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Monday, December 28, 2009

Choi Si Won-The Best Foreign artist,Super Girl photoshoot,MSN Xinyue Dialogue SJ-M Interview,January 2010 Issue of ReiLi, SJM Interview

12 Plus Pocket Moisture Cologne CF – Happy New Year Version (LQ)

SUPER GIRL album photoshoot version A + B

SJ M Won The Best Foreign (Overseas) Artist at China Wireless (Digital Music) Award

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This was before Oct 15 2009.

MSN Xinyue Dialogue SJ-M Interview

Host: Welcome to MSN Chinese Interview, “Xin Yue Dialogue” programme. I’m Wang Jiang Yue. I’ll be the host for today. Today we’ve invited an idol group that swept all of Asia on their feets, Super Junior-M. This time they’ve came back with a brand new album, Super Girl. This album is not only a gift for the fans, it has also let us know and understand them better in many different areas. Will these 7 handsome boys be the Super Man in everyone’s heart? Please follow me, and let’s enter their world.
-super girl mv’s excerpt-
Popular Idol Group – Super Junior-M
Super Junior super girl: The ideal girl
Host: Okay I’ll like to greet all of you. So when greeting all of you, I’ll need to say “Hi EVERYONE”, isn’t that right? Hehe…

Geng: Yes, we’ve a lot of people(we’re a very big group). Firstly we’ll like to say hello to everyone. Hi everybody, we’re Super Junior –

All: M!

Ryeowook: Hi everyone, I’m Li Xu

Henry: Hi everyone, I’m Henry.

Host: Mm.

Donghae: Hi everyone, I’m Dong Hai

Geng: Hi everyone, I’m Han Geng.

Siwon: Hi everyone , I’m Shi Yuan (he pronounced it wrongly so the host corrected it for him. Because the way he said it, it means 10bucks. XD)

Kyuhyun: Hi everyone, I’m Gui Xian .

ZhouMi: Hi everyone, I’m Zhou Mi .

Host: I heard that among you’all, Siwon really likes nice weathers right?

Geng: He really likes to take photographs. So when the weather is good, he will take his camera and go around taking photos.

Host: The weather is really good today. I guess your mood is not bad too.

Siwon: I really like…-looks at Geng for help-

Geng: Hao tian qi (good weathers)

Siwon: yeah, good weathers.

Host: May I ask if your sitting positions are already fixed like that, or is it randomly you’ll just sit down?

Geng: Uhm, even before Super Junior-M’s debut till now, regardless of is it photoshoots or interviews, we’ll be in this position.

Host: Ah…so this position is already fixed.

Geng: It looks really clean like that. (He means it like… organized and neat)

Host: When Super Junior M goes on china shows, you’all would be nervous. Is it because of pure nervousness or is it due to communication problems since some korean members are not very fluent in the language, which caused nervousness?

Geng: Mm, I think we would all be nervous to a certain extent. For example, the korean members would be tensed up because they can’t express themselves very fluently in the language. As for me, it’ll be like, I’m afraid they would not be able to understand some things. So it’ll be abit difficult for them to have good interactions with the hosts on shows.

Host: Ahh, yes, yes, yes.

Geng: So it’ll make me quite nervous, haha.

Host: So HanGeng being in the middle is quite appropriate, since you need to be the spokesperson for the group and also taking the job of a half-translator.

Geng: Actually it’s not that bad, we have Zhou Mi.

Zhou Mi : You observe that Henry, Hangeng and my sitting position is at both sides and one in the middle. So each person would be in charge of each side.

Host: So now let’s have a little chat with Donghae. Just now you smiled. But before that I observed that you’ve been quite cool. You’re abit solemn. So I’ll like to ask if the normal Donghae have more smiling moments or cool ones? (OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS. HOW CAN DONGHAE BE SOLEMN. LOOOL.)

Donghae: Actually normally I won’t have the “cool” feel. I would be expressionless. It makes people think that I’m not happy and unapproachable. Actually I’m not like that. It’s just that usually I don’t have much expressions. (all in korean)

Host: Oh…so you’re those with little expressions…

Geng: Yeah, he’s acting cool.

Host: Oh, hahaha. Acting cool? Hahaha~

Host: Okay now I’ll like to tell you something. You must be very excited and elated so you must smile. That is, everyone knows that 15th Oct is your birthday, so we want to wish you a happy birthday in advance.

Donghae: Ah, thank you.

Host: Happy Birthday, Donghae.

Geng: Actually a few days earlier it was Henry’s birthday.

Host: Oh, is it? Oh, the 11th…

Host: Okay so today at the start of the show, we’ll wish Henry a happy belated birthday and Donghae a happy birthday in advance. Let’s sing a birthday song for them, shall we?

-Starts singing-

Host: This time you’all have came back with a new album, Super Girl.

-MV excerpt-

Host: Mm, I’ll like to have all of you talk a little about your qualities of an ideal “Super Girl”, starting with Zhou Mi.

Zhou Mi: I think to all 7 of us, the main criteria should be kind-hearted.

Host: Oh… -laughs a little-

Zhou Mi: She must be a very kind-hearted girl. And…very pure, genuine. Mm, and if she’s pretty, that’ll be even more perfect. (LOL ZHOUMI XD)

Host: -laughs- (lol ,i’m not sure why is she laughing all the time.)

Host: Ahh yes, I think these two points are very important. Next up is Kyuhyun…

Kyuhyun: Ahh…-with a very very serious expression- she is…our fans.

Siwon: -trying not to smile-

Kyuhyun: -still very very serious- (LMAO KYUHYYYUUNNN )

Host: Mm…what if the fan is a guy? (LOL)

All: -laughs-

Donghae: Superman! Superman!

Host: Oh, so it’s like that. But if it’s a girl for dating, what’s the criteria?

Kyuhyun: Kind (he said it with a wrong tone lmao)

Host: (correcting him) Oh, kind…

Kyuhyun: Yes, kind. And…

Host: Is it the same as Zhou Mi’s criteria?

Kyuhyun: With a very beautiful forehead (in korean)

Siwon: -sniggering-

Host: Kyuhyun said before that his girlfriend must have really long legs…

Kyuhyun: -saying something incoherent-

Host: -she understood it- Ahh, so she must be pretty. So these two points is quite general. Beautiful forehead, beautiful legs. -laughs-

Host: How about you, Siwon?

Siwon: Urhh…The appearance is not the most important. Uhm, when I’m with my girlfriend or any other people, when we have difficulties, we must help each other out, and overcome these obstacles. And also, she must treat her own parents and the other party’s parents well. (all in korean)

Host: Oh, you mean filial girls. Right, Siwon?

Siwon: Uhm, yes.

Host: How about Hangeng’s ideal Super Girl? A lot of people are very concerned about this.

Geng: Oh really? Uhm…why would people be very concerned? -laughing-

Host: Your mother is very concerned too!

