its all over in my head now! I’ll add more when I rmb!

Ming looks absolutely cute I want to squish his cheeks and put him in my pocket so i can bring him home. He keeps smiling and his smile is jadbnajsdbahs ccccute.

Heenim is really pretty! His eyes are extremely huge and omg he’s just sooo pretty. And Heenim keeps doing cute stuff like dancing/moving cutely. -falls over-

Eunhyuk is too cute. Everything he does is cute. HEH BIASED.

Teukie is soooooooooo cute also.

Shindong is actually not that fat in real life!

by: chelseachua @ twelfs

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