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Friday, December 18, 2009

Choi Si Won-fancafe entry, Semir winter posters, SJM in Taiwan

09.11.23 19:06 Siwon Fancafe Entry
everyone how’s life ^^

it’s been long time you haven’t forget me right? ㅎㅎ (even if i’m forgotten serve me right..Hmm.. )
the weather in korea’s really chilly now so wear more clothes that can keep you warm when you go out everyone in SIWONEST!

the reason why i’m here is

everyone who’s got problems or need to pray please leave a message (in detail/specifically) ^^
i’ll pray for you too :)

doing this it’s like family ^0^

do not catch a cold everyone :)

God Bless


source: the siwonest
translated by; carolyn @

091203 Siwon Fancafe Entry
09.12.03 01:04

it’s all thanks to everyone’s prayers and support the Bangkok concert ended successfully and i returned safely ^-^
thank you, thank you , xiexie, khob khun krab, arigato gozaimasu etcetc :)
anyhow i’m really thankful to everyone ^0^

and this week i’ll be going to Taiwan for Super Junior M’s fanmeeting
hope it will end successfully like in Thailand
everyone please pray that there will be happy moments together with the fans in taiwan ^-^
i read the replies to my message last week and it’s really good ^-^
i’m really thankful for all the prayers for my team and I. .. :)
but it’s a pity if (the fans’) real names were provided i can pray and give more details (to God)
it’ll be better if you write your real name :) (yereuldeulreo daye heesun jueon suyeon mihwa mira nari dajung yoonji yoonhye yerim yueun etc ,
especially! yoonji-yang maternal-uncle you’ll get well soon no worries!, sumin-yang’s grandfather you’ll get well soon too! and paranhaebaragi-nim
read this and smile for 5 seconds ^0^!! )
please pray to God Father please pray for hyukjaeeuijebalkyun-nim.. for keunom-nim.. please pray for daeseneunsibsamida-nim
at this rate (typing) can be abit … of a problem so maybe i request that you write your real names ^0^
i really read all the replies carefully so those with problems let’s share them :)
you don’t know how much strength can be given just by praying for each other ^0^

anyway! please do not catch a cold and continue to pray :) !!

love u n miss you all !

source: the siwonest
translated by; carolyn @
i wish i could sign up in sm town suju official page..T.T.. it's hard for me because i'm not korean T.T
those above from siwonest page.
Siwon On SEMIR Winter Posters In Stores

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this below article i translate using google translator, maybe there's still confusing words.
슈주-M, 800 fans in Taiwan airport was branded 'the confusion' ... swept Pop Chart

[My Daily = muntaegyeong News] Mini Album Vol 1 'SUPER GIRL (Supergirl), Taiwan, China, Thailand, the Philippines and other Asian Super Junior-M is sweeping the last 4 days, peuromosyeoncha Taiwan welcomed the first hot ipseonghae received.

이번 방문은 슈퍼주니어-M의 대만 첫 공식 일정인 만큼 공항에는 이른 아침부터 슈퍼주니어-M을 보기 위해 800 여명의 팬들이 운집해 북새통을 이뤘다. The visit of Taiwan's first official Super Junior-M iljeongin at the airport from early morning as Super Junior-M and more than 800 fans gathered for the confusion and won.

첫 번째 일정으로 열린 슈퍼주니어-M 대만 방문 기념 기자회견에서 CTV, CTS, TTV 등의 방송과 대만연합보, 중국시보, 자유시보 등의 신문 등 약 80개 매체 100 여명의 취재진이 참석, 열띤 취재경쟁을 펼쳐 슈퍼주니어-M에 대한 대만 현지의 높은 관심을 실감케 했다. Opened the first Super Junior-M Schedule Visit the Memorial at a press conference in Taiwan CTV, CTS, TTV and other broadcast and daemanyeonhapbo, China Times, Free Times and other media like newspapers, approximately 80 attended by more than 100 reporters, a heated competition coverage Super Junior-M held on for a high interest in Taiwan's local silgamke said.