Geng: My mum is a bit too urgent on this, but I’m not that urgent. Mm, for me, I think first and foremost, she must be very kind-hearted. That’s very important. She must also be understanding, and also have trust in me. Our relationship must be a pure and genuine one. Also, she must be filial.

Host: mm, yes. It’s no wonder you’all would be in the same group. You see, all of your criteria for your ideal girl is somewhat similar…

Geng: Yes, we’re all very similar.

Host: Mmm, so.. Donghae?

Donghae: Uhm, I think my Super Girl…must be someone who uses MSN…(LLLOOOOL DONGHAE.)

All(including host): -laughing like crazy-

Host: Mm, Donghae must be one that is good in humouring girls. Haha, because his words would be sent straight away to others’ hearts. (so true. lol)

Host: I heard that Donghae doesn’t like to be alone. Especially during in which he is eating alone. Is this true?

Donghae: Yes, I will feel very lonely. So I really like it when all 7 of us are together.

Host: So I hope one day your super girl would be with you and accompany you when you’re eating, till you finish your food. So how about Henry?

Henry: Uhm…to me…

Host: Still a child… you’re still a child… it seems weird talking about this…

Henry: To me, my Super Girl should be my mum. My mum is the most important woman in my life. Regarding girlfriends… mmm, just like you said, I’m still too young for that. Hence, I haven’t found my special someone yet. I hope I can find her.

Ryeowook: For me…

Host: Ryeowook is nervous to a point where he’s sweating profusely …

Ryeowook: Haha… -dabs face-

Ryeowook: …You!

Host: Oh? -laughs-

Host: Really? Wow, I thought only Donghae know how to humour girls’ hearts, but Ryeowook you’re even better at this… Really me?

Ryeowook: -serious- Really!

Host: I am already sweating…

Ryeowook: Haha, okay, I like pretty girls… (in korean)

Host: Ahh… you like pretty girls!

When masculine men soften: The memorable moments in life

Host: This mini album contains 5 songs. Is “Super Girl” everyone’s favourite? Or is there any other song in the album that each of you particularly favoured? Let’s start with Han Geng.

Geng: Among these 5 songs, for me, I really like “Blue Tomorrow”. At the start when we were still recording the song, I found that the lyrics were really well-written. The melody is also very soothing. So I really like it.

Host: I find that the lyrics for this song needs to be fully understood. Every detail, it must be understood well.

Geng: Yes, you must listen to it very carefully.

Host: Yes, you must see it really detailedly, to understand the parting of lovers. Hm, it makes you think of that kind of moment, and you will be even more adamant about love.

Geng: Yes, it makes you think of an image in mind, or trigger some memories. I think it is really meaninful.

Host: I think these memories are certainly necessary, because sometimes what has happened has happened, it’s all in the past. You will only cherish it more when it has became a memory.

Geng: Yes… now all of us cherish those memories even more.

Host: I think all of us have these kind of unforgettable partings. The memories of parting with a lover… are there beautiful memories like that in your heart?

Geng: For everyone… be it interaction in real life, or maybe movies, or dramas. Or it can be something that you listened. Sometimes memories just float into your mind like that. So if you look at the lyrics, you would be thinking of a very beautiful picture.

Host: Let’s have Donghae tell us about a memorable parting… be it with a beloved someone, or a lover.

Donghae: Regardless if they were friends I had when I was young, or my girlfriends, that kind of parting are obviously inevitable. But to me, the most memorable one is parting with my father…

Host: Will this kind of image often float into your mind?

Donghae: Mm… yes.

Host: How about Kyuhyun?

Kyuhyun: Maybe the friends and classmates I had when I was young, because we were unable to meet up, so we parted. -silence- …. actually there’s nothing special. (LMAO !)

Host: How about some memories you kept in your heart that are especially beautiful?

Geng: He’s had a more happy life.

Host: Oh…I see.

Host: Let’s hear from Zhou Mi. Zhou Mi was a emcee before, he should be quite well-versed in expressing himself. This time in the mini album, there are two songs in which you wrote the lyrics yourself. So can you share with us some memorable moments in your life?

Zhou Mi: Well, for me, I don’t really have a lot of experience in relationships so I like to borrow some of my friends’ experiences in relationships. Like sometimes they would tell me some of their stories, so when I’m writing the lyrics, I will try and understand their feeling of being in love. One of the song which I wrote the lyrics for is “You and Me”. While I was writing the lyrics, I have this friend, who is in a relationship. One party in in Beijing, another is overseas. They were having a long-distance relationship. However, they really love each other a lot.

Kyuhyun: -acts as if he really understood whatever Zhou Mi is saying-

Host: -laughs- Oh, you understand…?

Zhou Mi : So I would like to have the lyrics to be like a momento for their relationship.

Host: Actually this kind of long-distance relationship is very taxing and sometimes hurtful. But when I read the lyrics, it is actually kind of mischevious, it’s comparably quite relaxing.

Zhou Mi: Haha since I don’t have a lot of experience in relationships, so I held onto a little hope that it would be that happy and sweet. (btw when he said that, his arm is around Kyuhyun. LMAO)

Host: Ahh, so you just held on to that little hope, haha.

Host: Also, I heard that Han Geng’s graduation ceromony at Min Zu (i’m not sure if it’s a high school or a college) is the most memorable and unforgettable parting for you. Is that right?

Geng: Well.. I started dancing with the other students when I was 13 years old. So we were together each and every year. After 6 years had passed, everyone is already 18 or 19 years old. So during the graduation ceromony, it’s when we all went in the direction of our dreams. Those who wanted to be teachers, went to be teachers, those who wanted to futher their studies in a university went to do so too. We were also really close to the teachers. So during the performance, we all worked exceptionally hard and put in our very best. My mother was there too, and it was the first time she saw me perform on stage. It was really memorable.

Host: As time passes, it really made that moment even more unforgettable. Because that moment won’t be happening again anymore.

Geng: Because during that period, me and my classmates were together at a very young age, and we went through thick and thin together. Also, my Mum was also by my side, and she witnessed each and every moment of my growth, and saw how I worked hard till now. So that performance was like a repay for my mum, a gift for her. She cried that day, and I was also really touched.

Host: This kind of images, is it just buried and kept in your heart? Or are there photographs?

Geng: Yes, there are photographs, and also DVDs.

Host: Oh that is very good. Sometimes you can take them out and re-watch them again.

Geng: Yes sometimes I’ll just take them out and look at them. Watching the DVD, I can also see how I danced when I was young.

Host: When you’re watching them, what is the feeling like? Is it really heart-felt?

Geng: Oh I’ll feel very happy.

