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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Dear visitor, i can not update news for December 11-17 2009 due to my trip to Hongkong and China. I will update soon after those days.
Color magazine

SNSD Super Junior, Seoul Song MV

“Infinitely yours, Seoul”
‘Seoul is here for me,’ ‘Seoul has so many adventures waiting for me,’ ‘Seoul has everything I need’

SJ-M is moved by Taiwan fans and they wish to come again next year

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To SUPER JUNIOR M(SJ-M), the Taiwan fans was really so passionate that they were so shocked and moved! After successfully completing their 2 days’s fan party at Taipei’s International Conference Centre, the 7 SJ-M members did not have any free time left. However, they still expressed that they hope to come again next year. Besides that, Hangeng, who had a scandal earlier on has also cleared with the Media in an interview that he did not have anything with the other party. Because of the scandal, his friends did not dare to go out with him!

SJ-M played even bigger during the fan party on the 6th. They even went to the extend that they were giving out their personal pyjamas and lipbalm! At the end, 3 thousand fans went to stalk them and Kyuhyun shocked the other members by tearing. He expressed that the reason he teared was because he was so touched by the passionate atmosphere the fans had given him. However,SJ-M was worried that the fans might get hurt so they hope that they would be careful of their safety.

Although SJ-M was in Taiwan for 6 days 5 nights, they completely did not have time to go out and walk. Zhoumi, who claimed he goes shopping to relieve stress, also did not have a chance to shop. Leader Hangeng thinks that ever since they arrived in Taiwan, the members Siwon, Donghae,Ryeowook and Kyuhyun’s chinese has improved tremendously. Besides,he has also cleared his scandal with Li Xiaolu. Both of the parties expressed that they really have nothing with each other and they also said that now, none of their boy or girl friends dared to go out with them anymore. Siwon, who was at the side, said “Its because the media are very concerned about SJ-M and thats why they will notice all our movements!”


Translated by ☆Yoojin @ SJ-WORLD.NET

SJ-M faces off with their Taiwanese parody counterparts


Korean boyband Super Junior-M held their second fan meet on the 6th, at the Taipei International Convention Centre. After last night when Donghae hugged a fan from the back, Kyuhyun unleashed his ultimate move: when playing games with the fans, he piggybacked the fan assigned to him, eliciting screams and laughs from all the fans present.

Before performing [童話 Fairytale], Kyuhyun thanked the fans for all of their support, and actually cried while doing so. The fans then shouted “Jiayou!” in support of their idol.

After the fan meet, SJ-M proceeded to Tai Hou Dien for mala hotpot, and the entire basement was booked for them. The fans on the other hand, had already reserved the upper levels, and SJ-M’s manager even treated them to drinks.

Tonight, SJ-M will guest on Chungtian’s [全民最大黨 The Biggest Political Party], and face off with their parody counterparts “Super Juni-er” for the very first time. Lots of laughs are expected for this particular recording, so fans can anticipate their performance on the show.

Source: Yahoo! TW

Translated by: [info]theretroradio@omonatheydidnt

Super Juni-er are from that one Taiwanese tv show … always dancing to sorry, sorry ^^
SJ-M goes on “Big Party” to battle “Sorry Sorry” Dance

Super Junior-M visited popular Taiwanese TV show “Nation’s Big Party” (全民最大黨) on December 7th to meet their famous rivals/impersonators. Comedian Kuo Tze-Cheng (郭子乾) was originally set to impersonate South Korea President Lee Myung-Bak, and prepared to welcome them with a speech in Korean. However, the group would prefer not to be associated with politics so the skit had to be cancelled.

Kuo Tze-Cheng impersonated South Korea President Lee Myung-Bak and was practicing his welcome speech in Korean backstage.

“Big Party” producers stated that they will not broadcast any parts with impersonation of President Lee Myung-Bak. However, Kuo Tze-Cheng insisted on watching off-stage in full presidential make-up, he said, “You guys don’t have treat me like the president, just think of me as an old man.” His appearance was so realistic that the SJ-M members can’t help but bow to him. Kuo Tze-Cheng wasn’t worried that his Korean speech would be wasted, “No problem! I will do it with my “Jerry Yan” impersonation a bit later.”

Cast members Chen Han-Dian and Honduras’ androgynous impersonation of Girls’ Generation made SJ-M feel sick.

Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” became hugely popular in Taiwan after cast members of “Nation’s Big Party” impersonated their dance earlier this year. Comedian Ah-Ken disguised himself as leader Leeteuk and led his crew “Super Juni-er” (Super juni兒) to a dance battle with Hangeng and Donghae. He arrogantly asked, “This dance has been modified, you guys better match us.”

Siwon begged for mercy as Na-Dou got beaten up.

The celebration party didn’t finish until 3 AM, with realistic performances from the cast members that even somewhat frightened SJ-M. Siwon helped to beg for mercy when comedian Na-Dou (納豆) was beaten up by Ah-Ken and Cong-Cong (從從) with a foam stick; Cong-Cong also accidentally hit himself with a piece of wood, and got a big bump on his head. Hangeng explained that he was moved by the casts’ over-the-top craziness, “Thank you very much, they put a lot of effort (into the show).” The show will air on December 31st at 9PM on CtiTV.

Ryeowook fed Taiwanese delicacy “stinky tofu” to cast member Hsu Jie-Hui.

We will have to wait for a few more weeks to see SJ-M on the show. In the meantime, let’s watch Ah-Ken and friends do “New Moon”, and explain how to test if someone is a vampire or not…

Source: Chinatimes

Translations: PA@cpopaccess
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Super Junior’s 3rd album has ranked #1 best-selling album on the dosmetic music store site sinnara & hottracks.

Super Junior’s 3rd album “Sorry sorry” and G-Dragon’s solo album “Heartbreaker” both got No.1 & No.2 on the selling chart at sinnara & hottracks (the selling number was counted from January 1st to November 30th). According to SM Entertainment on December 12th, “Sorry sorry” has sold 250,683 copies (online selling 135,269 copies & store selling 115,404 copies).

On sinnara, #3 is SS501’s minialbum “Rebirth”, #4 is SNSD’s 2nd minialbum “Tell me your wish”, #5 is SNSD’s 1st minialbum “Gee”. On hottracks, #3 is 2NE1’s 1st minialbum, #4 is Seo Taiji’s 8th album “ATOMOS”, #5 is Shinee’s 2nd minialbum “Romeo”

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Siwon backstage with fans, December 2009

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