특 히 이날 기자회견에서 슈퍼주니어-M은 지난 9월 발매된 미니앨범 1집 'SUPER GIRL'이 G-Music, Five Music, KMCC 등의 음반판매량 집계차트는 물론 대만 남부에서 청취율 1위를 자랑하는 KISS RADIO 중국어차트, CHT, TWM, FET 등의 모바일 서비스 차트에서도 컬러링 다운로드 1위를 차지하는 등 대만의 각종 음악차트를 석권을 기념하는 상패를 선물로 받았다. In particular, this press conference, Super Junior-M mini-album, released last September Vol 1 'SUPER GIRL' The G-Music, Five Music, KMCC and the aggregate music sales charts, as well as in southern Taiwan, boasts over one cheongchwiyul KISS RADIO Chinese charts, CHT, TWM, FET, such as coloring in the mobile download charts as one of Taiwan's various accounts over the Pop Chart and swept into a memorial plaque was presented.

이 날에는 또 '장난스런 키스', '연애계약' 등으로 국내에서도 유명한 대만의 인기 여배우 임의신이 슈퍼주니어-M의 대만 방문을 환영하기 위해 기자회견에 특별 게스트로 참석, 슈퍼주니어-M 멤버들과 친분을 과시해 현지 언론의 스포트라이트를 받기도 했다. Said that the 'naughty kiss', 'love contracts' due to the popularity of Taiwan's domestic well-known actress in the Super Junior-M in any god to visit Taiwan to welcome a special guest to attend the press conference, Super Junior-M members and Local media spotlight gwasihae acquaintance has been given.

슈퍼주니어-M의 입국 현장과 기자회견 모습은 당일 저녁 ERA, TVBS 등 각종 TV뉴스를 통해 대대적으로 보도되면서, 일거수일투족이 화제가 되고 있는 슈퍼주니어-M의 인기를 다시 한번 확인시켜 주었다. Super Junior-M's entry field and press conference that evening, his ERA, TVBS, etc. extensively reported by various TV news doemyeonseo, every move this topic to become a Super Junior-M's popularity once again confirms.

한편 5박 6일의 일정으로 대만을 방문한 슈퍼주니어-M은 팬미팅은 물론 각종 매체 인터뷰와 라디오, TV 프로그램 출연 등으로 바쁜 프로모션 일정을 진행할 예정이다. The five nights six days to schedule a visit to Taiwan, as well as Super Junior-M is paenmitingeun various media and radio interviews, TV appearances such programs will continue a busy promotional schedule.

[슈퍼주니어-M. [Super Junior-M. 사진제공 = SM엔터] = SM Large Photo]

문태경 기자 News muntaegyeong
슈주-M, Taiwan's first best-seller paenpati Address copy

[OSEN=이정아 기자]대만 프로모션을 펼치고 있는 슈퍼주니어-M이 이번에는 팬들과 즐거운 만남을 가졌다. [OSEN = 이정아 News] China Super Junior-M and four other promotions for their new fans and had a good meeting.

5 일 오후 7시 30분, 대만 타이페이 국제 컨벤션 센터(KICC)에서 대만 첫 팬파티를 개최한 슈퍼주니어-M은 노래는 물론 게임, 토크 등 다양한 순서로 공연장을 가득 채운 3000여명의 관객과 함께 교감하며 유쾌한 시간을 보냈다. 5 days 7:30 p.m., Taipei International Convention Center (KICC) in Taiwan held the first paenpatireul Super Junior-M, as well as singing games, talk to a variety of venues in the order of 3,000 spectators filled with sympathy and spent a pleasant time.

미 니앨범 1집 타이틀 곡 'SUPER GIRL'로 화려하게 시작된 이번 공연에서 슈퍼주니어-M은 '到了明天(따오러밍티엔)''迷(Me)''至少还有你(지소환유니)' 등의 히트곡과 중화권 인기스타 광량의 '童话(통화)' 등을 열창해 관객들을 매료시켰다. Mini Album Vol 1 title track, 'SUPER GIRL' as the show started brilliantly in the Super Junior-M '到了明天(Tian-Ming Wang got one Russian)''迷(Me)''至少还有你(Unicode branch exchange) and Taiwanese popular songs and stars of light '童话(currency) and yeolchanghae audience was captivated.