Zhou Mi: Han Geng hyung is someone that really cherish relationships. Regardless of is it before we debut, or after, everytime there’s a performance, some of Han Geng’s friends would always be there. For example yesterday after we finished recording a show, it was already 2am in the morning. Then there was this friend of Han Geng who went to the hotel to visit him after the recording, and I was surfing the net at the side, secretly eavesdropping on what they were chatting about. I heard that they were chatting about their dreams when they were young… To Geng: oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t really meant to eavesdrop…(LOL)

Host: Is it a girl or a guy?

Geng: It’s a guy.

Host: Oh, hahaha.

Zhou Mi: Yeah so they were chatting about their goals for the future etc, and while I was listening, I could really feel myself going back with them to the time when they were graduating.

Host: Yes, I agree. I think humans are all like that. When we were young, we would especially wish to grow up quickly and rush into the future. However once you’ve had enough experiences, you’ll miss those times when you were young.

Geng: Yes, like Zhou Mi and I, when we are performing in other schools, we’ll have the urge to study in that school ourselves, hahaha. (It’s like going back to being a student)

Host: We’ve just celebrated our 60th anniversary (China’s national day) People have been saying you’ve performed during the 50th anniversary. Is that right?

Geng: Yes, I’ve participated in the 50th anniversary performance.

Host: It was…199…

Geng: It was 1999

Host: Yes, 1999.

Geng: That year was my first time going overseas to perform, which is Macao. It was also the first time I performed during national day. The students in our class have won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. We also represented the youth of the enthic minorities in the competition. During that period it was really tough, but we’ve all pulled through it. So we’re all really happy.

Host: Regarding your participation in the 50th anniversary, a lot of your fans got to know of it and they are really curious about your emotions when you performed at that time. So what did you’all do during the anniversary?

Geng: Oh, we performed the dances of the enthic minorities, and I represented He Zhou group. Because coincidently that year we participated in the 2nd Sports Meet for Enthic Minorities, we represented He Zhou too, so we particpated in the 50th anniversary also. The year of 1999 we participated in many different performances, so there were a lot of activities going on that year.

Host: Now I’ll like to ask Henry. You know, the promotional activities with Super Junior-M, some are in China, some are in Korea. Both are far from your hometown. So I’ll like to know what is the most memorable memory you have in your life?

Henry: Most unforgettable?

Host: Yes. It can be with your mum. Like you often can’t see your mother.

Henry: Yes. Because all my family members are in Canada, and last year I only got to see them once. I got to visit them for only 2 days, because I need to go back to settle some administrative stuff. So I kind of…really miss them. I also have a little sister, and an elder brother.

Host: How old is your little sister?

Henry: She is sixteen.

Host: Oh, sixteen… so, what do you do when you miss your mum? Would you cry? Or complain to your mother over the phone?

Henry: No I won’t cry haha… Ocassionally I will call her. However sometimes when she pick up the phone, she’ll go, “Why did you call me?! Overseas calls are too expensive! Bye!” and she’ll hang up like that. (I’m sure Henry’s mum is just joking around ^^)

Host: Oh hahaha, really?

Henry: Yes…

Host: Well… being alone with your family members, I think you’ve became more independent right? Because there are really a lot of things you need to decide and do yourself.

Henry: Actually it’s still not that bad. We have a lot of members. They will all help and take care of me.

Host: Ryeowook, can you tell us about some unforgettable moments? Maybe it’s parting with family members, or lovers, or even when you’re still studying…?

Ryeowook: My memorable memory is last year, when all seven of us did promotional activities in China, and during each activity, we came to know a lot of China friends and fans. I hope this year’s mini album will also have a lot of activities in China. Also I hope we’ll have even more songs to present to all of you this year.

Host: I think this is also your confession to your fans (to all of them)

Geng: I think the best gift to the fans is a good production, a good song etc. Hence, regardless if it’s an album or a mini album, in terms of songs, there will definitely be quite a big difference from the previous one. So in our mini album, Super Girl and Blue Tomorrow, and the other songs, I hope our fans would like it a lot. (i’m not too sure abt the last line because I can’t really hear Geng with the music playing in the background)

-mv excerpt-

Host: Is there a song in this album that will be appropriate to sing without music, or perform in this kind of setting, atmosphere?

Zhou Mi: I think it’s Blue Tomorrow. Because just now we’ve been chatting a lot about the lyrics and stuff of Blue Tomorrow. So today, we’ll like to sing abit of Blue Tomorrow’s climax. And it’s our 2nd main song too.

Host: Okay we must clap for them too! -claps-


Geng: In this mini album, in order to thank the fans, we’ve put a lot of thought in the dance steps.

-mv excerpt-

Host: Well, other than the dance steps of Super Girl, I think there’s a lot of thought in the singing part too.

Geng: This time the choreography is much more simple, and we’ll like to have the fans dance together with us when we perform the song, to create a very happy atmosphere. Hence, this time the dance steps are much simpler.

Zhou Mi: Yea, we hope to highten the atmosphere.

Host: Yeah, sometimes I think that if the melody of the song is simple, then it’ll really aid in learning the song. Oh, and everyone can follow the dance moves too?

Geng: Well, this move seems to be really easy, but we really practiced it for a very long time.

Host: How about Henry show us the dance move? I see that just now you’ve been doing it a lot.

Henry: Well it’s this little part in our song…-does a little- How about all of us do it together?

All: My love, my love, my love~

Geng: This may seems easy, but when we are performing on stage, we have to really make sure the rythmn of each person is exactly the same, and while doing that move, everyone must do it at the same time in order to look neat and organized. Hence, it’s really tough getting the move right and we practiced for a very long time. Also, we want the fans to do it with us too while we’re performing, like everyone is dancing together.

-mv excerpt-

Super Junior: Korean members showing off their mandarin skills

Host: How long did it take for the preparation of this album?

Zhou Mi: From choosing songs to recording them…it took about 3 months? Actually the choosing of songs started as early as April. So from that onwards it was choosing of the lyrics, the songs, recording demos etc. It all officially wrapped up during August…end of August…about there.

Geng: Recording, MV and photos were all finished in the end of August.

Host: Your promotional activities take place in both Korea and China, so in terms of language, do both parties put in a lot of effort to learn? For example, like our China members, do you’all put in a lot of effort to learn Korean? Hangeng is already quite fluent isn’t it?

Geng: Normally in China, actually regardless of where we are, we all converse in Korean. However me, Zhou Mi and Henry are contemplating on whether we should carry out a system to speak more mandarin when we’re in China.

Zhou Mi: Sometimes, in order to let the other members understand what we’re saying, even when me and Hangeng converse, we speak Korean. Hahaha.

Host: Oh is it? Hahaha.

Geng: Then if there are chinese near by, they would feel weirded out, like , why would two chinese speak korean to each other.

Host: Well, I think with no problems in communication, you’ll feel even more bonded, and have more chemistry with each other. Now, can I ask, among the korean members, whose mandarin is the best? Is Siwon the best?

Geng: They are all different.

Zhou Mi: Their levels are different. Some members are good in pronounciation… (he got cut off by the host -.-)

Host: Who’s the best in pronounciation?

Geng: Kyuhyun. He pronounces the words very accurately.

-MV excerpt-

Host: How about Donghae? Which part is he well-versed in?

Henry & Geng: He pick up phrases very fast.

Geng: For example stuff like, “My precious babies! I miss you! Do you miss me?” Yeah stuff like that, he learn them very fast.

Host: Well actually outside, there are a lot of your fans. How about you use a very fluent mandarin to greet them?

Donghae: My precious babies, how are all of you? I’m Donghae. It’s been a long time. Do you miss me? I miss you’all!

Host: Ahh… very good.

Geng: Siwon is also quite good. His listening ability is very good. It’s better than the other members.

Host: Okay Siwon, just now when I was interacting with you, if no one was translating for you, would you be able to understand?

Siwon: Half of it I can understand. Half of it I can’t.

Zhou Mi: He’s too humble. (Agreed!)

Host: Will people say Zhou Mi and Siwon look alike? (LOOOL!)

-shows the picture of them side by side-

Zhou Mi: No, I think Siwon is much more handsome than me.

Host: Hah, is Siwon pretending not to have heard what we just said?

Zhou Mi: Don’t tell him what I just said.

Geng: Actually he can understand…

Siwon: I understood. -nods head-

Zhou Mi: When you look at us for a long time, you’ll see that we’re both very different. Before, actually maybe it’s not the appearance that was alike, but the aura.

Host: Yes… well, people who likes you all surely differentiate and categorise each of your actions very detailedly…

Geng: Actually if both of them completely take off their make-up, they would look super different.

Zhou Mi: Well actually when I just debuted, because I’m a new member, a lot of people won’t know who I am. So they would often mistake me for Siwon. Like when I was out eating once, there’s this person who came up and asked, “Oh, hi! Are you Siwon?” then I replied her in mandarin, “No I’m not…” and she said, “No, you ARE Siwon!” and I said, “No I’m really not…I speak mandarin…”

Geng: Some people say he looks like Anqixuan(?) (i dun really know who’s that…)

Host: Oh yeah, you really look like him… Haha, well when you pick up the bill after a meal, you can say you’re Siwon!(so that it’s Siwon that needs to pay for the meal and not Zhou Mi) Do you understand what am I saying, Siwon?

Siwon: Now I cannot understand.

Host: Hahahha. Okay so when Siwon pick up the bill, he can sign Zhou Mi’s name!

Siwon: Okay.(it’s kind of like, “yeah, I know what you’re saying now…”)

Host: So…how about Kyuhyun? Which area would Kyuhyun improve most quickly in?

Geng: Kyuhyun listens to a lot of chinese songs. So while listening, he learns the pronounciation very quickly…

Host: Oh yeah, I heard that Kyuhyun can sing chinese songs very well. Can you sing a chinese song that you like for us?

-Kyuhyun starts singing(he sang Teo’s Tears of the Polaris ^^)-

-finishes singing-

-smiling shyly- (THIS IS SO SUPER CUTE. LMMMAOO)

Host: Aww, sounds so nice! It’s so accurate!

Geng: When we’re recording the song, he saves the most time.

Zhou Mi: He and Ryeowook takes the shortest time. Sometimes Ryeowook will record some Chinese songs himself, and they were all recorded very well, in a circumstance where no one is with him when he’s recording them. He’ll bring them to me to let me listen, and I was like, “Mm wow, the pronounciation is really awesome.”

Geng: Siwon and Donghae,(he was going to say something about both of them, but suddenly he seemed to remember something so he only said stuff about Siwon) Siwon had learnt mandarin before so in terms of listening and speaking, he’s better. However he had pick up some bad habits when he learnt the language last time, so when he’s singing or recording, he’ll “bring” them in.

Host: So…what are the bad habits?

Geng: Mmm, pronounciation. Yea, some words because he’s used to pronouncing them wrongly, so it’s very hard to get him to change.

Pretty boys’ confessions

Host: Just now I was talking about confessions, because there’s a song in your mini album called “Confessions” too. This song is written by Zhou Mi right?

Zhou Mi : Yes, I wrote it. I really…. (i can’t hear what he said) … so I really put in a lot of effort in writing the lyrics.

Host: The lyrics is like expressing your feelings to your beloved one…

Zhou Mi: Yes, it expresses a young boy in love, the nervousness and the excitement he feels.

Geng: Yes, because he’s young, he still don’t know much about love… (as in the “boy in the song”)

Zhou Mi: Yes, it’s a very jumpy kind of feeling.

Host: Well I think all of us have unforgettable experiences in confession. Why not each of you’all talk about your first confession?

Geng: The first time… Haha, now I think of it, it’s really quite funny. Because the first time I confessed, I was really embarassed, I brought 2 of my friends with me. In the end it made the girl very embarassed too.

Host: Yea, bringing friends can boost your courage!

Geng: Yea so naturally…I failed. Hahaha.

Host: Yea, because of the nervousness, or due to lack of courage and confidence…

Geng: Yes, because I don’t know if she likes me… so… -laughs-

Host: Siwon you’re laughing. How about you, Siwon?

Siwon: For many people, their first confession is to their girlfriends. They’ll say it when they are dating. Before I debut, I had never ever said , “I love you” to my parents. After my first performance, I finally confessed. I told my mum, “Mummy, I love you!” I think this is really unforgettable.

Host: Well that was about how old? Confessing to your mum. About how old?

Siwon: 20 years old.

Host: 20?

Siwon: -nods-

Geng: Actually it’s kind of similar to me. I have never ever told my mum I love her. However after my first performance, I told her I love her. While crying, I told her that. But now, when I say it, it comes out very naturally.

Host: Actually be it to your lover or relatives, when we have our first-time, it’ll be very natural afterwards.

Geng: Yes, it’ll be very natural.

Host: How about Henry? Do you tell your mum your love her?

Henry: Actually I haven’t. I haven’t confessed to my mum.

Host: Oh you haven’t?

Henry: -laughs- Yes.

Host: Mmmm. I hope next time you see her you can tell her that.

Geng: Well actually when he’s playing the violin alone at home, he’ll think of his mum.

Host: There’s a lot of things in life, we not only must feel it in our hearts, we must also express them out, so that the other party would know it too.

Geng: Yea, if not after sometime, you’ll regret it.

Host: How about Donghae?

Donghae: The first time I confessed, I was dancing and confessing at the same time. (LOL HAE. LMAO)


-kyu, mi, giggling and smiling-

-Geng was trying not to laugh-

Donghae: When I was 13 years old. There’s a little girl in school I really liked. -Okay, so Geng laughed-

Host: Really?