특히 멤버들 모두 대만 팬들을 위해 특별한 개인무대를 준비해 색다른 즐거움을 안겼다. The members of Taiwan all the fans of the stage ready for the special personal pleasure landed unusual. 파 워풀한 댄스 퍼포먼스의 한경, 주걸륜의 '安静(안찡)'을 피아노 연주와 함께 선사한 헨리, 제이슨 므라즈의 'I'm yours'를 부른 동해, 대만 가수 소경등의 '原谅我(웬량워)'를 열창한 규현 등 멤버별로 다채로운 무대도 선보여 마치 슈퍼주니어-M의 미니콘서트 현장을 방불케 했다. Hankyung of powerful dance performances, the jugeolryun '安静(anjjing) seonsahan with a piano player Henry, Jason meurajeuui' I'm yours 'and called the East Sea, including Taiwan, the blind singer'原谅我(wenryangwo) by members of such diverse yeolchanghan gyuhyeon introduced the stage like a Super Junior-M's mini-concert was reminiscent of the scene.

또 이날 팬파티에는 대만 인기그룹 F4의 멤버 바네스가 관람해 눈길을 끌었으며 바네스는 공연이 끝난 후 대기실에 찾아와 슈퍼주니어-M 멤버들과 훈훈한 우정을 나누기도 했다는 후문이다. The popular Taiwanese group F4 paenpatieneun a member of the eclectic baneseuga had caught his eye, Barnes arrived in the waiting room after the show Super Junior-M members and also had a warm friendship, sharing is the back door.

슈퍼주니어-M은 “대만 팬 여러분과 가까이에서 만나 특별한 추억을 쌓을 수 있어 무척 기쁘고 행복한 시간이었다. Super Junior-M is "close to Taiwan and the fans can meet to gain special memories were very happy happy hour. 앞으로도 멋진 음악과 무대를 선보일 테니 많은 응원과 사랑 부탁 드린다”고 소감을 밝혔다. We'll showcase the great music and the stage will offer more support and love, please, "he said Testimonials.

한 편, 슈퍼주니어-M은 6일 오후 2시, 다시 한번 팬파티를 통해 대만 팬들과 만남을 가지며 7, 8일에는 동풍TV 음악프로그램 'FUN음악', CTITV 인기 버라이어티쇼 '전민최대당', GTV 오락프로그램 '오락100%' 등에 출연하며 5박 6일의 대만 프로모션 일정을 마무리 한다. Meanwhile, Super Junior-M 6 am to 2 pm, meeting fans and once again, Taiwan has a paenpatireul 7, 8 On Dongfeng TV music program 'FUN music', CTITV beorayieotisyo popular, and people per Choi ', GTV entertainment program Entertainment 100%, and promotional appearances, and 5 nights 6 days, Taiwan will finish the schedule.
<사진>SM엔터테인먼트 제공. "Pictures> SM provides entertainment.
온라인으로 받아보는 스포츠 신문, 디지털 무가지 OSEN Fun&Fun, 매일 2판 발행 ☞ 신문보기 Take online watch sports newspaper, digital mugaji OSEN Fun & Fun, 2nd edition published daily newspaper ☞ View
[Copyright ⓒ 한국 최고의 스포츠 엔터테인먼트 전문 미디어 OSEN( 제보및 보도자료 무단전재 및 재배포 금지] [Copyright ⓒ Korea's top sports and entertainment specialist media OSEN ( tip and press reprint and redistribution prohibited]
[ENG SUB] 091204 SJM @ China YES! Press Conference in Taiwan

Dec 9, 2009 SJM on Wan Quan Yu Le/Complete Entertainment
N.B N = Narrator, H = Host (at the press conference – from the voice, it sounds like Pink Tsien, the host who always interviews Super Junior when they’re in Taiwan… Shindong’s “bride”! ^^ But I’m not sure)

Super Junior M
Dec 2009 Wan Quan Yu Le

Narrator: Super Junior became well known all over Asia due to their song “Sorry Sorry”. SJ has now introduced a special Chinese subgroup, Super Junior M in order to enter the Chinese market. Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and three Chinese, Hangeng, Henry and Zhou Mi, makes up the seven members of SJM. As expected, their first mini album has swept top rankings in different charts in Taiwan.

From hearing the calls of many fans, Super Junior M came to Taiwan to hold a fan meeting. As well as this, it’s the first time all of the seven members of SJM have ever been in Taiwan together. At the press conference, the members all wore matching black suits to meet the media.

HG: This is the first time Super Junior M has been in Taiwan to introduce ourselves. Hello everybody, we are Super Junior
All: M!
RW: Hello everybody, I am Ryeowook.
Henry: Hello everybody, I am Super Junior M’s youngest member Henry. We have finally come to Taiwan, thank you all for welcoming us!
DH: Long time no see Taiwan, I am Donghae.
HG: Hello everybody, I am Super Junior M’s leader, Han Geng.
SW: Hello everybody, I’m Choi Siwon. Thank you all for attending today.
KH: Hello everybody, I am Kyuhyun. I am very happy to be here.
ZM: Hello everybody, I am Super Junior’s M Chinese member Zhou Mi.
N: To keep up the concert of their song name, Super Girl, it was unavoidable to ask the seven men who their ideal Super Girls were. As predicted, the members’ chose their fans. However, Donghae’s answer made everyone laugh.
DH: Uh, my Super Girl is a girl with a pretty forehead.
Host: Uhh… hair?
DH: No, forehead.
H: Oh forehead! So if they are ugly everywhere else, it won’t matter?
DH: It doesn’t matter!
H: So if the girl had a pretty forehead but was extremely overweight, Donghae will still say “You’re my Super Girl!”
N: To support SJM, Ariel Lin, who has filmed an MV with Donghae and Siwon before, came to the press meeting to present a gift to look after their throats/voices, “pipagao”. The host decided to create a game where the winner will get fed pipagao by Ariel Lin. Unpredictably; this caused jealousy between the members.
H: Henry! Henry managed to KO you all in one go!
HG: Henry, how come you’re not this good when we’re at home?
H: Henry close your eyes, don’t be shy!
(Ryeowook feeds Henry)
H: Hahaha, Henry that was a trick, that wasn’t Ariel Lin!
(Ariel feeds Henry)
H: Enjoy the taste of pipagao!
N: Suddenly Siwon decided to “bao liao”*. Apparently Ryeowook also likes Ariel Lin, and whenever there’s a competitor, Donghae will get jealous.
SW: Ryeowook really likes Ariel Lin.
H: Oh really? Okay, Ariel, how about you feed all three of them?
Ariel: Okay.
SW: He really likes her dramas. He watches them everyday.
H: So Ariel and Ryeowook…
Siwon and Hangeng feeds each other)
H: … and this side has to cross arms to feed each other first. Siwon and Hangeng “cross feeds” pipagao!
(Ryeowook busy trying to eat the pipagao)
H: Ryeowook, would you like to be fed by Ariel Lin?
RW: Uh!
SW: He’s very nervous!
H: He’s very nervous?
RW: Can she (feed me) ?
H: Yes! (RW: OHHH!) No problem! Whatever you ask for, we will say yes!
N: In order to enter the Chinese market, apart from the 3 members who can speak Chinese already, the other 4 members are studying hard. Listening to Koreans speaking fluent Chinese is really admirable.
H: I want to ask, out of the 7 members, which member’s Chinese has improved the most? Maybe the translator can translate…
SW (interrupting): I think Donghae has improved a lot!
H: You understood?!
SW: We all understand Chinese!
H: You all understand! Sorry sorry sorry sorry! You all understand!
SW: We understand but cannot speak.
H: Ohhh!! So you all understand?
SW: Yes.
H: I think Siwon’s Chinese has improved a lot!
SW: No no no, we’re all the same!
H: You’re all as good as each other… but Donghae is the best?
DH: No, I do not speak Chinese well!
N: Although Donghae claims he does not speak Chinese well, at the conference, he performed a scene of wooing a girl with leader Hangeng!
DH: Hello, I’m Donghae! Do you have any free time?
HG: I’m really busy at the moment!
DH: You’re very busy? (HG: Mmmm) Uhh…
HG: I’m in a rush, do you have something to say?
DH: Uhh… give me your phone number!
HG: Cell/mobile number right? (DH: Yes!) Uhh, I don’t have a cell/mobile.
DH: You don’t have one? (HG: Yeah) I’ll buy one for you!