Donghae: Yes! Because if you don’t have the guts, you won’t meet pretty girls. (LMAO ==) When I was confessing, there’s a lot of my friends around me. When I saw the girl first face to face, I just confessed.

Geng: He’s really very romantice. He would bring his girlfriend on his bike (or a motorcycle etc) and bring her to someplace to tell her heart-felt words, or bring her to the beach and the likes. These kind of things,he would really do it.

Host: As for girls you like, how do you call them? Is it precious babies too?

Donghae: Normally it’s my princess or baby.

Host: How about Ryeowook?

Ryeowook: Don’t have. (LMAAAOOO)

Host: Your culinary skills is very good right? You can cook both korean and chinese foods well right? So when you’re confessing, your should cook for the girl you like. (lol!)

Ryeowook: My confessing is when me and the members quarrel or have a misunderstanding whatever, then I would cook nice dishes. So when the member is eating, I would take that chance to say, “I’m sorry.”

Host: How about Kyuhyun? What’s the scene for your first confession?

Kyuhyun: When I was in high school. There was a performance that day. I secretly took a rose. After the performance, I gave the rose to a girl that I liked. In the end that girl rejected me. I failed. (Awww ):)

Host: Now for this segment, we’ll let Zhou Mi end since he wrote the lyrics for “Confession”. So now you shall say your confession. Your first confession.

Zhou Mi: Well…how should I put it… well, for me, when I write lyrics, it’s totally different from who I really am. So stuff that I don’t do, or don’t have the courage to do or think, I’ll put it into my lyrics. When I was young I really like my table leader, so I like to give her little gifts. Like a eraser, etc. I don’t really dare to tell her that I liked her. Even now, if I meet a girl I like, I will buy her gifts. In the end if I feel that she likes me too, then I would confess to her.

Host: Be it people that like confessing or people that doesn’t like confessing, in the future we’ll all have a very good way of expressing. And that is singing “Confession” (LOL) I think this kind of confession will let the other party have a deeper impression. Now, because you’all always express and confess your love to the fans, we have a fan here who would like to confess to you’all ..

-fan confesses, Donghae stood up and shook hands with her. He even put up two thumbs up signs when she was speaking. The other members said thank you, and smiled etc.-

-she said stuff like she would be looking forward to the 2jib, and the concerts etc-

>from here onwards, only 3 members are in the interview, which is the 3 chinese members, Geng + Henry + Zhou Mi

The struggling past of the 3 Chinese members

Host: I think in SJ-M, Hangeng purpose is the greatest. Especially to you both (henry and zhoumi), since both of you are new members who only joined last year. This kind of pressure, outsiders actually do feel them. So do you feel this kind of stress?

Geng: In Super Junior, Leeteuk is the leader. At that time I really couldn’t emphatize or understand that kind of pressure he’s going through. Now when I really am the leader, I feel a really great responsibility for the whole group. Especially during interviews, or when communicating what is being said to everyone else, my pressure is really great since the other members can’t speak mandarin. Fortunately there’s the two of them helping me.

Host: Well, other than problems with interactions, is there times when you need to be the one to step out, to do it first for the other members to follow suit?

Geng: Especially in work, when someone is feeling unhappy or have disagreements,it’s up to me to bring them together and so to build a passion in them as a team.

Host: For Zhou Mi and Henry, when you both just entered this group, do you’all treat Hangeng as an example to follow? To see what he’s doing, and follow suit too.

Zhou Mi: Hmm actually…how should I phrase it… Actually ge is like our role model. Before, he was the only Chinese member in the group. So as new Chinese members, we’ll always treat him as a role model. Like during interviews. As rookies, other than being nervous, we don’t really know how to respond to the media as well. We don’t know how to speak in the right way. So we’ll make mistakes along the way. At times like this, we’ll look at how gege speak and respond to the media, to make us more mature, so that we can learn new things.

Host: I think this kind of stress, it’s greater for Henry. Even though you’re Chinese, but you grew up in Canada after all. You don’t have any family members in both Korea and China. So will you have times when you would feel lonely?

Henry: Erm… Yes, I will have. But there’s other members accompanying me so it’s quite manageable.

Host: If you encounter some problems, what will you do? Will you discuss it with the other members, or will you first see how Hangeng would settle the problem?

Henry: Actually if I encounter problems, I would first keep to myself for awhile, after a period of time, I would tell both of them about it, since both geges speak mandarin and thus it’ll be more convenient. And after that they would tell me what should I do to settle it.

Host: Hangeng when you just debuted in Korea, all of us know how difficult it was for you. And there was a period… trainees? Is that how they call it?

Hangeng: Yes, trainees.

Host: Before Zhou Mi and Henry debut last year, they too, need to go through the period of being trainees. During this period, would you share your experiences when you were a trainee with them as well?

Hangeng: Mmm… When they are still trainees, sometimes when I’ve no schedules, I will often visit them.

Henry: I remember once, when Zhou Mi and I were still trainees, we went back to the dorm, feeling very exhausted. When we opened the door, we saw that Hangeng was inside, and he brought dumplings for us! It was not the Korean ones. It was Chinese dumplings! As both of us haven’t got the chance to eat Chinese dishes for a long time, we really wanted to eat them. And coincidently, Hangeng brought them for us.

Zhou Mi: Yes, and adding to the fact that we were super famished, when I saw those dumplings I was nearing to tears!

Host: Hahaha, that was mind/spirit/energy food for both of you!

Henry: Yes, we were eating and crying at the same time. Hahahah.

Zhou Mi: We practiced for the whole day and came back to the dorm, thinking that why not just cook some instant noodles since the auntie that cooked for us wasn’t around too, and it was already like 1-2am thus instant noodles is the most convenient and fastest too. And then I saw the dishes I was like, “Wow! Dumplings!” Then another, “Oh! Yang Chun meat!”

Henry: Yeah, when we opened the door, I was like, “Eh?” Hangeng was standing there, holding two big bags.

Zhou Mi: They would teach us a lot of things. Starting it was a more focused kind of training. As I didn’t stay as a trainee for such a long time compared to the other members, since I only trained for about 1 and a half years. But that would also mean I have lesser time to learn everything that I needed to learn. And I needed to pick up everything, like Hangul, dancing, singing and also other stuff that we will need as a star in the future. All these I need to finish learning them in 1 and a half years. So what I have was a more… all-rounded kind of training.

Hangeng: Yes, he’s was abit more nerve-wrecking.

Host: Sometimes, would you’all feel like… giving up? Or would it feel very unbearable? Occasionally?

Zhou Mi: Yes… It was really quite tough. Let’s say…dancing. Henry and Hangeng is those that are really good in dancing. But for me, I got into SM through singing. Before that, I had never danced before. Like when I listen to music, I really do not know how to move to the beat. So when I was a trainee… well actually Henry [even though he's good in dancing], he too, have to start from the basics with the other trainees. So for the whole day we can just solely practise on basic moves. It’s kind of similar to learning Martial Arts. You need to start from the basics.

Hangeng: Yeah, build up the foundation.

Zhou Mi: Yea. And we just do an up and down action for about 1-2hrs.

Host: Oh, just like that for so long?

Zhou Mi: Yes.

Geng: When they just got in to the company, I was their teacher.

Zhou Mi: Yes, our first teacher!

Henry: -claps cutely- (LOL I JUST HAVE TO ADD THAT IN HEHEE ._.)

Zhou Mi: Yes after looking at how I danced, he was totally dazed. (by how terrible it was XD! )Hahahaha.

Hangeng: Hahahah! I wasn’t confident if I could teach him well! Hahaha!

Host: Oh, really? Hahahaha.

Zhou Mi: They would teach you some simple movements. For me, I didn’t dance for about 18 years. I did dance when I was young. But after that I have never dance again. At that time, I simply have no idea how to follow the movments. I’m not sure whether it should be left leg first, or right leg first. So my whole body totally wasn’t in coordination. So now I’m really putting in a lot of effort to learn dancing.

Hangeng: Starting when I was teaching them, even I feel that it was tough. Same movements every single day. They would let you listen to music and get the “feel”. You know… the feel when you dance hip hop.

Host: In the midst of learning to dance, were there times when you feel like collapsing, feeling like you can’t do it?

Zhou Mi: Actually to me, be it dancing or singing, when you practised till a certain point, you would feel that you have improved. When you feel that you improved, you would put in even more effort to learn it well. So sometimes I would have rather high expectations for myself, since I’m a perfectionist. So sometimes when I force myself too hard, I would be really stressed. Like say when I’m learning Korean, the other trainees would need to attend 4 classes a week, I would go back to the teacher and beg her to let me have classes 6 to 7 days a week.

Henry: I still remember when we were learning Korean, Zhou Mi would write those vocabs on small slips of paper and paste them on the ceiling of the dorm. When he’s sleeping he’ll look up at the ceiling and read them.

ZhouMi: The funny thing is, because when I was pasting the little slips of paper, Henry wasn’t home. When he came home after that, he was stunned and he said, “Ge ge…have you gone crazy…?” (lmao)

Everybody: hahahahaha

Zhou Mi: The really funny thing is that, because at that time I was thinking by pasting them like that I can memorise the vocabs faster. But because I was too exhausted as everyday there would be endless training sessions. Hence when I was lying on the bed, I would try to avoid looking at the parts of the ceiling covered with those slips of paper.

Host: For this, Hangeng would you share your experiences with them? Share the experiences of learning Korean language.

Hangeng: When I was learning Korean back then, actually I didn’t really learn it. I didn’t have lessons at all. No one taught me Korean. So I have activities with the members and slowly pick up Korean. But there was a period when I was studying Korean in a language school. But it was less then half a year.

Host: In this group, Hangeng is already deemed by others as an all-rounder developer. Do you still have other fields of entertainment that you’re active in? Or do you have skills you would like to pick up?

Geng: I think…

Henry: He’s already very perfect. (LOL HENRY)

Geng: Hahaha. No, I think I’ve learnt a lot of different things. Hmm. Though you may say I dance well, but well, I’m still not the best dancer. There’s still a lot of room for improvement. For singing, I will bit by bit slowly go and practise and work on it. If I have made some acheivement out of it, I will want to improve myself further. As for acting, I think now it’s still the beginning.

Host: A lot of your fans all saw that during this year Super Show 2 at Hong Kong, you solo-ed a song called “Betrayal”. They used “breathtaking” to describe the feeling you give off when you’re performing this song.

Geng: Actually I… well, how do I put it? Well when I was young, I really didn’t like singing. At all. I find singing boring. Like when we go Karooke (spelling?) I would sit at the side while my friends are singing. Until I went to Korea, then I started to learn singing. I want to put in more effort, to do better.

Host: Henry, maybe because you’re still very young,but, do you feel the need to cherish this… position you have in this group and the love from your fans? Because I feel that you’re more of… a smoother journey for you to be here now.

Henry: Well, of course, all these aren’t supposed to be taken for granted. Because I feel that when we want to have something, it’s only right if you put in effort in getting what you want. So my thinking is that I must keep working hard, keep on working very hard. I must let whatever I know, [all the skills he have pick up] and do it, present it in the highest level possible.

Geng: Actually Henry really wants to be able to communicate more with his fans. Because his mandarin is still a bit… not stable. And he’s also very young. Thus he can’t express himself very well.

Zhou Mi: But he has already improve a lot from last year.

Henry: When I just debuted, actually I can speak Mandarin. But when the camera is on me, I’ll instantly feel very nervous. The host on the show would ask me questions. Yea, so when the host ask me stuff, I’ll instantly just freeze there.

Geng: Yeah, his mind would go blank.

Henry: Yeah, I’ll just look at Hangeng.

Zhou Mi: At that time both of us are still newcomers (zhoumi and henry). So when we’re having interviews, both of us would be very nervous. At that time both of us would just look at each other blankly. We’ll be like, “Oh God, what should we do? Both of us are so nervous!”

Henry: Now it’s better already. A lot better. But I think we must be better.

Host: Now I want to ask, as just now Zhou Mi said already, his process of learning to dance and learning the Korean language, all the obstacles he faced. And for Hangeng, all the struggling times he’s been through a lot of years to come to this. As for you, did you ever face difficult times?

Henry: From 6 years old I started learning violin and piano. At that time I still didn’t develop any big interest in violin. When I was about 9-10 years old, my violin teacher told me go to go to his house and live there and I lived there for about 2 months. Between that 2 months, everyday I would practice for 5 to 6 hours. During that period, it was abit difficult because the teacher would just sit beside me and watch me play. If I didn’t play well he would take a stick and hit me.

Host: Yea, when you’re young, you must be forced to learn something because you don’t have any self-motivation when you’re young.

Henry: Yes yes. But now I think back, I don’t think it was that hard and bad, I feel that this is a process that I must go through.

Host: Yea, it seems like your journey to stardom was very smooth, but hearing about your learning process, I think it’s just like dancing, or learning other things, you need to put in a lot of time and effort to practise them.

Geng: Yes yes, it’s the exact same with dancing. My teacher would take a long pole and hit us.

Host: When you’all are attending a proffesional academy, did they do this too?

Geng: Yes. Because we have to do some movements in the air, so when we’re in the air and our movements aren’t right, we’ll just be hit by the stick in mid-air.

Zhou Mi: When I’m learning to host, I need to learn dancing too. Some simple dancing. I had to do the backwards stretch (where you lie down on your back and lift up your torso pushing up with your arms and legs). If I let go for a brief second, the teacher would me with a stick.