HG: Really?! I also don’t have a car or a house!
N: SJ-M’s humour made the originally serious conference full of a happy atmosphere, and they showed their funny and cute side to the reporters. In tomorrow’s Wan Quan Yue Le, we will show footage of the most interesting parts of SJ-M’s fan meeting in Taiwan. Fans of SJM, don’t miss out!
*“bao liao” – sort of like telling a secret
News clip:
14:12 Fan Party has started, the opening song is Super Girl, clothes are the same as yesterday’s >< fans =" ="" back =" ="///" waved =" ="" alone=" ="///Siwon and Zhoumi are whispering to each other><><><>< style="font-size:130%;">Siwon’s turn to pick, the host asked the audience who would like to play with Siwon. The fans were very enthusiastic. Siwon said thank you very shyly>< size="4">Siwon shouted bobo- -The host asked if Siwon is alright with bobo? Siwon pointed at Donghae and said, “He bobo me everyday”- -
14:41 Donghae laid his head on the fan’s shoulder and made a face>< fan=" ="">< hug=" ="In" stage=" ="">< picked=" ="" style="font-size:130%;">Siwon, Siwon touched his chin= =
15:24 Siwon’s gift is a wristlet, Siwon said that he likes wristlets a lot
15:26 Kyuhyun’s gift is a tee that he wore to bed. Lake blue t-shirt 15:26 Donghae then very greedily put all the gifts that the members had prepared into his own pocket= =The girl said (he’s) very cute
15:27 Zhoumi prepared a black rimmed glasses><><><>< size="4">Siwon did not put the wristlet on the fan’s wrist, at the side Donghae ‘scolded’, “Siwon pabo, Siwon pabo”= =
15:46 Forgot to add, Donghae still hasn’t gotten a haircut= =
15:47 Donghae tried to chat with the girls in front- -Giving them the thumbs-up sign- -After Kyuhyun gave his gift away, Donghae said, “Gongxi Gongxi Gongxifacai*- -”
15:48 Zhoumi asked the fan, “Is your eyesight good?” Donghae said to himself at the side that his eyesight is bad><>< size="4">Siwon’s turn for solo><><>< size="4">Siwon said that he realised something today, even though everyone is different, but everyone has a kind heart, just like a beautiful angel. Even though it’s the last Fan Party today, but will meet everyone next February. Hope before then, everyone will take care of themselves, he will pray for everyone.
16:06 Donghae saw our girl waving at him~He then signal at them
16:07 Kyuhyun said that if they had worked harder before, they would be able to share more with everyone now. (Said that very sadly, seems like he’s choking) Donghae consoled him, asking him not to cry, and then he used his hand to wiped the tears off Kyuhyun
16:08 Donghae sprouted suddenly, “Do not have an affair”= =
16:09 Now the fans said (to the boys), “Super Junior M, We Love You…”
16:10 Everyone sang ‘Tong Hua**’ together
16:15 They’re singing ‘At least there’s still you’, during Donghae’s part he signalled for the fans to sing along. He then positioned himself to sing towards the rainbow towels= =
16:17 Donghae put up his arms and led the fans to wave their lightsticks~
16:20 Everyone’s shouting for encore
16:21 Encore song. ‘Mi’
16:40 It’s over * – a famous night market in Taipei ** – a phrase he learnt on Happy Camp * – as in they’ve been ignoring him ** – (rough translation of) a Chinese proverb * – a greeting one said during Lunar New Year ** – a Mandarin pop song, basically means fairy tale Source: ELFISH shared by:jereca213@wordpress
[Fanaccount] Interacting with some of the boys I was in the last row, really far, I was trying to take video but I was really far away from the stage and I was recording when the boys was taking the ‘lucky tickets’ from the box. I didn’t expect anything because I was really far and there were a lot of fans. But Siwon took my ticket and I almost collapse! I was so surprise and the first moment I didn’t understand what was going on, because he said the ticket number in Chinese! But the fans around me started to scream “it’s you! it’s you” and I was like “WHAAAAT?” so a guy from the staff came to me and asked me to show the ticket! And I didn’t remember where the heck the ticket was! I was so nervous! But finally I found it. So I when to the stage I nearly faint when I saw them so clear! And one of the girls from the staff explained me in english and in spanish! What I had to do. Then was my turn and I went to the stage with the boys~ The MC spoke english! And she asked me, “who chose you?”, I said “Siwon” and Siwon came near to me. Oh my god! Siwon is so tall I was like a kind of doll next to him! So I was so nervous but I dared to speak because… come on! It’s a huge opportunity! Video:…player_embedded (26.0 Second)