Geng: For the exercises where you have to kick your leg back and forth, he would swing a stick underneath. If you couldn’t keep up with the tempo, you’d get hit by the stick.

Host: Can Hangeng talk about the process when you learn dancing?

Hangeng: I’m sorry I couldn’t translate it because I can’t hear him properly (the sound quality for this interview was seriously super poor ): I’m sorry ):) But it was something short. :x )

After working hard for a long time, after going through many obstacles, finally, the rainbow can be seen.
Host: Now a lot of young mothers would like their children to learn a lot of different things, like musical instruments, violins, piano, dancing etc. If Hangeng, as someone who have been through all these, if you can tell those mothers or their children something, what would you say?

Geng: I think learning a musical instrument would be better.

Host: Oh really? Why?

Geng: Like Henry.

Host: And then Henry said learning to dance would be better. Hahaha.

Zhou Mi: Well I think at the start, it’ll be better to learn something you’re interested in. My dad is actually a trumpet player in the Beijing Orchestra. When I’m young, my dad would teach me to play the trumpet. However I really like singing. Well what I’m saying is, if you really don’t like something, you’re not interested and you don’t love what you’re learning, you’re not going to learn it well.

Geng: Yeah.

Zhou Mi: Yeah compared to learning something you don’t like, it’s better to choose to learn something you have confidence in, to learn something you love. It’ll be better for your future.

Henry: I think when you’re young, the child should learn as much as things as he can as possible. When you grow up, you’ll see everything you have learn, and choose the one you love most to learn it in a more in-depth way. My little sister she’s learning ballet, piano, violin, she’s learning whatever she can. Now she’s older, my mum asked her what she really would like to learn. So I think it’s better this way.

Geng: When I’m young, I learned Wei Qi/go (a kind of chinese chess), drawing, chinese calligraphy, I really learned a lot of things.

Zhou Mi: -nudged Geng- Hey guess what, you know when I was young, I actually learned to dance.


Host: It doesn’t seems like it! Hahahaha.

Zhou Mi: But I just really like singing anyway.

Host: I heard that Henry can dance Latin very well?

Henry: Yea I learned it when I was young. My mum know how to dance Latin.

Host: I think no matter what you learn, it’s a definite must to put in a lot of time and effort in learning it. Well, in all of your experiences with different learning processes, what do you think is the most important thing you must have when learning something?

Zhou Mi: Perserverance.

Host: How about Hangeng?

Geng: I think it’s also perserverance and endurance. I think if you really, for the sake of your ambitions and dreams, you worked hard, you put in a lot of effort in getting it, I think one day you’ll definitely get it.

Host: I think from last year onwards SJ-M have already become a group that have a very high popularity. Other than your good looks, your singing skills and dancing skills, I think actually the spirit you’all have in telling others to work hard for their dreams is also very commandable.

Geng: Honestly, all seven of us are just ordinary people, ordinary kids who, for the sake one dream, we worked hard in realising it. All seven of us worked hard together to realise our dream. Together we worked hard to aim for our goals. I think it’s the effort of seven of us to make it possible for us to be here today. My efforts alone I think it’s impossible.

Host: Before, all the memories when you were still learning to dance in a dance academy, and the memories of the struggling times you had when you were training in Korea, now, thinking back, I don’t think all you got, are the pain and struggles you went through. What do you have to say for all the hard times you went through?

Geng: I think all these hard times I went through is actually a great help for me. They are all a great help for my future. It helped me in getting more experiences, experiences of work, of life. Or, sometimes I’ll be reminded of my failures in the past, [to motivate me to work harder] For me, I feel that having these experiences, going through these struggles, I think it’s actually beneficial. People who didn’t went through these times would forever be unable to understand.

Host: I think if you went through these, you’ll be calmer when taking in all the screams, when receiving all the flowers and applause. (She means it like, they won’t be crazily hyped up, or being moved to tears when receiving all those stuff, because they have been through the struggles, and they knew this is what they would get after all the struggles, so they would receive those stuff with a clearer mind, in a more rational way. It’s kind of like, they’ve been through so much, they would be much more mature when receiving love from fans, and not taking it for granted, since they have struggled so much to come to this. Okay I know I’m not being coherent anymore. But you get the point ^^) I would like to know, well, whenever you’all arrive at the airport, there would be tons of fans there waiting for all of you, cheering and welcoming the seven of you. I would like to know, do you’all already feel that this is part and parcel of your life, or feel numbed by it already (don’t really bother)? Or would all of you still feel touched and moved by all the cheering and the love from fans?

Zhou Mi: Well I feel that it’s really exhausting to be our fans. They have to follow us everywhere we go, to welcome us at the airport, to send us off at the airport, to wait outside the hotel for us. Sometimes I really think that they are ones that are really tired and exhausted, rather than us. All our fans would just not sleep and wait for us. I really feel that their overpowering love for us, really cannot be repaid by just a song, or a dance. So everytime, whenever I see them, I would feel like I’m meeting a friend, a very very intimate friend, instead of meeting fans. (awww <3)>

Host: Yeah, it's far from just a fan. It's fans that do not have any distance between you and them.

Zhou Mi: I think it's a very very intimate relationship.

Geng: We all won't feel like, oh, they are supposed to do things and sacrifice for us, we won't feel that as fans, it's a must to do all that. Every time they do things for us, I really seriously feel thankful, and am grateful towards them. All the love they have given us, I would really like to, through some ways, to repay them. But I would like to also tell them not to buy gifts for us using their money. I wrote on my cyworld before to tell them not to use their money to buy gifts for us. I told them to save those money up and together collate all the money together to help those who are in need of help.

Zhou Mi: We'll just openly tell our fans what we think, and our fans really raised money to donate it to the victims of the earthquake. They'll buy books for the children, they'll donate their blood. Like last year's earthquake, they'll donate money. Doing these things, would not only touch us, but the main thing is, it would benefit a lot of people.

Host: Yes that would really help a lot of people.

Zhou Mi: Yes, a lot of people would receive their love.

Host: I think it's really good to use their love and passion for you'all to help and benefit the society.

Geng: Yea I also saw them sponsoring a lot of children. I read some information before, and I really, seriously think that they are very very meticulous [in helping people].

Zhou Mi: It'll really spur us on, to motivate us to work even harder. Sometimes the fans would tell us that they are really proud of us. But during times like that, we are the ones that are proud of them.

Host: I think that you (refering to Geng) have been through a lot, and it's natural that you're more... (i'm not sure what she said, but I think she said something like down-to-earth) But for Zhou Mi and Henry, it seems easier for them since when they debuted, everything is already been prepared for them.

>from here onwards it contains a slight only13 contents, (zhou mi talking about it) but please do note that you’re not in any way supposed to make comments about it, (yea you know what kind of comments). Like all the staff have said, SJ-WORLD is a neutral forum, and, please abide by the rules. Thank you! ^^

Zhou Mi: Actually when Henry and I just joined the group, not everybody would like us. The opposition was actually really great.

Host: Yes that’s also a kind of stress.

Zhou Mi: (I just want to say, his expression while saying these was really heartbreaking, it’s like he’s trying to look neutral, but you can see that he’s struggling.) Actually last year, in my memory, other than M’s glorious “report card” in China, actually the period before debut, to me and Henry, it was a extremely hard time to bear for us. But I think, it’s because of that period, our thinking was able to mature quickly. It made us cherish the present more, cherish our fans more.

Host: I think for the two of you (Henry and Zhou Mi), when you gain stress quickly, it’s also a must to distress quickly. (Sorry, I have no idea why she said that. You can tell me if you have any idea ^^)

Geng: I feel that if there wasn’t the period last year, if the fans didn’t strongly oppose to their addition, they wouldn’t have grown. I feel that it’s necessary for such a period, for both of them to learn to cherish what they have more. (Please don’t misunderstand his words. He doesn’t mean that in a bad way, but rather he’s saying the period last year had made them grow, and helped them mature quickly, so it was a good thing.)

Host: But somehow I still think that Hangeng your stress is much greater, because last year, you could just describe it as “Hangeng’s year”! We not only could see you on stage with your team, you also starred in “Stage of Youth”. Every time you go out, they’ll be lots of fans around. What are your thoughts about these?

Geng: Well I think that whenever I go, no matter where it is, my mind, my heart would always be bringing my group along. My life would certainly involve the members. I hope that it’s not only the members helping me, I would like for all of us to work hard together, I think that would be great. Not only for me, but for the whole group.

Host: When you’all go out (like in normal life), do you’all put in effort to dress yourself up (to cover themselves so people won’t recognise them)?

All: Nope, we won’t .

Zhou Mi: Rather, dressing up would draw suspicion. Well actually me and Henry have gone out to play before. We have taken the subway before too.


Zhou Mi: Yes! (omg he’s expression was super cute I don’t even know why XD) We’ll go to places we’ve gone before, like Xi Dan, or we’ll go shopping, or I’ll bring him to Wu Han (I think he said Wu Han).

Geng: Ah really! Later at night don’t you dare wear your sunglasses. (LMAO GENG <3)>

All: Hahahahah.

Zhou Mi: Ah! Because erm, I can't really see clearly...! (LMAO. He's too cute <3>

Host: To wrap this up, let's each say something for the future. A goal, or a dream for the future. Zhou Mi first.

Zhou Mi: Mmmm, this year we've come back with a mini album. Subsequently, a 2jib would come out next year. M's success would be my greatest wish. I hope that everyone, either you know us, or from this moment onwards, started to know us, in the future would all support us, and love our songs.

Host: These are wishes in work. How about wishes for life? Your personal wishes?

Zhou Mi: I hope I would be a healthy person. I think physical and emotional health is more important than monetary and materialistic matters.

Geng: I hope that our health would be greater, and our lives would get better. It's not that now it's not good. I'm actually very contented already. But rather, I would want it to be even better for everyone. I would work even harder and attain my goals.

Host: Mmm I hope you'll be healthy and hope that your mother's dumpling store would have excellent business.

Geng: Thank you thank you ^^

Host: We all must visit it! Mmm okay, Henry?

Henry: I hope that we'll be even MORE successful and I hope that our parents would be happy and be proud of us. That would be my greatest wish.

Host: Yes, it's really a time to repay your parents love. Mmm, okay. Thank you so much!

All: Thank you, thank you!

-ends, takes photo-

Source: gengfans@youtube
Reference: Kagami222@lj
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January 2010 Issue of ReiLi, SJM Interview

Q: How long did you all take to nurture the chemistry in the group since most of the members come from different countries and regions?

HG: We actually know each other during our trainee period and at that time we had our vocal, dance and other kind of training together. After being grouped together, we bonded through various performances and it was about half a year when we really knew each, we could understand what each of us is thinking through by just looking.

Q: Besides performing together, what else do you do in your free time?

ZM: Actually the 7 of us live together, our schedule is really packed and all of us feel that we are living to the fullest. However, we are already used to such life, the 7 of us living together made each other very happy and we also treat each other with sincerity and care, after performance had ended, we will also go out and eat and relax, giving each other opinions when we go out and shop, its very meaningful to live together.

Q: Who is the most hyper member?

HG: I think its Henry, he is the youngest and the cutest, curious about everything and also the most active one in the group. Of course Zhou Mi is one of the hyper ones, he always makes everybody laugh, changes his attitude a lot too, causing everyone to find it hard to figure out his what kind of person he is.

Q: What kind of group do you think you are?

SW: Idol group
HG: A lot of people say we are the Asia Idol Group
RW: of course an idol group
KH: An Idol group with talents

Q: How long do you wish to have the title of Asia Idol Group? What kind of efforts will you make?

ZM: maintain it well
HG: yes, he maintains it really well and Ryeo Wook slimmed down a lot
DH: Kyu Hyun even had a new hairstyle, doesn’t he looks younger?
(Talking about their taking care of physical appearance, word play with chinese word)
HG: Besides taking care of our physical appearance and idol image, the most important is the
market, we wish to be an idol group with great qualities and potential.

Q: Then how would you maintain your youthful spirit? Any way to achieve it?

HG: Actually i never really take care of such aspect, I’m those that would gain and lose weight
easily like a balloon, when i return home(China) i would gain weight, because there’s so many irresistible food for me to eat
SW: Im also the type that gain weight easily, hence i need to exercise to maintain my built
ZM: We need to take care of our skin, especially when we are tired, our skin ages easily, facial
mask is a good method in taking care our skin, of course, i think maintaining a positive attitude is very important, everyday must be happy, naturally we will look young and leave people a good impression.
HG: Yes, our daily schedule is always fully pack, maintaining a positive attitude is really important

Q: Among the members, what is everyone’s special talent?

HG: Everyone is skillful, i admire Henry, he knows how to play a lot of musical instruments,
like piano, violin. Zhou mi also have very high hosting/emceeing skills, Dong Hae is practicing composing, Kyu Hyun plays the computer game, always passing the level easily.
KH: No, i like to read
SW: He likes to read books that introduce computer games (laugh)
HG: The song Ryeo Wook composed is included in our latest mini album, Siwon is the type with a lot of
passion, so he acts really well, my forte maybe dancing, but if possible, i would like to be an invincible super man!

Q: Which member do you think changed the most during the growth of the group?

HG: i think its Henry
Henry: I think the loneliness when you leave your home is the most heartfelt these few years, and probably it is one of the reasons which caused me to mature a lot, because in Korea i have to handle stuff on my own and also have to learn to take care myself.
HG: Yes, every SJ-M member experienced the hard feeling of leaving behind their family members.

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