Helsic: Do you speak english?
Siwon: Yeah sure
H: Nice to meet you
Siwon: Nice to meet you I’m Choi Siwon (wow his english accent was pretty good!)
Siwon: Where you came from?
H: I’m from Colombia!
Siwon: WOW Colombia! (He opened his eyes widely)
H: it’s in south America, do you know something? You have many fans in Latin America and Spain!
Siwon: Really? I don’t think so…(he grinned)
So he showed me with his hand that I have to go to the chairs for the game. We started to play with the music.when the music stopped I quicly sat down. So DongHae was by my side and as soon he realised I was so fast he touched me in my shoulder to catch my attention and he rised his hand like ” give me five! ” so I did it! (1.39 minute) then he laughed softly.
SJ-M sings in Chinese; Siwon wants God to kiss his lips? Korean boyband SJ-M has arrived in Taiwan, and all of their seven members have outdone themselves. Not only did they walk down the stage during their performance to get closer to the audience, they sang more than 12 songs during the entire fan meet, including title track [SUPER GIRL]. Henry, who is of Taiwanese descent, also played and sang [An Jing], one of Jay Chou’s biggest hits. All of this only served to show how close they could get to their Taiwanese fans. SJ-M’s fan meet was held yesterday at the Taiwan International Convention Centre, and was extremely different from the fan meets of other Korean artistes who had visited Taiwan. Apart from showing MVs during breaks and playing games with fans like most fan meets, at least three million TWD was spent just on the lighting and 3D effects for the stage. When interacting with the fans, Donghae sweet-talked to them: “Hi my dearest babies, I’m Donghae”, “Do you want to marry me?”, causing the entire venue to erupt into screams. Fans replied with “Saranghaeyo”, showing their intense support for their idols. SJ-M played a musical version of [As The Wind Blows] (non-competitive substitute for musical chairs), and the fans that won could get hugs from the members. Even those who lost could have a handshake as well. The members also displayed their talents and prowess at Chinese by singing a few of Taiwan’s latest songs: Zhoumi sang Frankie Wong’s [只要你快樂 Only If You’re Happy], Kyuhyun performed Jam Hsiao’s [原諒我 Forgive Me] and Ryeowook did a rendition of F.I.R’s [我們的愛 Our Love] amongst other performances. Donghae did a dance version of Jason Mraz’s [I’m Yours], and Hangeng also showed off a solo hiphop routine, eliciting screams from the fangirls downstage. Siwon, on the other hand, sang a Chinese gospel song [Happy Day], and one line was supposed to go: [神啊,你淨洗我的罪 God, you cleanse my sins], but due his mispronounciation it became [親親我的嘴 Kiss my lips] instead, making the fans blush. (Siwon mispronounced the second line) During his performance, he suddenly appeared on the fourth level, ambushing the fans from behind and creating another climax for the fan meeting. After all performances had ended, the fans continued to shout for an encore, and words of thanks from SJ-M were played on the huge screen onstage. Lastly in the midst of a warm atmosphere, the 7 members of SJ-M reappeared singing [Me], signifying that they will always be one with the fans. SJ-M has one more fan meet session this afternoon at 2PM, and are estimated to leave Taiwan on the 9th.

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